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Cabbage we not only love – to this vegetable we have a special relationship. Pickled cabbage fast preparation is almost the best snack, which is able sometimes to substitute the most delicious salads. Because every owner is obliged to have a certain amount of this is very simple, but such a delicious dish.

So, how is preparing pickled cabbage fast preparation?

You will need: small head of cabbage, about five large apples, 15 grams of salt per liter of water and 100 g sugar.

Washed and dried the cabbage should be cut, but not too finely. Later it will have to pour boiling water, and it should not be limp and become too soft.

Sour apples also wash and wipe dry, cut into thin rings or polyolefine.

Next you need to take a clear jar and at its bottom lay a thin layer of cabbage.

On Top of cabbage - a layer of sliced apples.

Then again, cabbage, apples again, and thus fill the jar up to the top, tamping a little tight with all layers in the Bank. The more turns, the better.

Prepare the brine: boil a liter of water, barely boiled – switch off immediately. In boiling water add sugar and salt, stir thoroughly.

Pour the brine into the jar. Close the jar tightly with a lid. Now leave the jar on the kitchen table and periodically turn (shaking the brine).

Store pickled cabbage fast preparation may warm brine to drain is not necessary.

Recipes for cooking cabbage a lot. It can shred finely, and can be cut larger. Many people believe that cabbage, marinated pieces, much tastier than the - small. We offer you this recipe.

The Cabbage should be cut into pieces, about 5x5 inches.

Then it must be compacted in 3-liter jars, but too much RAM is not necessary, because the Bank must still fit more than a liter of liquid.

Then, pour the sprouts in a jar with boiling water, give it to cool slightly so the jars with pieces of cabbage became warm.

At that time, barabanki cool, do marinade. When is cabbage marinated fast food, for the marinade you will need:

  • 15 peas of bitter pepper,
  • 3 leaves of Laurel,
  • ¾ of a pod of bitter red pepper,
  • 15 pieces of cloves,
  • Dash of cinnamon.

Liter of water is 2 tablespoons of salt and sugar, 3 teaspoonfuls of acetic acid, 70%.


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Soon as the marinade comes to a boil, reduce the heat and let cook for a minute.

Then merge with cabbage water and measure how much it happened. The same will be required and the marinade. Fill jars with cabbage marinade and add acetic acid.

Now you can roll up the Bank and some time to roll it on the table that acetic acid is well mixed. Pickled cabbage fast preparation is ready after 3 days. Can also be done on a single sample jar, closed the nylon cover, and put it in the fridge. Focusing on it can be anything to adjust in the brine.

However, cabbage – not the only kind of cabbage that you can marinate. Delicious cauliflower pickled recipe which we offer.

You will need: cauliflower, sugar, salt, spices.

Cauliflower should be cleaned of leaves, washed and divided into individual florets that should be blanched about 2–3 minutes to improve the color of the cabbage in water, add salt and citric acid. After blanching the cabbage should drain in a sieve and cool under running water. Put in jars the cabbage and pour the prepared pickle filling. To fill the sugar and salt must be dissolved in warm water and boil for 10-15 minutes, strain through a fairly dense fabric. Add vinegar. In each Bank it is necessary to put spices. Banks to close and store in the cold.

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