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Water "Nestle" is the product which not so long ago appeared on the shelves of city stores. During this time users had about him a controversial opinion.

New product

In recent years, people are increasingly buying packaged water. Perhaps this impact concerns associated with the problems of environmental pollution. On the land fewer and fewer locations, which did not affect the consequences of technical progress. Water pollution and poor sewage treatment plants leads to the fact that people are afraid to use tap water. They prefer to buy in stores products, which is extracted from the bowels of the earth. Water "Nestle" is such a product. In the trading network, it is known as Nestle Pure Life, which English translates as “pure life".

water Nestle

The Reason lies in the fact that it is extracted from deep artesian wells, and subsequently undergoes several stages of cleaning and special air conditioning, with which it is possible to achieve an optimal salt balance. Water "Nestle" according to experts, corresponds to the first quality category. In their opinion, it is a good combination of health and good mood. So the water "Nestle" is considered a kind of means to prolong life.

Interesting facts

The New drinking water produced in the town of Mytishchi. Located here brewing company (ZAO "IPC"). The range of products produced at the plant is wide enough. However, along with beer and low alcohol drinks drinking water is not the last place. Mostly it is produced in bottles with a capacity of 2.0 and 19.0 liters. In the first case, the product goes on sale in the retail network, while the second – delivered to order for use in coolers. These devices are now almost in every institution or organization. They even acquire individuals for home use. Recently, however, the firm began to receive criticism, even from loyal customers.


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what's wrong with the Nestle water for the cooler

So, what's wrong with the water "Nestle" for the cooler? The Roskontrol my opinion. After the spent researches experts have come to the conclusion that the use of water, thus, unsafe. Devyatnadtsatiletnyaya containers are returnable packaging. After the treatment, they again arrive at the bottling line, and from there – the consumer. If containers washed out bad, then new water will be contaminated, and germs can get into the cooler and stay there for a long time. In this case, any liquid coming out of such a device would pose a threat to human health.

Gifts of nature

Within Moscow and the region is quite popular is water "Nestle". Many buyers can confirm the stated quality of the product.

water Nestle reviews

In their opinion, water is really tasty and pleasantly refreshing in the heat. A rich complex of minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, and various bicarbonates, and sulfates) makes it more useful for the body. They are not felt on the palate, but noticeable positive effect on improving health. This, together with the absence of smell allows you to use the liquid not just for drinking. Many Housewives even prepare her food, completely abandoning tap water. Sometimes this creates some inconvenience. But the desire for security and healthy eating helps them to overcome everything. People are also attracted by relatively low price. After all, 250 for big bottle – quite a bit. Especially for regular customers there is a system of benefits and discounts.

Unbiased opinion

However, experts still believe that drinking water "Nestle" not so safe as it seems at first glance. When testing some of the samples were found the remains of halogen compounds. What does this mean? What confused scientists in such a discovery?

drinking water Nestle

Turns out, in their opinion, a similar case can occur only when the liquid has passed the chlorine. Everyone knows that it's what you do with tap water. Therefore, had the impression that the producers mislead the user, giving the purified liquid from the normal water intake for a unique water obtained from deep wells. But here the leaders of the enterprise can compete and produce for inspection all they have about this documentation and as evidence – to invite the skeptics on a tour of the plant. All will more clearly, and to hide the truth from prying eyes will become almost impossible.

Environmental hazards

The most negative opinions about a new product you can hear from the environmentalists. They believe that bottled water is provided "Nestle" can't really be considered fully environmentally friendly. Their conclusions, they confirm the facts. First, after drinking water the bottle is recyclable. It is simply discarded. In landfills, billions of used packages buried in the ground.

bottled water Nestle

There they eventually break down into tiny particles, and then as a result of complex movements fall into the oceans. Experts examined water samples from the deep sea and came to the conclusion that in some cases, the number of plastic particles exceeds the number of small living organisms. What kind of environment can speak in this case? Secondly, before getting into a bottle of water goes through many stages of processing and cleaning. After that she is out of the ordinary tap bottled in prepared bottles. So, where is naturalness natural? Doubt scientists also support many buyers.

Recognized leader

Among large corporations and small companies producing drinking water, the first place, without a doubt, is the company "Nestle". Water – one of the first products that started unknown in the 19th century firm from Switzerland. The production every day has evolved and gathered momentum. In a fierce struggle for markets it is absorbed and re-attached to itself. Over the years, "Nestle" has become a real world power. Today owned plants produce water fifteen different brands. Basically it is a high quality product, which is manufactured using the most modern technologies. Each phase of the process is under constant control.

nestlé water

To maintain its status the company's management constantly monitors not only technical innovations, but also takes into account public opinion, considering it a fundamental factor in the work. After all, to give people the best of everything – the principle of a true leader.

What consumers really want?

Mineral water "Nestle" was the first product that started the company's history. People are happy buying this product. In the first years of its existence the firm was engaged in bottling natural water from the mineral springs. After all, not everyone had the opportunity to visit such places, but the desire to improve or maintain their health was all. I only had to pack the water and deliver it to the consumer. However, enterprising leaders was not enough. Later experts of well known companies have mastered the original way of processing of artesian water. The result is a completely new and revolutionary product - drinking water "Nestle". Feedback from satisfied buyers testified that the work was not in vain. Currently, the product is really in demand in the market. He not only received the endorsement of leading experts, but absolute national recognition.


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