Hot sandwiches in the pan: different cooking options


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Hot sandwiches in the pan are perfect for a quick and hearty snack. It is worth noting that today there are many ways to prepare this tasty dish. Consider some of them in more detail.

Step by Step recipe hot sandwiches in the pan

1. With cooked sausage and tomatoes

hot sandwiches in the panThe ingredients:

  • Wheat bread (you can use yesterday, not gone) – half brick;
  • Fresh milk 2% – ½ Cup;
  • Medium eggs-2 PCs;
  • Boiled sausage-150 g;
  • Bulb-2 PCs;
  • Salt & ndash; sheptock (add on option);
  • Ripe tomatoes-2 PCs;
  • Dutch cheese – 140 g;
  • Butter-110 g (for frying bread).

The brewing Process

recipe hot sandwiches in the pan

Hot sandwiches in the pan are done very quickly. It is necessary to break eggs in bowl, add to them the milk, add sepatuku iodized salt and beat well using a fork. Next you want to slice the bread into slices (not thicker than 1.5 centimeters) and immediately put on the stove a saucepan, put the butter.

After cooking the fat will melt and the pan will heat up each piece of pastry, you need 2 sides, dip in egg mixture and put in a bowl. When the bottom part is browned, slices need to turn the fork, and over them spread on a thin slice of tomato, a few rings of onions, the 1st wheel of sausage and a piece of Dutch cheese. Then sandwiches it is recommended to cover the lid, keep them as 2 minutes (so the cheese melted) and then put on a plate.


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2. Hot sandwiches in the pan with salmon and greens

The ingredients:

  • Sliced loaf – half;
  • Light-salted salmon or smoked-250 g;
  • Fresh dill and parsley-2 bunches;
  • Leeks-1 bunch;
  • Fresh lemon juice-from half of the fruit;
  • Butter-110 g (for frying bread).

The brewing Process

Before you can make hot sandwiches with salmon and herbs, you must make a fragrant dressing. It is necessary to rinse in cool water leek, parsley and fennel, and then finely chop them with a knife, put in bowl and add freshly squeezed lemon juice. All the ingredients required to paramati and leave aside while preparing the Foundation.

how to make hot sandwiches

A Sweet and soft loaf should be cut into slices (thickness 1.5 cm) and then place them in a pan with melted butter and fry on one side. After the bottom part of the pastry is browned and covered with a crispy crust, the bread is required to turn over with a fork. Next, on the surface of the fried slices to put greens soaked in lemon juice, and on top we put a plate of salted or smoked salmon. When the other half of the loaf is browned, sandwiches, carefully remove and lay out on plates.

How to serve

Hot sandwiches in the pan instantly satisfy your hunger. They can be eaten along with the sweet tea, juice, coffee, cocoa and other beverages.

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