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Pomegranate-fruit that has lately become more affordable. Now shipping faster, more reliable contracts with suppliers to make easier. And we can enjoy this delicious fruit. It's hard to meet someone, loving grenades. But does this southern fruit?

There are at least 10 reasons to drink his juice and just eat a yummy.

So, pomegranate fruit: properties surprise

  1. Protects against breast cancer. At least so say scientists-the Israelis. Pomegranate juice destroys cancer cells and does not interfere with a healthy life. And also prevents the formation of “wrong” cells.
  2. Prevents lung cancer. Mouse hurt less, when their diet was included pomegranate juice.
  3. Slows the development of prostate cancer. Sick rodents lived longer, enjoying tasty juice.
  4. Restores the newborn brain. After a birth trauma in neonates who were given juice, more quickly improvement.
  5. Protects from osteoarthritis. Several independent from each other, studies have shown that the probability of degeneration of the bone tissue becomes less I drink the juice.
  6. Cleans arteries. Yes, platelets can become less. And new ones will be slower to form. Miracles of grenades.
  7. Allow to forget about Alzheimer's. Yes, but, paradoxically, memory becomes better. And those who do get sick, symptoms are much more weak.
  8. Reduces cholesterol. Regulates the different types of in the direction of the correct aspect ratio.
  9. Help the heart by reducing systolic blood pressure.
  10. Gives beautiful teeth: Yes – a snow-white smile, no – on the fly.

Granat – the fruit, which is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. Especially in “the Song of Solomon," the hymn of love. However, there is information about garnet in the book of Samuel, and Deuteronomy. In the latter case, the grenades are mentioned to emphasize the abundance of land. So no wonder this fruit – the symbol of wealth and luxury. And is well known for a long time.

I Think these arguments sufficient to make it clear than healthy fruit pomegranate.

The Advantage of pomegranate is its a very small calorie and that is 52 kcal. Comparable to the Apple or pear. But how much more joy. And time on food is spent more honestly to get at the little red creature that is full of amazing, fragrant juice. That is to eat grenades – it means to meditate. Very relaxing. At least once a week, buy a pomegranate, alone and within the hour by candlelight eat one seed, thinking only of this southern fruit, forgetting about all the little things that torment the soul.


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And even pomegranate juice is perfect after exercise. Of course, not the concentrated juice from a package is to dilute by adding 50% of the amount that is in the glass. And tasty, and the drink would be full. This also applies to those who are suffering from high temperature after an illness. If the disease is connected with disorder of the gastrointestinal tract and stool-liquid, you also shown Granat – it strengthens.

Pomegranate-a fruit with a history. It can be found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. In particular, the findings relate to the period of the reign of Hatshepsut, people familiar with pomegranate for at least 30 centuries. In the Torah much has been said about this fruit. In Ancient Greece it was a symbol of marriage. That is why the underground God kidnapped Persephone was forced to return to her husband (he gave her the pomegranate seeds). In Greece, this fruit is very respected and eat at weddings and put near the iconostasis, when moving into a new house.

In Japan, the pomegranate is used in bonsai. Form it is very suitable for this art form.

The First wife of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, had a coat of arms a grenade. Second wife, Anne Boleyn, was ordered to paint a coat of arms in the form of a dove, pecking a pomegranate. However, this marriage ended with her death.

However, those who do not give pomegranate the pigeons and eats himself live longer. So eat and rejoice.

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