How long are mushrooms in the fridge, and storage conditions


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The Pickers are sure that the best in mushrooms – this collection process. Enjoy a direct process, but there are those who prefer a finished product. On store shelves and appear fresh mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and other exotic mushrooms.

how long are mushrooms in the fridge

What is mushrooms?

The name of this agaric has received from the French word, which translated into Russian language means simply “mushroom”.

The structure of the mushroom is no different from other spore of this genus. Massive enough hat in different sizes with a rounded shape, since the growth flattens. So you can judge the age of the mushroom – the older it is, the flatter the hat. Rather dense, but short leg has a "the veil”, which surrounds her at the point of attachment to the cap. Leg is rarely loose or hollow inside.

how long are mushrooms in the fridge

Inside the hats are the plates thick and smooth. They have different colors throughout the life of the fungus. So, young mushrooms plate light, slightly pink, then they darken, becoming almost black color. It is also an indicator of youth of the fungus.

When you break the cap you can see the flesh of the mushroom. It's light, slightly pinkish. It has a pronounced mushroom taste.


True mushroomers do not recognize mushrooms as mushrooms. After all, will not find them in the woods, but you can easily find on the supermarket shelves. Although the true gourmets do manage on their own to find this mushroom.

Mushrooms - saprophytes, and therefore will grow on the rich food of the soil. It may be the decayed bark of trees, humus or manure.

There are five main types of this fungus:

  1. Growing only in the forest.
  2. Growing among the grasses.
  3. Saprophytes open spaces.
  4. Desert (halophytes).
  5. Mixed (growing among grasses and in open spaces).

Most Often, this agaric can be found in Eurasia, Africa and Australia.


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Today mushrooms are the most common mushroom that is eaten. The only species that is poisonous, – mottled, or yellow, champignon. Its use is dangerous to health. All other plate types of this fungus can be used in all types.

This ubiquitous saprophyte has received due to its taste, low cost and ease of preparation, not to mention how much time you store mushrooms in the refrigerator.

History of the use of a mushroom

The French mushroom Agaricus became known already in the 16th century. In fact, its name he received at this time. Historians believe that the villagers and before that time had used mushrooms as food, but in the chronicle information about this was not specified.

Many restaurants medieval France sought to purchase this fresh and refined product. World chefs created culinary masterpieces from mushrooms that rich people pay very large sums.

But today, champignon – the most common and inexpensive among the mushrooms. It grows more than 70 countries, and some of it is grown on special farms and supply markets (Belgium, Netherlands).

You can buy Mushroom canned, pickled, frozen and fresh, and whole or in pieces.

You can Buy this product at any time of the year because it artificially grown in special greenhouses.

Useful properties of mushrooms

The biggest positive feature of this product is vitamin D2 contained in it. Due to this, the mushrooms prevent brittle bones and osteoporosis.

No Matter how much you store mushrooms in the fridge, their useful properties, they still retain.

The mushrooms of this species contains sodium, a positive effect on neuromuscular conduction, heart and blood vessels.

Many would argue that mushrooms contain substances that stop the blood, as well as a positive effect on the digestive system.

However, one should not get involved in such products. After all, mushrooms – junk food for the body. For their digestion requires a large amount of enzymes and energy.

Many women know that how much you store mushrooms in the fridge, will depend not only their taste, but the digestion time. The younger and fresher the product, the easier the body.

Interesting is the fact that a 2009 study proved that periodic use of these saprophytes plate reduces the risk of developing cancer.

But nutritionists around the world recommend sampinjonu diet for losing weight. Because of low calorie (27 calories per 100 grams) and high energy to digest, this product is becoming essential in nutrition.

Harm mushrooms

Mushrooms contain a substance fungin, which destroys the lining of the stomach and intestines, thereby causing irreparable damage to health.

Do not use this product and children, because their digestive system cannot cope with such a heavy product.

how long are pickled mushrooms in the fridge

How many days you store mushrooms in the fridge, depends on their digestion. Product, the last heat treatment, it is better to eat immediately. The longer it is stored, the worse it is digested.

Possession of mushrooms

Any mushroom-perishable product, which is why these spore-bearing plants are best eaten within 2-3 days after collection. Of course, such time to achieve very difficult, so the manufacturers go for various tricks, offering the product in the frozen, canned and pickled.

The Answer to the question, how long are mushrooms in the fridge is fresh, will be the period from 1 to 3 days after collection.

fresh mushrooms

How to store mushrooms in the refrigerator

The First and most important – do not wash! After rinsing with water mushroom darkens, and you need to immediately make. It is best to put the product into a paper bag and placed in the compartment for vegetables. The temperature in the refrigerator should not be above 3 degrees. So you will be able to maintain the beneficial fungus to 5-6 days from the time of collection.

Very often Housewives are interested in the question of how much you store mushrooms in the refrigerator in a plastic bag? It should be noted that this type of storage is not encouraged, because in a vacuum pack mushrooms “breathe”, and therefore, can quickly rot. Moreover, in the polyethylene very quickly accumulate condensate, which can lead to the formation of dietary product foreign substances. If you had to store mushrooms in the package, then ventilate them daily and try to prepare for 5-6 days.

how long are mushrooms in the fridge

For storage you need to put the mushrooms in one layer, cover with paper or make holes in the cellophane. The best place for storage-compartment for vegetables.

How long are mushrooms in the fridge?

After the product is thermally processed, it must be immediately consumed. It is not recommended storing cooked or fried mushrooms in the refrigerator longer than 2 hours.


How long are pickled mushrooms in the fridge?

Various recipes pickling mushrooms is used in a very long time. This helps to keep the product in the refrigerator for up to a year, however, he does not lose its flavor. It is important to adhere strictly to the recipe.

how long are mushrooms in the fridge

Storing in the freezer

Freezing mushrooms - the most popular and convenient form of storage. The product can be consumed within 6 months. You need to freeze the mushrooms needed to prepare meals. It is inadmissible to re-freeze.

Some keep mushrooms in the freezer boiled. This method is also acceptable. However, it is necessary after cooking be sure to wash the mushrooms and remove excess moisture. The shelf life of the cooked mushrooms in the freezer – 6 months.

Plate Dried mushrooms can be used throughout the year. For this purpose, the slices should be thin and well dried. Some people wonder how you store mushrooms in the refrigerator in a dried form. In this case the reduced temperature will extend shelf life, but excessive humidity can ruin the dried mushrooms. Therefore, su...

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