Why not rise the bread in the bread maker? Modes in the bread maker for baking


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A Good housewife sooner or later I think that homemade bread is much better than the store. Along with these thoughts comes the desire to buy a bread machine. I must say that this gadget is definitely a trend. Why? Because it is convenient, tasty and fun! But sometimes difficulties arise. For example, why not rise the bread in the bread maker? Whose fault is it: the hostess or kitchen appliances? Let's try to understand the problem.why not rise the bread in the bread maker

In your home and walls help

The Principle of the old proverb suits well for interpretation of the situation with the bread machine. Store-bought bread seems just a toast without taste and smell, if you compare it with homemade pastry. But bread is a versatile product, which in varying degrees, like almost all people. Few can resist the aromas of fresh baking, so over the warm loaves still in the queue. By the way, this is a great marketing ploy - to make a mini-bakery at the store. Buyers will take a, to sniff the scones and muffins. Almost one hundred percent probability that they will acquire a couple of products with a crispy crust. So it's good to have a home bread machine, with which you can surprise homemade baked goods when you wish. Making bread in the bread maker strikes with ease, so masterly knowledge in cooking, young mistress will be required. It is sufficient to study the manual and choose a couple of recipes.bread falling in the bread maker

Rational decisions

Do Not worry about what the gadget is not enough space. The form of the bread is comparable to the microwave and calmly fits in any kitchen. Technically, the stove requires no physical effort from the owner and copes with the preparation of the rolls. From the chef is only required to control the process and to accurately bring to life the recipe for a delicious bread in the bread maker.

In a huge assortment of breads there are no restrictions. Therefore, it is possible with equal success to bake a lush buns with raisins or cinnamon or to confine oat bread, so suitable for dieters. In fact, by bread machine, you can travel the world, meeting the dawn with a French baguette and in the evening with a snack of Italian bread.


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The More expensive models designed for bread baking bread with added seeds, berries, fruits and seasonings. By the way, bread with capsicum can completely replace a separate dish for the Russian people, because of the bright taste.making bread in the bread maker

The grief

Of Course, very disappointing to discover that the bread falling in the bread machine. Why is it so? What the hostess is doing wrong? Maybe it was the fact that the person has a "heavy hand"? By the way, this is often explained their mistakes inexperienced cooks. And in fact, miss the frivolous attitude and haste.

It Turns out that the recipe for a delicious bread in the bread maker - it's not the whole secret of success. From the chef, too much depends. Including his attitude, which is the dough sometimes downright "feels". If the bread comes out lush, then maybe it's all in the quality of the yeast or in their immediate presence. Test does not interfere with the shelf life. Then you need to check the sugar, which, by the way, activates the action of yeast. Important and ratio is a teaspoon of sugar will speed up the action, and too much, on the contrary, slows down. Logically and salt should not be much. And mix last with yeast, as yeast will not raise the dough. mode baking in the bread maker

All about

Here is the hostess in the kitchen and thinks why did not rise the bread in the bread maker? If it's not in the ingredients, what to think? You should check the settings of the gadget. The dough may be flattened, if it was on a different regime. Baking in the bread maker - the process time-consuming, so in 5 minutes lush bread and can not wait. Beginners in cooking are often confused modes. And really, this bread maker can bake a cake or simple vaseline or cheese cake, so how can all these processes to fit in a single mode?

Yet set up the stove and check the quality of the selected flour as well as its conformity to the prescription. Remember that without sifting the flour rises harder and Trubnaya flour and all pomp will not spoil. But flour with gluten gives literally spherical effect.

Another possible factor is the lack of water. Because the dough should be elastic, but if it's dry, then the output will be a stale bun. yeast for bread

What if too much?

Sometimes, the bread is too doughy. In General, it is not so insulting, but still not as it should be. What can be the reason? First, may have summed up the yeast for baking bread. Second, it may still be too much sugar, which stimulated the activity of yeast. Thirdly, the excess water may cause excessive pomp. And fourthly, to blame the temperature in the kitchen; the higher it is, the higher the dough.

Thus, the question of why not rise the bread in the bread maker, you can put on a par with the opposite (the reason of the excessive pomp) and answer it so that the reason of violating the proportions of the recipe.

If the dough has not risen completely, it is probably still the reason for the delay of yeast. Could also be that the yeast has been "killed" too hot ingredients. bread in the bread maker the recipes are simple

Why is it raw cookie?

If for the first time to bake bread in the bread maker, the recipes are simple must remain a priority. Then, when the cook will stuff his hand, he will be able to experiment and delight the home gourmet rolls and breads. Even at the initial stages can be difficult. For example, the bread meant to be beautiful but inside or on top - raw. This is the most common problem resulting from too much water or too many ingredients. In the latter case, the gadget simply will not cope with the test. By the way, a similar problem occurs when you use too large of supplements.

No fat baked the dough, so mix a lot of eggs, fat, grain, nuts and milk - not the best choice. In the cooking process the lid of the gadget should fit snugly, but the furnace itself should be at room temperature. Also, the cause may be too dense flour.

Problems and issues

In any case, it will be better purchase homemade bread in the bread maker. The recipes are simple focused more on the result, not the statement on filing, so make a mistake while implementing them is not easy. Still, some unfortunate accident may even scare an inexperienced cook. For example, if the dough is crumbly, lush pie will not wait. And the dough is on the dry yeast may be more nuggets. Do I need to close my eyes to such things? Of course not, if you value your own work. Add to batter a little liquid to achieve the elasticity and shape of the ball.

If the dough sticks to hands, also a nice little. It is too wet. You need to add flour so it soaks in.

If the bread was implicated, but not cooked, then you just select the mode "dough". Now switch the mode or pull the dough, shape it and send it in the oven.

If the bread falls right after the first stage of baking, with yeast too much, and also sugar or liquid. If you do a bun with cheese, its abundance can strongly influence the test state.

If you do the dough in the oven, on the walls may remain flour. When baking it is better to remove with a soft rubber spatula.

Take a Walk on the crust

What we love most about the bread? Of course, crispy crust! By the way, her give even small children, when those teething. If the crust is wrinkled and creased when baking in the bread maker, then on the surface of the loaf damp. For sandwiches, of course, it still fit, but the beauty is gone.

If the bread, much sugar, the crust may burn. Worth a try mode "light crust" for baking.

But a pale crust - not a limit of dreams. It can happen when you use little sugar.

Subversively cork is obtained due to the abundance of solid ingredients. The reason may be the dough is on the dry yeast. To fix the error is to add vegetable or butter and milk.

Remember that the crust will be softer if you add heavy cream or replace the water with milk. To achieve the crunch, you need to immediately after baking transfer the bread on a wire rack.

Not the most critical, but still error - the layer of air under the crust. She says that the dough was poorly mixed or blown away while punching. Perhaps this problem is one-off, but with the repetition of the situation will save a spoonful of water added to the dough. recipe of delicious bread in the bread maker

Summary for the bread

When the first experience is behind us and is rapidly growing interest in more complex recipes, you should try bread with aromatic additives. Housewives love to bake bread with cheese, onion and garlic. The result is tasty and juicy. It is a versatile base for sandwiches. In these embodiments, can also occur ...

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