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Saint Petersburg is one of the largest cities of Russia, which is concentrated a huge number of diverse institutions. You can find all you only need: restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, and amusement parks, and more. As a result, if you find yourself in St. Petersburg, you can arise the problem of choice. Where to go? What to see? You can always download a tourist program, which will be able to go through all the key attractions, although the city has a great number.

But what about restaurants? After all, every traveler wants to visit the best institutions of this type. Even the locals will gladly look into the restaurant, which is famous all over the country. But there are a lot of institutions. What to choose? This article will help you to answer this question, because here you can learn about the Royal Beach restaurant (SPb). This is one of the most interesting, luxurious and attractive places in the city, so you should definitely pay attention to it.

So, what you should know about the Royal Beach restaurant (SPb)? First, the location and time of work. Second, it can offer you. Well, and thirdly, customer testimonials, which you can determine whether you want to attend the institution.


royal beach restaurant SPb

As you could already understand, the Royal Beach restaurant (SPb) is located in Saint Petersburg, but this city is very high. Therefore it is necessary to specify its address. So, the restaurant is located on Krestovsky island, and on the street, which is called the southern road. If to speak about the exact address, it looks like the following: South road, 14.


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If you look at the map, you will be able to see that the restaurant is located right on the shore overlooking Petrovskiy Farvater. Thus, you get a lot of pleasure from where you will be. But it has not stopped even about food! But it is the Royal Beach restaurant (SPb) can really boast of. However, while you should pay attention to another interesting point, namely, when running this place.


metro Krestovskiy Ostrov

So, if you decided to visit this restaurant, you need to find out exactly when it works. Of course, you need first to get to him. Address you already know. You can, however, give some useful guidelines. First and foremost, you need to hit directly on the island itself, and it can be done, for example, via subway. You need to go to the metro station "Krestovsky island". And there you will have two options.

First, you can go South on the street Ryukhin in the direction of the southern coast of the island, and then take on Central Avenue, moving in the direction of Krestovsky stadium. At some point the Central Avenue enters the southern road, and you already know that on this street there is a restaurant.

But you can also exit at the metro station "Krestovsky island" and immediately go towards the stadium through the Primorsky Victory Park on pedestrian Battery road. When this road ends, you need to turn left at the Tennis the street and you will come directly to the restaurant. Now you know how to walk and drive. The Royal Beach restaurant is very profitable and convenient. And partly for this reason it is so popular.

Operation Mode

royal beach restaurant menu

Another important point is the mode of operation of the Royal Beach restaurant. Visitors it is important to know exactly when they can come to the school, not to be in front of closed doors. Fortunately, the probability of this is extremely small, because the school is open for twelve hours. And if you are going to have Breakfast, then it is likely that you'll be able to visit this restaurant. The fact that it begins its work this afternoon, namely at 12:00. Given how long it works, you can already come to the conclusion that it closes at midnight. Accordingly, you definitely should be enough time to visit it.

Customer Testimonials

royal beach restaurant reviews

If you prefer to focus not on texts, but on the real reviews by real customers, then this restaurant is sure to delight. The fact that almost all the reviews about the Royal Beach restaurant in the network are positive, so you will be able to know what attracts customers to this place. Of course, you can always find reviews online and read them completely, but in this article you will find a brief description of what these customers value in the institution.

First, many have noted that the exterior of the restaurant looks very luxurious, and many visitors even have doubts about whether to go inside because they are afraid that there will be expensive. In reality, prices are more than reasonable so you can eat without spending a fortune.

Secondly, almost all noted the high quality of the cuisine, namely, ordinary standard meals and delicious special prepared by the chef.

Third, people pay attention to is very polite, cultured and professional staff who can always help you, and not only within the restaurant but also outside it (such as calling a taxi). Also people appreciate the convenience of the location of the Royal Beach restaurant. The address of this establishment is really easy to remember, and the restaurant itself is very simple to find, and to reach it will not be difficult.

Overall, it is really something that deserves your attention if you live in Saint-Petersburg or come here on business or pleasure. However, a review will still be incomplete if it does not tell you what dishes are served at the restaurant.

Salads and appetizers

 royal beach restaurant how to get

The Royal Beach restaurant menu is really impressive, as it includes more than ten different sections. Of course, they are all described in the article will not, however, you will be able to see the most popular ones, and learn about what there are the most affordable and luxurious dishes.

So, if we talk about salads and appetizers, the most expensive dish in this section is the salad with smoked duck. For one serving of this delicacy would give you only 350 rubles. But if you want something more luxurious, then you will have ideal salad with beef tenderloin, cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, and potatoes, which is considered one of the most unusual dishes of this restaurant.

As you can see, prices in Royal Beach restaurant are reasonable, and if you are interested in the selection range, it really is impressive. From the salads and appetizers you found out about the two dishes, and there are only ten.


As for soups, you can also sample a variety of dishes. If you do not want to spend too much money, you can pay attention to a simple but delicious chicken soup with homemade noodles, which will cost 280 rubles. But if you want luxury then you can order Tom yum with prawns, which would have to pay 600 rubles.


royal beach restaurant prices

Well, and, of course, this section is one of the most important for any visitor. And even here you will find the most expensive dishes, such as chicken baked with fresh vegetables, cheese tortillas, peanut sauce and tomato salsa. For this impressive dish you pay as for the most expensive soup or salad, namely 650 rubles. But if you are willing to order something special and incredible, then you definitely need to choose smoked fillet of sturgeon with new potatoes and tartare sauce.

Cold appetizers

Well, the main menu items have already been reviewed, so you can now look at the less popular, but still quite relevant sections such as, for example, cold snacks. You can always buy herring fillets with pickled onions and warm boiled potatoes, if want a simple and delicious lunch. But the luxury options here are also present. For example, for 850 rubles, you can enjoy assorted cheeses with Fig jam and nuts.


royal beach restaurant mode

Naturally, every person will be interested in not only main dishes but also desserts, so in this restaurant you can also enjoy something sweet. You can for only 80 rubles to enjoy a little jam, and tastes there are a large number. You can get pistachio cheesecake, if you are a real foodie and ready for that treat to give 420 rubles.

Children's menu

You can also visit this restaurant with children because there is a separate children's menu, in which you'll find about ten different dishes, designed just for the little ones. If you wish, you can order a simple chicken noodle soup, as it will be available to everyone, because it is only 190 rubles per serving. But if you Ho...

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