How to quickly peel garlic. Methods and recommendations


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Probably every woman at least once in his life faced with the question of how easy it is to clean the garlic. The majority of women doing the same manipulation with a regular table knife. But there are times when you need to quickly clean a large amount of garlic. What to do in these cases?

how to quickly peel garlic


By Itself, this plant is of great benefit to the human body when eaten. Garlic is popularly called a natural antibiotic. It has an excellent effect on the circulatory system and heart, and dishes with the addition of a seasoning become tastier.

To use the garlic, you need to start it well to clear of a peel and separate the cloves from each other.

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to clean garlic for 10 seconds. For example, during sudden arrival of guests or when the scheduled cooking large volume of meals with the addition of this vegetable. In order to do this manipulation quickly and efficiently, it is worth examining all the possible ways.

Method one

James Oliver figured out how to quickly peel garlic. However, if you need whole cloves – this option will not work, as the garlic you will get crushed.

Take a clove and lay it on a flat surface. The blade is put flat on the clove and press down on it. As soon as you hear a slight click – the husk is burst, and it can be removed. Thus, it is possible to clean several teeth.

peel garlic in 10 seconds

Method two

This method explains how to quickly peel garlic, but he will fit you in if the product is quite well dried.

Take a deep container. This can be a small pot or a simple bowl of metal. Add split garlic cloves and cover. Sharp movements several times shake the bowl with the slices and remove the cover. You will only have to choose the garlic cloves from the husks.


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Method three

How to quickly peel garlic without any additional devices? It's very simple. Take dry slices of plants and put it on the palm. Second hand push product and quickly press it between palms. In the end, you will get a clean slice and separated the shell.

Method of the fourth

When the time available for the preliminary preparation of the garlic before cleaning, you can use this method. Pour into the container of cold water and put separated cloves. The husk absorbs the water, it will get soggy and easily separated from the teeth.

how to easily peel garlic

The fifth

Similar to the previous method, explaining how to quickly peel the garlic, removing the husk with hot water. To do this, fill the container with liquid and leave it slices literally one minute. Then you can easily separate the cloves from the husk.


For those people who don't like to experiment and invent different methods for rapid purification of garlic, you can buy a special tool. Outwardly, it resembles a silicone tube, which are the slices. When rolling on the table is their separation from the husk. You will only have to separate the shells from the peeled slices.

Choose the method of cleaning the teeth individually, based on the prescription and condition of the garlic. Those which are suitable for cleansing of dry garlic, not likely to be ideal for fresh product. If the garlic was stored in the refrigerator, it also is raw and requires some way to separate from the skin.

If you don't find one of the above methods, use the old-fashioned ordinary kitchen knife.

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