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How to dry tomatoes in the electric dryer, only a few know. Because not every woman has such a device. But if you are an avid cottager, and every year they gather in a large harvest, such a device you absolutely need. Because thanks to him you will be able to jerk not only freshly picked vegetables and fruits and even berries. Should such a device not too expensive, and helps in gathering an abundant harvest is very good.

Choice of main ingredient

Before I tell you about how to dry tomatoes in the driers, it is necessary to tell about the peculiarities of the selection of the main product. So experts recommend to opt for self-curing is quite tight, but between the ripe vegetables. Well dried in the drier the tomatoes “cream” or “lady fingers”. They have thick walls and a small amount of pulp. This is exactly what we need.

how to dry tomatoes in the drier

Pre-processing of vegetables

How to dry tomatoes in the electric dryer? Before you answer the question, we should tell you about how you should handle such vegetables. They need to collect or buy in the store, and then wash in warm water. Next, ripe tomatoes should be cut in half (preferably lengthwise). While vegetables recommended to cut the stem. If the tomatoes have dents or putrid place, their use is undesirable. Vegetables should be as fresh and undamaged.

After the tomatoes are cut in half from their middle part, be sure to remove the pulp with seeds. To carry out this procedure it is desirable with a normal dessert spoon. By the way, discard the pulp is not recommended. Because it can be used to prepare a delicious goulash, gravy, Italian pasta, vegetable stew, pizza and other dishes and dressings.


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What do we need?

Drying tomatoes in the electric dryer requires the use not only of processed tomatoes. After all, to make a delicious sun-dried vegetables that will be stored for a long time, you should also use salt and aromatic spices.

So, for the drying of tomatoes using an electric dryer will need the following ingredients:

  • Ripe tomato cultivar ‘plum” or “lady fingers” – about 3 kg;
  • Salt & ndash; approximately 2 dessert spoons (add no slides);
  • Italian dried herbs – 2 dessert spoons.

tomatoes in the drier

How to dry tomatoes in the drier?

To carry out the drying process at home, the tomatoes should be processed as described above. Further, they are required to flip cut side down, place on a paper towel or cloth and let stand in this state for about 5-8 minutes. This time is sufficient to partially deprive the processed tomatoes in their juice. After that, the tomatoes need to turn cut side up, sprinkle with fine salt and dried Italian herbs. In this part of the vegetables must be placed on the grid of electroscience. And the cut should look only upwards.

After filling electrical device it is required to turn on and set the temperature to 70 degrees. In this state, the tomatoes it is recommended to dry for about 4-6 hours. Selects the specified time depends entirely on what tomatoes you use (large or not).

sun-dried tomatoes in the drier

Features sun-dried tomatoes

Now you know how to jerk tomatoes in the drier. It should be noted that after all the above steps you should get a soft and supple tomatoes. If they dry up, they won't taste as good as I would like. By the way, sun-dried tomatoes (bought) keep the same useful properties as in fresh vegetables. But improper storage of these qualities can be lost. Moreover, the wrong content of dried vegetables may contribute to their mould or rot.

how to jerk tomatoes in the drier

Other methods of drying

Despite the fact that the tomatoes in the electric dryer are the tasty and stored for a long time, many Housewives used to dry-cure and other, more affordable methods. So, often the tomatoes are dried in the oven or just in the sun. The first option is the most popular. However, it requires a prolonged heat treatment than the electric dryer (about 7-8 hours). As a result, some nutrients can simply "evaporate" from vegetables. It should also be noted that for this process require continuous monitoring. After all, if you miss the moment, all processed tomatoes can be quite easy to burn, and it is unacceptable for dried vegetables.

With regard to drying in the sun, we need exceptional weather conditions. In other words, the sun must “roast” for several days, and the wind should be variable. It should also be noted that sun-dried tomatoes in the drier retains all useful properties of fresh tomatoes, that is not true of those that were sun-dried in an urban setting. Because the product in the drying process can be quite easy to absorb all those harmful substances that are in the atmosphere. In this regard, this method is recommended only if you live in a suitable area where there is no nearby highway, and chemical and other enterprises.

The Downside of this method is that for drying vegetables you'll need about 3-5 days. That's why most mistresses are interested in the question of how to jerk tomatoes in the drier. Because with this device you can not only quickly dry the tomatoes, but also to carry out the process according to the rules.

drying tomatoes in the drier

How to store dried tomatoes?

Dried tomatoes properly, the hostess ask a new question: how to keep them? In fact, according to experts, when properly dried tomatoes can be used until late spring. It should be noted that methods of storing such vegetables there are several:

  1. At room temperature. Some Housewives prefer to store dried tomatoes in a normal warm room. It should be noted that this method is quite acceptable. But it dried vegetables need to be put in cloth bag. It is desirable that it was made of cotton or linen. Because the only way you will achieve the air circulation inside of it that the tap is necessary for proper preservation dried tomato. If you do not fulfill this condition, then, most likely, your vegetables very quickly get mouldy and rot. By the way, keep this bag is only recommended in dry and dark place.
  2. In the refrigerator or freezer. Most Housewives prefer to store dried tomatoes in this way. Their choice, they explain the fact that in the fridge or frozen vegetables will never get mouldy, and in addition, will retain a maximum of useful substances.
  3. Preservation. Dried tomatoes in oil – very tasty snack which can not only serve, but also use for preparation of various first and second dishes. About this way of storing dried vegetables, we decided to tell in more detail.

how to store dried tomatoes

Canned dried tomatoes

To make a delicious Italian tomatoes (dried), should zavalit vegetables in the machine and prepare the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable oil – approximately 200 to 300 ml;
  • Fresh garlic-4-5 Zubkov.

The brewing Process

Before you can preserve sun-dried tomatoes, you should peel the cloves of garlic and then slice them not very thin plates. Next, we need to take a few half-liter glass jars and sterilize them on the stove. Similarly, it is necessary to proceed with the lids, which you intend to roll capacity.

After preparing the containers you want to take a shallow pan, put into it plates of garlic and pour a vegetable oil. Content should be calcined, but in any case do not boil. If you don't first heat the oil, then the tomatoes can quickly deteriorate.

sun dried tomatoes in oil


After the vegetable fat is hardened, it should be poured into sterilized jars in the number one big spoon. There you want to put multiple plates of garlic. Next on the bottom of the tank should be placed a layer of sun-dried tomatoes, which need again to cover the garlic. Perform these actions is recommended as long as the Bank is filled. In conclusion, it is necessary to pour hot oil and immediately roll up tightly.

Where to store canned product?

After all glass containers will be filled and sealed, it is required to turn upside down, and then leave it to cool down and put into a cooler or cellar. To stored zagotovki...

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