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Not all of us have heard the word – "echpochmak", although seen, and eaten, probably many. This dish of Tatar cuisine, and the literal translation means "triangle". It is prepared from leavened or unleavened dough, stuffed with meat and add the onion with the potatoes. A basic, traditional stuffing is lamb. There is another feature of this dish-the filling is placed in it in its raw form. Here we will do the mastering of cooking such interesting meals like echpochmak Tartar.

Recipe No. 1 - prepare echpochmak standard way

For the preparation of the dish will need for the dough: 33 grams of Baker's yeast, 800 grams of flour, three eggs, three tablespoons of sand sugar, 0.33 liters of milk, 60-70 grams of butter, half a teaspoon of salt. To prepare the filling: 300 grams of mutton, three onions, four potatoes, one egg, intended for the lubrication of dough, black pepper and salt. To prepare echpochmak Tartar, we begin, of course, with the dough. In warm milk dissolve the yeast together with a teaspoon of sugar sand. Let infused. echpochmak TartarStir sugar whisk in the egg until completely dissolved. Added to the first container and mix well. Using a sieve sift the flour, add our mixture and knead the dough. In the mixing process gradually throwing in pieces of butter. At the end cover with a towel - and a couple of hours in a warm place for fermentation. Then add salt, knead again and again an hour and a half to the side. Then once kneaded, cover with a towel and making the filling.


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Prepare the filling and bake echpochmak Tartar

The Filling is made quick and easy. Washed meat and cut into small pieces. Potatoes with onions also peeled and in small cubes cut. Mix, pepper and salt. Turn on the oven and leave it to heat up to 210 degrees. Divide the dough into two parts. One, again under a towel, and the second cut into nine parts. Take one of these pieces, mash your palm on the table to make a circle. recipe echpochmak in the Tatar languagePut a tablespoon of the filling, forming a triangle and the top suscipiam. Make it so that the top left a small hole – it will evaporate excess moisture. Coat the baking pan with parchment, put on his echpochmak, let a little infusions. Mix the egg and oil cakes. Put in oven and not less than 40 minutes to bake, temperature-200 degrees. After the 20 minutes, cover with wet paper. The finished dish spread on a towel and the top and cover with a clean towel. Now you know how to cook echpochmak Tartar.

Recipe No. 2 - preparing echpochmak yogurt

To perform this recipe we will need: two cups of yogurt, teaspoon of salt, five cups of flour, one package of dry yeast, 300 grams of meat with fat, three potatoes, two onions, four tablespoons of vegetable oil, a half Cup of broth (you can – water) ground black pepper. how to cook echpochmak TartarIf the previous version we got the recipe "Echpochmak" in the Tatar language, translated it and made a traditional dish, now we will not adhere to any demands. The quality of meat, for example, fatty pork. Wash it and cut pieces the size of hazelnuts. Also cut the potatoes, add the meat, chopped onion, vegetable oil – two tablespoons, pepper and salt. echpochmak Tartar the dough on kefirCarefully mix everything. Make the dough as usual and cut them as for pies (pieces), shape small balls and make palm pellet the size of a saucer. Put on them stuffing suscipiam triangle and put on cookie sheet, greased. After 15-20 minutes, grease the top with egg and bake it in the oven for one hour. It was a great echpochmak Tartar. The dough on kefir added to his tenderness, and lightness.

Recipe # 3 - echpochmak with chicken

For the dough we need: four cups flour, one Cup of water, 10 grams of dry yeast, one egg, teaspoon salt, tablespoon of sugar sand. For the filling: 0.8 kg chicken, four potatoes, two onions, 50 grams butter, Cup of broth, pepper and salt. echpochmak Tartar chickenIt's time to cook echpochmak tartare with chicken. First knead all ingredients for the dough and put it on an hour and a half to go (always in a warm place). Then prepare the filling.

Preparing the filling and baking

Cut into cubes of fillet chicken and potatoes. Onions clean and finely shinkuem. All combine in one mass, add pepper, salt and stir. Abenaim approached the dough, cut into pieces and each of them is rolled into a small round pellet. ready echpochmakDistributed by him and stuffing samasem, giving a triangular shape. At the top leaving a small hole. Grease the pan with oil, put on him echpochmak and sent to 35 minutes in pre-heated oven. Get the pan, add a little broth, egg lubricates the upper part back in the oven for 20 minutes. Serve hot.

Recipe No. 4: prepare echpochmak quickly and easily

I guess this recipe is a quick and easy. It requires the following ingredients: for the dough-melted pack of margarine, a Cup of milk or yogurt, two and a half cups flour, two eggs. For the filling: half a kilo of fatty meat, potatoes-300 grams, onion-300 grams, salt, herbs, lots of spices. Now prepare echpochmak Tartar. Knead like dumplings, the dough, divide into three parts and put in fridge. ecospace served on the tableIngredients for the filling cut into small cubes and stir as thoroughly as possible. Cut into dough pieces and make from it a small pellet. Put the filling and samasem to make triangles. Echpochmak spread on a greased baking sheet, grease the top with egg and bake it in the oven for 40 minutes until they formed a beautiful Golden crust.


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