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The restaurant "the Park cafe" in Yeysk is incredibly popular not only among residents but also among tourists who fill it in the summer time when the temperature of the water in the sea warms up to a fairly high level.the Park cafe Yeysk

General information

This place attracts visitors by the fact that within its walls reigns a beautiful atmosphere, filled with home comfort and warmth. Guests often visit it with their families in order to spend your free time. Fans of "the Park cafe" (Yeysk), often in their reviews noticed that here it is possible with a high degree of comfort to be with children of any age, which include not only the chairs but also a separate menu, the pages of which are collected vivid and mouth-watering dishes.


There Is a "Park-café" in Yeisk, one of the most frequently visited places in the city - at the entrance to the Park named after Pushkin, where tourists around the clock come with different goals: to walk between the trees with his other half, ride the rides with your family or just eat ice cream, which is sold across its territory.

You can Reach it at any time of the day, take a taxi or reach by your own car, which at the time of stay in the institution can be left in the Parking lot located near the entrance to the restaurant. Many visitors also arrive by public transport, which takes place on the street may day - the stop is almost outside the main entrance to the "Park cafe".

The Exact address of the restaurant is: city of Yeisk, street may day, 189/3.


Inside the restaurant is a quality designer renovation, which attracts the attention of visitors who prefer the beautiful decorations. Here you can observe more details, made of dark wood expensive breeds. The restaurant walls are decorated with small drawings in the form of small flowers, along one with a long bar, behind which are masters of the cocktail art. It is made of a white material, the bar can also accommodate visitors, which provides high chairs.the Park cafe Yeysk mode of operation


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The Overall picture of the interior of the restaurant "Park cafe" in Yeisk presented in the style of "fusion", which is especially noticeable in places for guests to relax - they are presented as multi-colored soft sofas where you can sit with great comfort. Many of the guests visiting, pay attention to the original decor in the form of a large stone vase, interesting shades that can be seen near many tables and interesting fences, visually separating the room into several zones.

On the walls you can see the small racks and shelves Laden with books and small decorative items. Also there are a few big flowerpots with green plants, pleasing visitors with their views - they give an overall picture of elegance and freshness.the Park cafe Yeisk photo


The Menu "Park-café" in Yeysk offers visitors a wide selection of dishes prepared in the style of Italian, European and Oriental cuisines. Here in the kitchen, working with a team of professional chefs who can please a refined taste bouquet, peculiar to each dish served.

In the proposed list represented a good range of snacks ("EBI tempura", toast Borodino with garlic sauce, salted salmon, chicken wings with tomato sauce, cheese selection, chicken fingers and special sauce, smoked almonds, snacks of toast with bacon or cheese) and light salads ("Caesar" with chicken or salmon, Greek veal with vegetables, "Hollywood", "Swallow's nest", "Thai" beef, "Chuck" avocado with prawns and tomato sauce). Foreigners are attracted by the presence of large amount of fast food (chicken nuggets, bean burrito with smoked chicken and vegetables wrapped in a tortilla, big Burger with meat Patty, croissant with salmon or with chicken, chicken Burger, Shawarma, chicken).

Reviews of the "Park cafe" in Yeysk it is often said that the institution serves delicious soups (Solyanka meat soup with mushrooms, chicken with Chinese noodles, soup with two kinds of fish, cheese, Tom Yam), as well as meat cooked on the grill (shish kebab and Lula-kebab from different kinds of meat, beef tongue). According to them, pork and lamb, prepared here are characterized by their juiciness and incredible flavor.

Oriental cuisine in the menu includes a wide variety of rolls and larger sets of them, which are designed for large companies ("Sake", "Deluxe", "Tempura", "Kogata"). As for Italian cuisine, then here it is presented with pasta (spaghetti Carbonara, fettuccine with mushrooms, spaghetti Bolognese, pasta pappardelle with chicken and calamari, seafood pasta) and pizza ("Classic", "Family", "Mancunia", "Formaggi", "Margarita", "Bavarian", "Carmagnola", "Frutti di Mare", "real Calzone" with chicken, "Us").the Park cafe Yeysk reviews

Fans of sweet dishes, getting into the "Park cafe" for the first time, I remain surprised by the large number of desserts to suit different tastes. There are several types of pies and cakes (strudel with cherries, apples or poppy seeds, cheesecake "Marble"), and creamy desserts ("Nutella", "Cocktail", "drop").


The Bar menu offers visitors a good range of drinks, including a small amount of alcohol and soft drinks. In particular, among the guests were especially popular fresh juices from different types of fruit, fruit drinks, and lemonades are homemade.

As for alcoholic beverages, the facility offers a wide range of whiskey and vodka and cognac. In addition, everyone can taste the rum, gin, tequila, wine, champagne, and several options for appetizers. The photo "Park cafe" (Yeysk), you can see a big bar, where shelves are fully occupied various spirits.the Park cafe Yeysk prices


The cost of the dishes specified in the menu pleases most of the regular visitors of the institution. Many of the reviews say that this is one of the most inexpensive restaurants where the average bill per person is about 600-800 rubles. The cost of the set of rolls in such a place can range about 800, salad - 250 soup - 200, paste - 300 rubles per serving.the Park cafe Yeysk menu

Operation Mode

"the Park cafe" in the country opens its doors to visitors every day from 11 a.m. to midnight. If desired, patrons can enjoy free delivery. To make the order of dishes at home in a period since the opening of school until half past midnight.

If you wish to visit this place, preferably in advance to book a table, which can be done at the phone number listed on the official website of the restaurant.


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