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Pancakes are a traditional Russian food. They did not become less popular for such a long time. At any time of the day pancakes on the table are very important dish. The options of fillings and toppings that they served are very diverse, you can choose for every taste. If you learn how to fry the pancakes, a family can easily feed traditional dishes.

How to make batter for pancakes.

To make pancakes you need to make a dough comprising the following ingredients: a kilogram of flour, three eggs, two tablespoons of sugar, five cups of milk, three spoonfuls of oil, a certain amount of salt, forty grams of yeast, two cups water, and oil for frying. Prepare the dough. First, you need to put the dough, dissolve the yeast in warm water. Pour in two cups of warm water, add the flour and knead until smooth. Cover the dish with a clean cloth or towel, put to rise in a warm place. Add approached the dough of salt, two teaspoon of sugar and three egg yolks. Mix all very thoroughly, pour three tablespoons of oil. Add second part of flour and finally stir.

Heat five cups of milk, pour in the batter in the Cup, stir the milk until dissolved. Cover the dish with the dough and place in a warm place to rise. With a wooden spoon you need to stir the batter coming up. In the process of kneading of the dough out of the carbon dioxide formed in the fermentation process. The dough will be oxygen instead of carbon dioxide, which will intensify fermentation and will be provided with the upgrade. Vzbit in a solid foam protein three, stir the batter and combine it with proteins. After it rises, you can bake pancakes. That's all for this way to prepare the dough for pancakes. Now they can fry in a pan with a thick bottom, which warmed some of the oil. Pancakes are stacked on the dish. They can submit sour cream, butter, marmalade, jam, honey, jam, caviar, red fish. You can make them a filling to your taste.


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How to prepare the dough for pancakes: recommendations

For pancakes can be prepared with the different dough, each hostess prepares his own recipe by adding any ingredient. However, despite the diversity of methods of cooking, principles of cooking do not change. The most popular basis for the dough is milk, but the batter for pancakes on the water also possesses some advantages. Some use beer, pickle juice, but this is more typical of a foreign kitchen, not the Russian classic. If the choice is between eggs and egg powder, the preference is given to eggs. There are many different types of flour, but it is best to take for pancakes wheat flour. It a very quick knead the dough, and turn out tasty, thin and beautiful pancakes. You can use pancake mix, which is a mixture of ingredients.

How to make batter for pancakes – options

The Pancakes can be prepared not only in the traditional way, but also to prepare the pancake dough in the bread maker. Heat three cups of milk, dissolve the yeast in them, add half a Cup of sugar, yolk, melted butter and salt, stir, add 300 grams of flour. Cover the dough with a towel and place in a warm place. Dilute the dough with milk after two hours, add sugar and flour, pour in the beaten egg whites. Knead the dough and let it rise. In General, the dough should ferment for about three hours. Now you can fry pancakes. This pan is warm, pour in a little oil, pour the batter using ladle, spread across the bottom. Once the pancake is browned, it should turn, and after a few seconds, can be removed.

Everything is ready. Bon appetit!

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