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In anticipation of the solemn event hostess in advance to prepare the menu and do the selection of original snacks. After all, every woman wants to surprise your guests with a lavishly laid table, which will not only hot meals but also light salads. Birthday range of products needs to be varied.

light salads birthday

Most importantly, after the event, was left with heaviness in the stomach, so you need to dilute fatty meals light, low-calorie and healthy snacks. Let's start with salad, without which no cost, no celebration. The first option under the Jolly title "goldfish" is a delicious light salad. The recipe is something like “herring under a fur coat" only in our case it is more refined.


  • Herring;
  • Carrots;
  • Apple green (2 PCs);
  • Three eggs;
  • Beets;
  • Potatoes (2 PCs.);
  • Light-salted salmon (you can use any red fish) - 200 gr.;
  • Pickles (5 PCs);
  • Olive mayonnaise;
  • Onions;
  • Vinegar;
  • Sugar.

Diced onion to soak for half an hour in a marinade of vinegar, sugar, salt and water. Boiled vegetables: carrots, beets, potatoes grate. We proceed similarly with the eggs and apples.

Gherkins, herring and salmon cut into pieces. Lay products layers in the form of fish: herring, potatoes, carrots, pickled onions, eggs, cucumber, Apple, beets, salmon. All layers it is necessary to grease with mayonnaise. From olives to make eyes, greenery – fins.

 easy salad recipe with photo

Light salads to favourites can be cooked from any vegetables, fruits and lean meats. That's just the second appetizer recipe will appeal to foodies as there is meat and fruit. Called dish – ‘Salad in Crimea».


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  • Grapes-raisins – bunch;
  • Chicken & ndash; pound;
  • Two hundred grams of cheese;
  • Cheese (200 grams);
  • Walnuts (300 grams);
  • Cucumbers (4 PCs);
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley).

For this dish it is better to choose seedless grapes. Large berries cut into pieces, several pieces leave for decoration. Grate the cheese in a separate container. Boiled fillet to divide into fibres. Nuts grind. Cucumbers cut into thin strips, potatoes – into cubes.

Now proceed to the design of the salad, it must be put in the form of the vine-layers. Sequence of layers the following: potatoes, cheese, grapes, nuts, fillets and completing the layer of grapes. Don't forget all the products to grease with mayonnaise. Of green to make the stem, imitating a bunch of grapes.

Many people think that light salads on the day of birth should be strictly diet food, although this is a misconception. The main thing is not to overdo it with high calorie dressings, and properly combine the ingredients. Of course, you can just chop the tomatoes, cucumbers and served on a festive table, but it is unlikely guests will appreciate this dish.

delicious easy salad recipe

After the triumph does not happen so often, and so everyone is waiting for some magic, some unusual dishes with exotic content in the bright version. It all depends on your imagination, from simple ingredients to make the original light salad. Recipe with photos will show you how to make a fun appetizer of chicken called “Hedgehog”.

You need:

  • Chicken (400 grams)
  • Two hundred grams of cheese;
  • Four eggs;
  • Two potatoes;
  • Two cloves of garlic;
  • Canned peas (the Bank).

As a dressing suitable low-calorie mayonnaise or sour cream. For decorating you will need olives and peas.

Chicken meat is boiled and cut into strips. Boiled potatoes and yolks of three on a grater. Now combine all these products, they add ½ a portion of grated cheese and peas. Dressed with mayonnaise and press out the garlic.

Mass mix well and form from it a hedgehog. Cover it with a mixture of grated cheese, proteins, and mayonnaise. Olives cut into two parts and simulated needles. Eyes make peas. Very bright and cheerful it turned out the salad.

Cook light salads on the day of birth in the form of different animals, cartoon characters or any other items. Flow is of great importance. If you don't eat meat, it can be easily replaced with mushrooms.

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