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Canned tomatoes – one of the most popular and favorite kinds of homemade stuff. Salads, juices, marinated and pickled tomatoes, adjika and many other dishes pleasing to the eye and taste, showing off at our table. Some recipes of this abundance we now share.

Brown tomatoes with sugar

tomato sweet, cannedAn Unusual, spicy and delicious are the tomatoes sweet. Canned with lots of sugar, they are, oddly enough, are a great snack to different foods. The recipe is as follows. Banks put washed leaves of currant, celery. Throw 5-6 peas allspice. Add the optional bit of cinnamon – it will not prevent it, once you have the tomatoes sweet. Canned according to this recipe, more tasty green or pinkish-brown tomatoes. It is their pledge to the banks. Each layer peresypaya sugar. 10 kg of tomatoes requires 3 kg of sugar. Salt is put to taste. When the banks will be filled by “shoulders”, fill them passed through a meat grinder ripe tomatoes (about 4 kg tomato weight), mixed with the remaining sugar. Boil for banks from 15 to 25 minutes, depending on volume. Roll them, turn upside down, cover and leave until cool. There are such sweet tomatoes, canned with sugar and no vinegar, all winter until spring, not a port. Own acid is an excellent preservative.

Tomato sweet pickle

sweet canned tomatoes for the winterNo way inferior to the previous recipe the tomatoes in the marinade. Fill to him will be this: 10 liters of fluid need 350-400 grams of salt, the same of vinegar, three pounds of sugar. In this case, get marinated tomatoes sweet. Canned thus, they are especially tasty if, in contrast to the previous recipe will not brown and green and red and yellow. And the banks themselves with products look very tempting! So Tara lay washed sprigs of dill, horseradish leaves, pepper. Fill tomatoes. On top add some dill. Vinegar can be poured directly into the banks. Add the brine. To do this, boil water, add salt and sugar dissolve. Filled cans sterilize for 15-20 minutes, roll up. I think you will enjoy these sweet canned tomatoes. In the winter they – exactly what you need!


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Tomatoes with Apple juice

recipe of canned sweet tomatoSince all of the current article is devoted to a rather unusual home preservation, then the next option you are interested in. It is original in its own way, because a combination of fruits and vegetables. Recipe canned sweet following tomato: ripe tomatoes should be washed, punctured near the cuttings and spread along the banks. Fill them with boiling water, let 10 minutes stand up. Then to pour water to boil, pour again. Again, wait for 10 minutes, drain. Heat to boiling Apple juice, put it in salt (30 g per liter of fluid) and sugar (100 g for the same amount), pour boiling hot tomatoes in the jars and close them. As usual, we need to let them stand upside down and set the day, then send in the cellar.

Bon appetit!

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