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The Term "kosher" is used in everyday speech even naudojami – the influence of good Russian movies like “Eliminate”. It should be noted that this word used by Russians, non-Jews are quite right: they mean ‘proper” meal. Although for the Jews kosher products - rather, it is permitted for eating, approved by the Rabbi.

However, if you ask the average person of other religion, what is kosher, often get the answer that everything except pork. And it will be very erroneous foods is

Basic terms kosher

First of all, the kosher products are not just eating the right origin, but the method of preparation and use. The categorical condition is a separate dishes, sinks and tables for dairy products and meat. If a potentially kosher beef was placed in a container where he lay theoretically kosher cheese, it becomes treif has. Moreover, a Jew, who ate some dairy before meat needs to take a break for two hours. And if he was meat first, then dairy food until it needs to wait six hours.

Even a kosher product may be deemed treif has if it detects any physical defects: deformation of internal organs of the animal, revealed by the cutting, blood clots in the products in Ukraine list

All potentially kosher foods are those that are grown naturally. That is, in the fattening animal should not have any artificial additives; even if it hurt and he was given antibiotics – it is rejected. Hydroponics and chemical fertilizers when growing vegetables also automatically translate them into the category of treif has. Such strict requirements are made kosher products are popular among non-Jews: they guarantee the naturalness and the quality of the food.


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Basar: kosher meat

The Most severe rules are there for the slaughtered animals. Kosher meat products derived from ruminant livestock have cloven hooves. Based on these signs pig trena: it divideth the hoof, but she's not a herbivore. Have, for example, of a camel the opposite situation: he chews the cud but the hoof has nerazdavlennoy. However, compliance with these rules is not enough. The animal should be scored very quickly, with maximum humane, special kosher butcher. The blood from the animal descends, and the meat Myslivets for killing any possible infection. And one more feature: kosher meat products is only the front part of the carcass. The back even from the “correct” the animal is considered treif has.

Strictly things with the bird. In theory, you can drink and game, but it should be caught alive and put to death according to the rules all the same kosher butcher. Therefore, bird kosher products are mainly Turkey, goose, chickens, i.e. domesticated bird.

Marine life is even harder. Allowed to fish with scales and fins. Partial «achashwerosh” in question: Orthodox Jews do not use even mirror carp and swordfish. The ban on eating predators also applies to fish. And all sorts of shellfish and crustaceans in General, by food (in any case, kosher) can not be: they have neither fins nor products in Moscow

Halal: milk products

With them is much easier. If the animal that gave milk, “clean”, the product is considered kosher. That is camel's milk immediately drops out of the list, and goat and cow – welcome. Importantly, the animal that was milked, it was great and had food and diet non-natural components. And, of course, milk should not come into contact with anything treif has to be poured only into its dishes – otherwise it becomes defiled and used as kosher may not.

Parva: the other kosher products

These include anything that is not meat and not milk, fruits, grains, water (and other drinks), vegetables, eggs. However, there are certain conditions:

  • Fruits and vegetables should not be worm-eaten;
  • The land on which they were grown, should not dobratsya manure “unclean" animals and chemical fertilizers;
  • Eggs should be pronounced the heterogeneity of ends: one more round, and the other – pointed. This is due to the fact that eggs with the same ends are usually birds of prey;
  • Water should not stand night open. At night aktiviziruyutsya snakes that can drink from a Cup, and the person poisoned. It is clear that in many countries there is no such danger, but the Jews still abide by this rule.

Kosher products in Israel

Jews live around the world. Accordingly, they should be able to buy the right food. Kosher products in Moscow, for example, you can buy in ‘the ABC of taste”, “Auchan” and “the Seventh continent”, but have to wander around and look for the right Department. So knowing the Jews go to the "Pardes" near the Jewish Center or synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya – there is the largest store, and even a kosher restaurant. You can also go to “Kosher market” on signs on food products

Becoming more accessible and popular kosher products in Ukraine. The list, approved by the Rabbinate, is constantly expanding. In Kiev, for example, are allowed to purchase meals in the synagogues-the synagogue, Brodsky synagogue and Bleich (located on the bottom). There is one kosher store – on the street Shota Rustaveli. And in supermarkets “Cocktail” and “.” opened special departments.

To be sure about a purchase, search for the kosher signs on food. They represent the inscription "Kosher" of the letter “K”, “On” or “OU”. However, these signs are invalid without stamp of the Rabbi, under whose control was the production.


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