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Today we want to share one recipe is a delicious salad that can be procured  in the banks for the winter. “Danube salad” has a special place among the other pickles-marinades – it is very original and tasty. This is a great alternative to the traditional canned tomatoes, cucumbers and caviar from vegetable marrows. It is used as immediately after cooking and roll up in jars for the winter. In a cool place appetizer can stand two years, but it is usually eat much earlier.

Danube salad“Danube salad” is tomato based with the addition of other vegetables. Quite often in suburban areas there is a surplus of tomatoes, and are on the market in summer, they inexpensive. For starters grown tomatoes can be sorted, as for this winter snacks will suit the unfit. The latest you can leave to slicing, the most beautiful and small – for canning, but all the rest is fine to cook “Danube salad”. He always goes quite hearty and delicious, but contains not so a lot of calories. It will certainly please those who are dieting, because it can be eaten in almost any quantity, while not being afraid to spoil the figure. This dish is a great source of vitamins. If you make a “Danube salad” of green tomatoes, it is, in addition to everything else and will look very original.

To make this dish aesthetics should pay attention to what color peppers you put in it. Red tomato is better to take green, and yellow. After heat treatment of vegetables, this combination will look good. There is a similar recipe “Danube Salad of cucumbers”, but in the classic version of this is tomatoes, so it is much tastier.


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The Ingredients for it: two pounds of peppers, four pounds of tomatoes, two kilos of onions, two kilos of carrots, salt to taste, vinegar-one Cup, sugar and sunflower oil-two glasses.

Danube salad green tomato

How to prepare “Danube salad”:

  1. Let's Start with tomatoes. Wash them, cut if necessary, shred into small pieces. Put in the pot and mix thoroughly. After about fifteen minutes the tomatoes should extract the juice. After his appearance added sunflower oil and sugar.
  2. Chop the onion - the best half-rings. Tomatoes, put on fire, add to them pepper and stir again. Cut the onion and add it to the tomatoes, stir.
  3. Carrots. My it, peel, grate  - on a coarse grater, however, is best suitable grater for Korean carrot. Or vegetable finely chopped. Add to the pan with the tomatoes and onions.

Danube salad of cucumbersWhile salad is being prepared, we have time to sterilize jars. When it boils, add vinegar. Then again stir and leave to simmer for a bit to slow, but sufficient fire. When the salad is ready, spread it on the banks, tighten the lids, put the jars bottoms up and wrap it up old blanket or jacket. In this position, he night is getting cold and the salad is ready! You can remove the sample.

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