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Moscow — quite beautiful and big city, where every day attracts thousands of tourists from different countries of the world. In the capital, excellent infrastructure, and a new restaurant complexes and similar establishments opened almost every day. In addition, the city is the huge number of attractions, but today we are going to discuss something else.

In this small article we will talk about one interesting and even unique institution in the capital of the Russian Federation — the restaurant Mushrooms. We will also discuss the feedback about the project and its menu, know the exact address, working hours, the possibility of holding banquets and a variety of other useful information. Let's start right now!


Mushrooms Mushroom restaurant is considered one of the most atmospheric and unusual places of public catering in Moscow. Why is this project so people like? So its name suggests that the institution specializiruetsya the cooking of mushrooms. In General, it is not necessary to pull the restaurant is Mushrooms, which we will discuss a little later in this article, is the first fungal establishment in the Russian Federation. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

restaurant Mushrooms

If you love mushrooms and are ready to eat them for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you simply must visit this restaurant complex. Well, if you belong to those who do not like to use mushrooms in food, also to visit the institution, after all, prepared for you meals will definitely change your opinion about this useful and natural product.


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Mushrooms (restaurant) sheltered on the second floor of the popular Mall of the "Hymen", at address: Bolshaya Yakimanka, 22 th building. By the way, the nearest metro stations: “the glade”, “October’ and ‘Tretyakov”. The restaurant is open daily from 12 noon to midnight, and to find out any information or speak with the administrator by phone +7 (495) 995-21-78. In addition, you can carry out any necessary Banquet events, however, you must first negotiate with the administration to clarify all the nuances and make the menu.

Interior of the project

When you enter the restaurant Mushrooms, you immediately notice an interior that resembles a small, but unknown mushroom world. Incidentally, the design of the premises was engaged in a large design team, the result of which was the predominance in the interior of wood and leather elements. The style of the project can be called strict and at the same time quite colorful. Stand out modern arch Windows made of marble that perfectly emphasize all the advantages of the interior.

Mushroom restaurant Mushrooms

It is Also worth noting that the restaurant Mushrooms has a little landing above the main hall. Accessible using special ladders made of glass. This room will definitely appeal to those who prefer to spend their time in an intimate setting.

As you remember, today we are discussing the institution where the main ingredient of almost all dishes are various types of fungi. So, this delicious product can be seen not only in the menu, but even in the interior of the project, as well as in the kitchen, where the chefs are preparing the ordered food.

The lights in the restaurant dimmed, which can be attributed to the merits, because being in this place, just has to rest and food intake. Here everyone can relax and have a good time in the company of friends, relatives, or perhaps colleagues. Of course, at least you will be comfortable and surrounded by its second half, where going to a restaurant will be a real surprise.


Mushrooms (restaurant) menu is quite interesting and consists of a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, several types of pizza, pasta, ravioli, risotto, main courses, sauces, desserts, grills, garnishes, and so on. Cooking all the culinary delights, there are two professional chef Ilya Zakharov and Vladimir Mukhin. Some of the dishes presented in the menu, thought up by the cooks and try them only in this restaurant.

Mushrooms (restaurant): menu

In addition, quite often, here you can find the so-called seasonal weeks when chefs prepare a variety of Goodies from the first appearing of the mushrooms. The prices in Mushrooms are quite reasonable by Moscow standards.

The Choice of drinks in the cafe is also decent. Of course, mushrooms in cocktails, coffee and tea there, and the bar menu consists of many delicious wines made in different countries of the world.

Not to mention chic supply of meals. Many visitors to the project confidently say that the chef performs is very thin and sometimes even truly jewelry work during the execution of each order. Thanks to the staff responsibility you will get not only the taste but also the aesthetic pleasure from food.


This section of the menu is not very large number of dishes. For example, you can order the most popular pizza is called “Four cheese” and costs 690 rubles. At the same time you have the opportunity to try “the Burrata” over 820 RUB and exotic pizza with mushrooms for 650 rubles.

restaurant Mushrooms: reviews

Of Course, in this section and other positions, but they are not in demand.


Who doesn't love sweets? No, these people are still there, but they are very few, isn't it? So here you can enjoy Apple «Charlotte» (320 rubles), tiramisu “Space” (360 rubles), chocolate cheesecake (420 rubles), cake “honey” with truffles (480 rubles), as well as ice creams and sorbets (180-200 rubles).


The Internet is full of comments about this project. Guests of the restaurant completely satisfied with the level of service and quality of food. Prices, of course, many seem to be too high, because the average bill is in the range of 2-3 thousand rubles.

Mushrooms (restaurant, Moscow)

“Mashrums” you can try a variety of dishes cooked according to special recipes of chefs. In addition, nearly all dishes one of ingredients are certain mushrooms. Wine and bar menu pleasantly pleased, because the selection of beverages is big: you can try as a classic beer, and expensive cognac. In addition, cocktails are also available, and some of them are possible to try only in this institution.

In General, come to taste the best of what is presented in the menu!


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