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In every city you can find nice places to stay where you at ease to sit and think about something pleasant. For some people, such places are quiet squares, for others - some unusual places, and for someone- cozy and incredibly cute cafes and restaurants where you can not only think about my life, but also to drink coffee.

Today we will talk about a very interesting town, situated on the left Bank of the incredibly beautiful river Klyazma.

Vladimir — it's a wonderful city, famous for its history and tradition, which for hundreds of years. In any city, the tourist is able to find a place where he could dine in a pleasant atmosphere.

This article will presents the best cafes and restaurants of Vladimir, who made reviews of hundreds of visitors. Ready? Then feel free to start!

1. Deluxe restaurant “Golden gate”

If you wish to visit is really the best eating places of Vladimir, be sure to enjoy your visit to the luxury restaurant. This restaurant is part of hotel complex have the same name.

Restaurants of Vladimir

Here you can taste the best dishes of European and native (Russian) cuisine. In the menu the visitor will find an incredible variety of dishes, and if you want another drink, the wine list will help you choose the right wine.

Paying attention to the customer reviews, we can safely say that this place is considered the best in Vladimir.

2. "Vladimir” — restaurant history

This is a very beautiful, popular and historical place. The walls of this institution have seen many famous people in the Russian Federation and abroad.


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To Find a "Vladimir" everyone on the street Big Moscow (74th house). The restaurant menu hundreds of unique dishes, every day the chef happy new visitors refined dishes of different cuisines of the world.

The Reviews about this place more than positive. If you are looking for a place to hold any event in Vladimir, sure to come back to visit here. You will like it!

3. Restaurant “games”

You are very fond of tasty dishes, which for hundreds of years? Similar dishes prepared according to old Russian recipes, you will find a remarkable institution located in Vladimir to the address: Moscow highway, 5A.

Restaurants Vladimir: rating

Unlike other cafes and restaurants, “games” not as popular, but many visitors are convinced that you can really have a good time, trying dozens of dishes with history.

4. Coffee shop “a”

We Note immediately that is a place where you can not only dine, but to hold any event, no matter the funeral or a wedding. Why? Because the interior "Chekhov" pleasing to the eye in any setting.

There are no eye-catching details that will prevent the wedding celebration, but also no coarse, dark, unpleasant things that is why we recommend that you visit this coffee shop.

The chef delights visitors with incredible dishes of Russian cuisine. Believe me, you will be satisfied!

Opinions, of course, a little bit, but they are convincing. The majority of visitors recommend the coffee shop to visit.

5. “Super Kuzmich” — best restaurant for lovers of Slavic cuisine

This is a nice place are professionals always ready to surprise you with the dishes of the Ukrainian and Russian cuisines.

If you take all of the restaurants, which are rated high, among them we highlight the establishment ‘Super Kuzmich”. This is the perfect place to relax for lovers of Russian national culture.

The Interior of ‘the poet" is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Exaggerated theatrical spirit — maybe that's what's missing in many food establishments of Russia and other countries? Believe me, “Super Kuzmich” will not disappoint you.

Restaurants in the city of Vladimir

6. Restaurants Vladimir: "Kabuki"

You are looking for institution in which will be able to enjoy an unforgettable taste of sushi, want, finally, to try delicious Japanese food? Then this sushi bar is perfect for you.

Many may not understand why from a great variety of sushi bars to the mandatory visit we include only "Kabuki". The fact that the restaurants of the city of Vladimir, professionally engaged in cooking sushi, are often, network of catering and popular in other Russian cities, and this place is first opened in the city.

If you do not wish to leave their home, but want to try real Japanese food, it's easy to order any meals directly to your home.

7. “Friday” — best restaurant bar

Each city live their lives. Somewhere opens up new institutions, where it is physically impossible, but somewhere recently opened its doors, the city's first "restobar". Yes, you heard right!

Not so long ago in Vladimir has opened a wonderful bar-restaurant “Friday”, which surprises everyone. You probably want to know what's in this place so interesting? Then read carefully!

Every day there are various entertainment shows: regular parties, stand-up funny show, interesting presentations, popular concerts and many other things.

restaurants in the city of Vladimir

The Reviews about this place, only positive, so when you're in town, be sure to go to “Friday”. We recommend!

8. “the planet karaoke”

The Restaurants of the city of Vladimir varied, but on a place like this you just thought couldn't even. Imagine, right in the heart of the city's stylish cafés, where you can not only try a variety of alcoholic beverages, but to sing any song.

If you love music, if you want to listen to the song of other people, be sure to apply visit to “Planet karaoke”. What about reviews, negative or not, and probably never will!

9. “Assembly” — the best drinks

You like to drink? Like cognac? What about different types of wine? Gorgeous! This is the place for you.

Cafe and restaurants of Vladimir

Here each visitor can not only enjoy unique varieties of alcohol, but also to try the best cigars. The restaurant is located in the historical centre of the city. You'll definitely enjoy it!

Bottom line

Today you were introduced to the best restaurants in Vladimir, which, we think, is a must visit every tourist, and about permanent resident of the city and say no.

Have some Fun, relax and always be yourself!


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