Homemade vegetable salads for the winter: recipes


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Throughout the summer, many Housewives canned vegetable salads for the winter from completely different ingredients. Such a delicious and healthy blanks are perfect for various side dishes, especially nice to eat in the cold season when the body is lacking greenery.

vegetables for winter

Homemade pickles decorate the holiday table and saturate our body with vitamins. This article will be presented the original preparations for the winter. Vegetable salads can be made from mixed products, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, cabbage and peppers, zucchini and beans, etc. Cook with pleasure, and we will help you.

Here is a list of the most affordable and quick recipes.

Autumn salad

Proportion of products count based on the capacity of the banks. Ingredients: a kilo of cucumbers, a small size best suited gherkins, also need a small tomato (kg), Bay leaf (a couple), onion (head) and pepper pot.

For marinade:

- vinegar (9 tablespoons);

- cold water (three cups);

sugar (50 g);

- salt (10 g);

- vegetable oil (10 g).

preparations for the winter vegetable salad

Pre-sterilize the container, laid on a bottom sheet of Laurel, three peppercorns and pour vegetable oil. Chop the vegetables into wedges or slices (whatever you want), onion half-rings – stacked layers, alternating cucumbers, tomatoes, onions. Containers to fill to the top, since the products will settle. Make a marinade of the above components and fill the container. Close the lid, turn over and leave until the salad has cooled. Vegetable salads for the winter prepared in this way are obtained very tasty.


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Spicy cabbage salad and bell pepper

Take two pounds of cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, onions and green tomatoes. In the end you'll have 5 litres of the workpiece.

You will Also need: vinegar (200 ml), clove (pinch), salt (100 g), sunflower oil (20 g) and black pepper (3 PCs.).

Cut products slices or rings shinkuem cabbage and put in sterilized jars. There add seasonings, vinegar, and cooking oil – replace the container.

Vegetable salads for the winter also prepared from cabbage and carrots. You can add dill and parsley to taste. Sliced products cooked for 20 minutes, then placed on banks.

delicious vegetable salads for the winter

A Delicious vegetable salads for the winter can be made from blended products. Let's prepare “Cuts” zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, onions. Besides, sugar, vinegar, cloves, Bay leaf, black pepper, salt and any other spices at your discretion.

For the marinade (for 3 liters): sugar (50 g), salt (10 g); vinegar (50 g).

Large circles cut all the vegetables, mix them with spices and layers put in banks. Pour boiling water twice, each time allow to infuse for 15 minutes, and on the third time add the prepared marinade and roll. When serving pickles add the vegetable oil and crumble the herbs. The taste of this dish is very spicy and pleasant.

Homemade vegetable salads for the winter is the best alternative to purchase harmful food. Canned vegetables are rich in carotenoids, tannins and ascorbic acid. So prepare them and enjoy the healthy dishes in the winter.

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