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Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world where practical every day hundreds of tourists come from different corners of our vast planet. Here is a huge number of hotels, so choosing the best is not so simple. Today we will not discuss hotels, because we in this article will be about the four best places to eat. Restaurants in the capital of the Russian Federation are thousands, but not all such projects can provide its customers with an impeccable level of service, modern interior and great view from the Windows.

The Main theme of this material are the very best species of Moscow restaurants. Today we will talk about the four most interesting places, that are worth paying attention to those who want to enjoy a meal, to spend an unforgettable time and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the vast city. Let's start!


This species the restaurant was very good, as it is a public place supply is known worldwide restaurant holding “Ginza project”. This interesting project is an excellent establishment, located on the 29th floor of a renovated hotel complex «Ukraine», Moscow hotel in the popular “Radisson Royal”.

Panoramic restaurant "Bono"

Many customers of this eating places consider him the best view restaurants in the capital of Russian architectural flavor blends perfectly with the mesmerizing gorgeous view from the Windows. The founders of this project decided to take advantage of all the benefits of the location of the institution, so they have provided a huge amount of seats along very large Windows.


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Panoramic restaurant "Bono" has a number of advantages, among which should be allocated to entertainment. So here almost every evening there is live music and various events take place. By the way, try this place catering you can dishes only an Italian orientation, and in a classic performance from an experienced chef Christian Lorenzini. Additionally it is worth noting the presence in the restaurant great selection of wines.

Basic information and feedback

This beautiful and very popular species restaurant (Moscow) is located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt (2-nd building, 1st building) and is open every day from noon until one o'clock. Here you can order the holding of any events, however, discuss all the details with the Manager of a café by phone number +7 (495) 229-83-08 or in person according to business hours.

panoramic restaurant of Moscow

Not to mention that the average bill in this place of public catering in the range of 4 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for the capital prices.

As for customer feedback, they are positive. Guests of the restaurant satisfied with the excellent level of service and believe that there is really a professional chef, since the dishes have a unique taste.


If you are looking for interesting species restaurant, Moscow may offer yet another popular restaurant of the famous restaurant holding “Ginza project”. In this case, the public power is the highest in Europe restaurant. Here come hundreds of people every day to admire the beauty of the capital of Russia. Hence, many are willing to watch the sunrises and sunsets, see the clouds under their feet and see how the birds fly. It all seems very simple and uninteresting, but you even can't imagine how beautiful it is.

Panoramic restaurant Sixty

One of the advantages of this institution is the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air at a height equal to 225 meters. In this case every hour, the Windows of the restaurant open with the help of certain mechanisms.

Panoramic restaurant Sixty is still modern in the interior, the presentation of the food and even the atmosphere, this suggests that this place is catering is the most fashionable in the city. The motto of the institution “the higher, the better!” sounds so interesting and to some extent reflects the essence of this project, because here come not only to eat, but mostly people want to admire the beauty of the largest municipality of the Russian Federation.

By the Way, for cooking in this institution meets an experienced chef, Rustam Tangirov, who encourages visitors to try a variety of culinary delights of the Asian, Russian and even Nordic cuisine. In addition, it is worth noting that all the dishes have the original filing, and this is another advantage of the restaurant.

Basic information and feedback

This specific restaurant (Moscow) almost always gets positive comments. Here a great interior and a really cool view from the Windows, and also sociable staff and a great selection of tasty dishes.

panoramic restaurant

The School is located on the Presnenskaya embankment (12th house, the 60th floor) and is open every day from noon until the departure of the last visitor. The average score in this case varies in the range of 3.5 thousand rubles, and to contact the Manager by phone +7 (495) 653-83-69.

«Kalina Bar”

This place catering is a great bar where the most important features are a variety of cocktails. As part of this exciting project offers a karaoke room and a small summer terrace, available to visit only in the warmer time period.

Many people like the institution «Kalina Bar” for the fact that it represents both a club and a restaurant where you can find his iconic, to get acquainted with their peers, socialize with friends and just have a great time. In General, this place deserves attention, if you want to relax!

Basic information and feedback

This panoramic restaurant is located on Novinsky Boulevard (8th building, 21st floor) and is open from 12:00 until 6 a.m. every day. If you want to be here for an event, please contact the Manager on +7 (495) 229-55-19.

"Kalina Bar"

The Reviews about this place are positive. Guests making it to 7-9 points out of a possible 10.

Extra Lounge

This place catering is one of the best in the city. This panoramic restaurant is under a glass dome on the Sparrow hills, through which it offers a magnificent view on the main sights of the Russian capital.

To Visit this cafe, you can Kosygina street (15th building, 20th floor), and it works according to the following schedule: Monday-Friday — from noon to 2 a.m., Saturday-Sunday — 17:00 to 02:00. Communication with the project Manager possible on the phone number +7 (495) 939-80-77.

Extra Lounge

It is Also worth noting that the reviews Extra Lounge has only positive. The restaurant visitors believe that there is a good level of service, reasonable prices, affable staff and a homely atmosphere. Overall great cafe.

Here we discussed the most interesting places, which offer great views of the capital. Bon appetit and wonderful emotion!


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