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Semolina porridge – one of the first meals of solid foods, which give kids infants. This diet dish is recommended to include in the diet of debilitated patients, or people who need special diet. And itself, correctly boiled porridge is a delicious and healthy product that can nice to diversify our daily menu.

General information

how to cook semolina with milkCooking semolina in the milk requires some skill. First, the milk must be fresh. Of already started to podcast or sour, of course, nothing happens – it will be curtailed. If you take whole milk, it in itself is quite fatty and does not require additional “stations”. But if cooked defatted semolina with milk, the proportions of its preparation several others: at the end definitely need to put a piece of butter. In addition, as the main ingredient, you can use condensed milk or dry milk powder. How to cook semolina with milk right? It is important that the final product turned out uncool. A thick porridge is going in the mouth unpleasant lumps and does not cause positive emotions. But sparse (freely pours out of the spoon, spread on a plate) and preserves nutritional value and gives a feeling of satiety, and tasty. Eat it sweet, with sugar, honey, syrup, jam. Usually a bit of sugar in the brewing process. And to set off the sweetness of sleep and a little salt.

Semolina “dessert”

semolina on milk proportionsThe name of the dish was because one of its ingredients is vanillin (vanilla sugar). It – the simplest example of those that demonstrate how to cook semolina with milk. However, the milk in a glass of cereals need quite a lot – a liter and a half. Otherwise the dish will be too steep. Milk to pour into an enamel pan and boil. In the boiling liquid slowly in a thin stream pour semolina. Do not forget to constantly interfere, otherwise the grains will stick together in unpleasant clumps. For the same reason, and is it not all at once – would make a great viscous kom. The second subtlety is to watch out, lest the milk run, and the porridge is not burnt. Remember this, if you do not know how to cook semolina with milk. Otherwise the bad smell will not kill any vanilla. Because after filling with fire make less, and cook the mixture for about 15 minutes, stirring all the time. She needs to thicken a bit, but just a little. At the end of the sunflower, put 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and vanilla. Have the dish hot – when cooled semolina freezes like jelly, and heat it again does not make sense – the taste and texture are not the same. Before serving you can put in the dish for 10-15 gr. butter. It would be good to sprinkle grated nuts. Or put fresh berries, pieces of fruits, too, fresh or candied.


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Cereal diet

cooking semolina with milkHow to cook semolina with milk is for baby infants and older kids-recipe special. In the composition of the components we need to introduce the water – clean milk can be infant stomach is too fat and heavy. It is difficult to digest and sometimes even cause indigestion and upset. Therefore, the composition is: ¾ Cup milk ¼ Cup water – they take 3-4 teaspoons of cereal. In the hot milk pour boiling water, wait to boil. Gradually pour semolina, carefully watching the lumps and stirring continuously. Cook over medium heat, stirring 20 min. Add sugar – 1-1,5 teaspoon and boil 5 min. add the Vanilla is not desirable. But you can put the sugar, a little less than a teaspoon. This mess can be poured into a bottle and feed the baby through the nipple, but you can with a spoon, and even to try to give the child to eat himself.

Please enjoy!

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