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In Russia, the most common residential building having at least the basis of the shape of a regular rectangle. But the history of the famous creators who sought to deviate from the standards and create something unique. For example, a residential round house in Moscow, designed by Konstantin Melnikov, famous throughout the world immediately after its creation. Is this listed building in Krivoarbatsky lane in our days.


Round house in MoscowArchitect Melnikov was given a plot of land for home construction. The master approached the solution of this problem is particularly responsible. According to his plan the finished structure had to be as economical in the construction and subsequent maintenance, and also differ in functionality. Of course, last but not least were the artistic and aesthetic quality of the structure. With all this, the house of architect Melnikov in Moscow, according to the author, symbolises the rise from physiological needs to the pure creativity. Round house in Moscow, addressSo, the workshop is located on the last floor and there are rooms of economic appointment: from kitchens and bathrooms, to living room and bedroom (ascending, respectively). On top of the building consists of two connected cylinder, above the entrance is a large picture window, also the entire facade is dotted with smaller diamond-shaped Windows, the total number of which – 180 pieces.

More on home

Special attention deserves the bedroom. This room was created as perfect for deep and productive night's sleep. The idea of the architect, all family members should sleep together. Round house in Moscow previously had embedded in the floor of the bed in this room. Until this day they have not survived. For convenience, a large room for sleeping there was a partition, such as the bed of the architect and his wife had partially fenced the mirror screen. At the highest level of thought and functionality – each member of the family, including children, was your office for creativity and work. Another unique room – terrace for tea parties, it is also possible to sunbathe. Round house in Moscow is a symbol of the limitlessness of human possibilities. The architect himself said that the most important thing is not to put boundaries and to strive for her dreams.the Home of the architect Melnikov in Moscow


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A Unique monument in our days

Even outside to inspect the building may not be anyone. The house has a fence, on which hangs a crooked sign, notifying you that before you a monument of architecture. Round house in Moscow is experiencing hard times. It was built in 1929, today the building needs a major overhaul. Despite the expressed in the will of the Creator will about the arrangement of the Museum building, today the building remains residential. It is inhabited by the descendants of the famous architect, but to deal with the legal side of the question. Not the first year is the trial, whose main task is to determine the ownership of this building. It remains only to believe that restoration will be done in a timely and Museum will be created. Today only “an eye” to look outside at the round house in Moscow. Address of the monument: Krivoarbatsky pereulok, building 10. You can try to go into the yard of the neighboring building, from which a better vantage point.

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