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Aspiring entrepreneurs are always interested in the question of taxes, including VAT, calculation and payment. About this tax - VAT - and will be discussed in this article.

VAT stands for value added tax. This tax is calculated as a proportion (percentage) of the tax base, while it is correlated with the tax rate. In that case, if rates are different, VAT is calculated as follows: add up all the taxes, calculated separately for each rate.

The Final, or General, the VAT amount is calculated as the sum of all operations which recognizes the object of taxation, and which he made in a particular tax period.

The Deadline for payment of VAT, as a rule, is as follows: he shall be paid not later than the 20th day at the end of each period (the tax), i.e., month or quarter. VAT should only be at the place where the taxpayer is taken into account. Thus, taxpayers in the payment of VAT are required to provide to the relevant authorities tax return.

If the implementation is not only simple goods, but also services or works, the payer must plus a simple to price these products (services in this situation are also considered as a kind of goods) to the buyer for the payment to show the corresponding calculated VAT amount. Selling services, goods or works, the seller needs the buyer to present the invoice. Invoice-a document that serves as the basis for making the stated amounts for deduction or reimbursement. The deadline to pay VAT (or rather, the period within which the seller must present the buyer a paper) equal to 5 days.


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Tax deductions, which has the right to reduce the total amount of value added tax, the taxpayer shall be the amount of VAT that was charged to that payer and that he paid upon acquisition of goods, services or works.
In Short we can say so: the VAT amount is calculated as the total amount of tax at the end of each period obtained as a result of the addition of the tax amounts at the rates of 0%, 10% or 18%.

In practice, quite often VAT– the difference between the amount paid by customers of the taxpayer, and the amount previously paid it himself or its various suppliers and partners.

In some particular cases, the duty in addition, transfer and retention of VAT rests with the officials, referred to as tax agents. Their roles are most often individual entrepreneurship or a particular organization. They must be registered at the relevant tax authorities and foreign entities to acquire works, services or goods on the territory of the Russian Federation. The term of VAT payment for them does not change-similarly, before the 20th day of the month following the reporting period.

Legal persons may arise the question: how to pay VAT individual entrepreneur? Might have some benefits? Indeed, the benefits are, but under several conditions:

  • Since the sole proprietorship must be not less than three months;
  • Without VAT revenue is not more than three million rubles;
  • Missing implementation of excisable goods.

Under these conditions, individual enterprise is fully exempt from VAT. If IP was exempted from paying, and then acquired one of these properties, he again begins to pay VAT, the term VAT is not changed. Generally, this period is always the same, it is standard: till 20th day of the month that follows the end of a tax period.

But if there is import of goods into the Russian Federation or an individual entrepreneur is a tax agent, in this case, it's release will not be distributed.

To Obtain exemption from VAT is possible from any month, not just, as some believe, the beginning of the next quarterly period. Therefore, if the PI fits all the conditions for the abolition of VAT, you can use this fact almost immediately.

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