Belarusian currency and stock exchange. Markets and auctions, the organization and tendering


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A Private organization "Belarusian currency and stock exchange" started on 29 December 1998. It is an open joint-stock company, whose shareholders are the 124 individuals. It is engaged in the provision of services related to the acceleration of the capital turnover in the national and global economy. The organization plays an important role in the economy of the country, helping them to enter international markets, while simultaneously attracting investors.

Belarusian currency and stock exchange

Activities related to the organization of financial markets, cooperation in the field of communications, technical protection of information. Belarusian currency and stock exchange supports the processes of circulation and storage of securities. In this regard, the organization is organizing trading in securities of both public and commercial, as well as storing and clearing activities.

Structural organization of markets BCSE

The BCSE, as well as other exchange organizations of this type operate according to the same principle. They drive the buyer to the seller or the investor with the consumer. Belarusian currency and stock exchange consists of the following departments, which are intermediaries between the parties performing the operations on each of the following markets:

  • The government securities market;
  • Foreign exchange market;
  • The stock market;
  • The derivatives market.

Trade government securities

Belarusian currency and stock exchange since 2004, has become a platform on which the auctions are held on placement of bonds of the state. She is the organizer of secondary trading in government securities. A key feature of participation in the auction in this market - the need to design the membership Section of the stock market. Maybe it's after the submission of set of documents listed in the normative acts of the stock exchange Belarusian currency and stock exchange. After that, the market participant admitted to trading. There are three types of market participant activities government securities reserved for BCSE:


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  • Trading in securities for its own account and on its behalf;
  • Trade on its own behalf for account of the client;
  • Trade as Trustee (on its own behalf in interests of the client for his money).

    Belarusian currency and stock exchange

Customers who use the services of the bidders may be residents of Belarus and nonresidents of the country.

The BCSE foreign Exchange market

One of the functions of the BCSE is to trade currencies and currency units. As the Belarusian ruble currency is not (in economic terms), its value relative to other currencies and banknotes is not based on direct conversion, but on the basis of the bidding and placement of pre-orders. JSC «Belarusian currency and stock exchange" is the official rate of Belarusian monetary unit in relation to other currencies.

Belarusian currency and stock exchange, trading

On the basis of information on the supply and demand for the Belarusian ruble exhibited it relevant for a certain period trading price. It is the benchmark for banks of the Republic of Belarus and the National Bank of Belarus. All the quotes on the currency established in JSC «Belarusian currency and stock exchange”. The dollar, ruble, franc, pound sterling and many others are set depending on the results of trading occurring at the BCSE on weekdays.

The Stock market BCSE

The Stock market is a Department of the exchange which apply to bonds of banks and stock exchanges, corporate entities and financial institutions, nonbanks, stock, some municipal bonds, and government short-term and long-term bonds. Belarusian currency and stock exchange is the only platform for the placement of these documents, the price of which is equivalent to a certain proportion of the Fund.

OAO Belarusian currency and stock exchange

Purchasing or buying bonds, the investor receives or pays a certain part of the amount of the Fund in exchange of a monetary sum in Belarusian rubles. Organization «Belarusian currency stock exchange,” trading support within 5 working days. Quotes and indices investors and traders can get a specially developed system the SNIPE. This is a convenient and functional trading platform that meets the requirements of the regional market.

The derivatives market BCSE

The derivatives market is so far only growing sector of the trading on the Belarusian currency and stock exchange. Although now investors can carry out trades with the assistance of its assets at the tools available. The urgent market are futures contracts for various items:

  • The rate of the us dollar against the ruble RB;
  • The single currency of the Eurozone for rouble RB;
  • The ruble of the Russian Federation to Belarus ruble;
  • The U.S. dollar towards the single currency of the Eurozone, the ECB is established;
  • Interest rate markets long-term government bonds.

Tool support investor MWFB allows you to participate in the auction on the principle of "continuous double auction". The technology also allows you to participate in trading operations either remotely or from the workplace in the office MWFB. Market participants can enter into transactions in various areas with all available tools.

Belarusian currency and stock exchange dollar exchange rate

Over-the-counter activities

The Organization «Belarusian currency and stock exchange” is engaged in organization of exchange trading, which requires systems of information protection. Since the trading results are hosted and stored in files, the exchange has developed a mechanism for their protection, digitally signed. At the moment BCSE also engaged in the development of algorithms for information security at each stage of its life cycle.

The Belarusian currency and stock exchange has their own experience in cryptography, the most effective mechanism of protecting information. This activity is inseparably connected with the exchange processes, as it allows you to protect customers and their financial transactions. However, these processes do not affect the change in prices, and therefore are off-exchange activities.


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