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Currently, an important issue was how to be filled tax Declaration for land tax. It is also important to know who is responsible for payment of taxes. Interesting this caveat: who delivers the Declaration on land tax mandatory? All doubts on this subject may dispel, of course, the Federal tax service. She is now ready to present the updated Declaration form which relates to land tax. This form was approved in November 2011.

Declaration of land tax, usually has a cover page and two sections. First – this section on the amount of land tax that is payable to the budget. The second one is the calculation of the tax base. For anybody not a secret that the Declaration on land tax is filled with the tax authority at the location of the land.

This document should be completed by all taxpayers, whether individuals or organizations. He is filled with respect to those land plots that are in their ownership. This applies to sites under a perpetual use of land for purposes other than entrepreneurial activities.

If you want the tax Declaration on land tax was filled by all the rules, you should familiarize yourself first with some applications that are given in one of the sections of the order. It describes the basic requirements and instructions on how should be filled the tax Declaration on land tax.

So, what should it reflect?

First, there needs to be marked with codes that identify the tax period. Second, the relevant codes of forms of reorganisation and liquidation of a company. Do not forget about the codes, which are set out in the tax return.


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Third, don't forget about the Handbook, which defines the category of land codes and tax incentives.

According to all the ordinances and regulations, indicators, which are reflected in the Declaration are specified in full roubles. If there are values less than fifty cents or equal to them, they rounded up the ruble. When completing such an important document as the tax Declaration on land tax, is not tolerated any edits, even with the use of corrective means.

In Any case, the tax Declaration on land tax should not be printed on two sides on paper and stapled – this, ultimately, will lead to the deterioration of paper.

In the process of filling such a Declaration, you must use black, blue or purple ink. To fill in the Declaration can only be in capital, block letters. You need to remember that it is usually filled from left to right, top to bottom.

If any section of the Declaration you do not need to set the value, you need to put blank, that is, a straight line, which is carried out in the middle of the cell and throughout the length of the field to populate.

If the Declaration is submitted in printed form, it is necessary to respect some parameters: the Courier New font, and its size must not exceed 18 points.

Now a few words about the timing of the Declaration for land tax. The fact that it must be submitted no later than the first February of the year following the expired tax period. This is stated in the third paragraph of article 398 of the Tax code of Russia.

If the Declaration was submitted to some non-working holiday, it will be reviewed the next working day. There is another feature: the Declaration on land tax may be granted by the taxpayer to the appropriate tax authority, and it can be done either personally or through an intermediary.

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