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«Smart» map "Corn" - means of payment which is issued free of charge in stores «Euronetwork». What are its advantages and how to use it, how to spend points "Corn" read the article.

Why map “smart”?

One card is able to solve many daily issues. The situation first. The Internet is very convenient to shop, but always have the fear of “Shine” there its main map, too many cases of fraud. What to do? To stored major money on the other map, and the "Corn" to transfer only the amount you wish to spend. Conveniently and safely.

The second Situation. Need a loan? You can collect a bunch of papers, spend time to inspect and to receive (or not receive) a Bank loan. But there is a simpler way. Come with your passport «Euronetwork» and open credit limit to your card "Corn".

how to spend the points corn

The third Situation – payments. With this card you can pay online through a personal account or a mobile application. These are payments for mobile phone, Internet and television, repayment of loans, payment of utility bills and much more.

The Situation is the fourth. Do you have friends or relatives abroad, but you don't want to spend tons of money on payment of telephone conversations? IP telephony-what you need.

The Situation is the fifth – regular remittances. Quick and easy to send money anywhere in you can use the map "Corn". The translation will be delivered within a few seconds.

The Situation six. In your wallet are no longer fit all the cards for discounts? Replace them for the rewards program, earn points for every purchase paid with the card. How to spend points "Corn"? For goods and services in stores «Euronetwork» or partners.


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There are three ways to replenish. This can be done with any other credit cards (this will require you to register it in your account) from any Bank in the account or cash in any salon «Euronetwork», and in "Kari" and the network of filling stations "TNC". You need to have a passport and a map.

Cash balance on the card, and the bonuses accrued from 5 to 8% per annum. Don't you just use the card, you still receive income. This is one of the main differences of this map from a conventional Bank.

corn card points to spend

Another important point: the use of the card is free, no commissions, no Commission payments. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the range of services offered by the card, pay.

How to save points?

It's simple. With every purchase you pay by card, bonuses. Further, they can be redeemed for discounts at partner companies of the program. As savings become available for additional service cards.

Shopping is everywhere - in grocery stores and supermarkets, shopping centers, cafes, gas stations. To use the card just as you use a normal Bank credit or debit card. With each purchase of 1 is returned in the form of bonus points.

corn bonus points how to spend

How to spend points "Corn"? 10 accumulated points similar to one ruble discount. More about this will be discussed further.

How to spend points "Corn"?

Note that, according to the terms of the program, accumulated points may be forfeited if card is not used within 12 months. If the same card I always use, the period of validity of bonus points is not limited.

corn what to do with points

So, you have added to the map "Corn" bonus points, how to spend it? First and foremost is shopping «Euronetwork». But there are still partners. It is the largest online store “flora”, a chain of gas stations called "TNC" ticket Agency that sells tickets for concerts and not only service the sale of tickets for air and rail travel, pharmacies “Doctor Stoletov”, a supermarket chain, «Crossroads», a portal that sells electronic books "Litres" of the travel Agency, insurance company, and many others. As you can see, the network of partners covers almost all the needs that may arise in life. So the main thing is to have been actively used "Corn" (map), points to spend, so many options. Check bonuses easily through your personal account on the website. You need to specify only the number of barcode card.

Note card "Corn". What to do with the points and all its benefits you now know, it's really interesting and beneficial system.

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