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Decided to buy an apartment, but the family budget is enough only for affordable housing? For you - a review of new buildings economy class in Moscow. Choosing budget options, it is important not to stumble on the Scam, swallowed the bait and klyunuv to the apartment at the underestimated cost. Therefore the question of acquisition of real estate budget is always at the hearing. Here only checked the LCD and objective price of the apartment.

new Buildings economy class in Moscow

Historically, the share of buildings of economy class small, making it easy to find, but difficult to choose from the number of options. Budget options offers the best expiring 2017.

Where is the best place to buy an inexpensive apartment in the capital

New Buildings economy class in Moscow differ in construction technology. Here mainly the panel design of houses, although in recent years successfully infiltrated the practice of building monolithic brick buildings.

Another feature, typical of economy-class, – the offset in the outlying areas of the city, 85 percent outside Moscow, in former industrial zones. Such features are typical only for the segment of low-cost housing, because large investors often do not think about the location and cost of land for new development.

new buildings in Moscow from the Builder economy class

Where the available

Reliability, despite the low price, different offers from the Builder of two complexes-the new economy class in Moscow: the Northern district (Dmitrovskoe shosse) and a residential area «Sochi” (the South-Eastern outskirts of Moscow).

Housing Prices in the residential complex «North»

For a Studio in “North” with an area of 25.5 m2 will have to pay 3 million rubles. With a capital of 3.55 million RUB, you can purchase a Studio apartment with a convenient layout and ranging from 33 m2 in the vicinity of the city in this new construction project in Moscow from the Builder. Economy class housing is now becoming more accessible.


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The value of the property in the residential complex «Sochi»

In this residential complex of one-bedroom accommodation will cost in today's economic situation from 4,05 million roubles, 2-room apartment – from 5.56 million RUB.

Realtors promise “Sochi” the new economy class in Moscow - prospects for development and it's all because of accessibility. Soon in few minutes from the complex will open metro station new the Kozhukhovskaya line connection.

new buildings of Moscow near the metro economy class

Interesting deals with best price

Current offers LCD "the World shot" of the dwelling under construction and located in the North-West of Moscow. Apartments with an area of 36.1 m2 are sold at cost 4.35 million rubles.

In a more remote city locations, for example, LCD “Rays”, LCD “Meshinsky forest" (Solntsevo district), apartments for the price of the 4.25 million RUB over 34,5 m2. Twenty-two and a half "square" will cost 3.15 million rubles.

Advanced projects

In the field of view were a number of new buildings in Moscow in the building of economy class, located in a small distance from the metro stations. These projects are:

  • LCD «Lublino": 22 m2 – 3.5 million rubles;
  • LCD «Warsaw highway, 141": 22,7 m2 (Studio) – 4.35 million RUB; 34 m2 (Studio apartment) – to 5.33 million RUB;
  • LCD ‘Blocks 21/19”: 39,4 m2 – of 5.23 million RUB

New Moscow new buildings from the developer economy class

This is the most profitable options of new buildings of Moscow, near the metro. Economy-class housing, the price of which is listed above, a little more expensive than typical budget options, though not different from them. The only difference – accessibility due to the close distance from the subway, which also affects the formation of price policy on real estate in the capital.

What to choose from the new buildings of Moscow

Trinity and Novomoskovsk districts are characterized by advanced features for selection of new buildings of Moscow, near the metro. Economy-class housing here due to the fierce competition of developers is the quality and convenience of planning. After being developed in the context of the residential complex of the New areas, but possessing the characteristics of the real estate of comfort class, sold at a low price close to a budget option.

new buildings in Moscow from the Builder economy class

In the overview below, the most remarkable options that combines the proximity to the metropolis and interesting conditions of purchase. Including affordable price.

The Best options New Moscow

You Can purchase one of the following options with good transport interchange and infrastructure that distinguishes them from the rest of the real estate segment, represented on the Russian market. Modern and progressive city – New Moscow. New development in the economy class are available:

  • LCD «New Butovo»: 26 m2 – from 2.7 million rubles;
  • LCD “Positive”: 34 m2 (one) – 3.7 million rubles;
  • LCD «First Moscow”: 36,3 m2 – 4 million rubles;
  • Residential area «Spanish neighborhoods”: 21.6 m2 (Studio) – 2.5 million roubles; 30 m2 (one) – 3.1 million rubles;
  • LCD “White nights”: 25 m2 – 3 million

As you can see, the list of suggestions is quite wide, and available options are more than enough in the New Moscow. New development of an economy class it is easy to find but easy to lose, because another client can beat you with the purchase. Because face it, choosing only the best housing among the most reliable builders.


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