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The Company was founded in 1993. Brand name “Insurance Company Northern Treasury" of the organizational form-the limited liability company. Short name - SK “Northern Treasury”. Acting CEO - Merenkov A.V. - head of the company since 1996.

Company Details

OOO «Northern Treasury” consists of 4 founders are: CEO Merenkov A.V., Efimkin A. Y., ZAO “Ural-Avia” and “invest-Garant”.

Insurance Company North Kazna Reviews

The Size of the authorized capital (2012) is 6 269 304 42 RUB Rating Agency “Expert RA” was assigned a “Northern Treasury” level of reliability And III. This means that the organization has sufficient financial stability to meet obligations in the near future. In the future, the analysis of the stability of the company revealed a dependence on market relations and the situation in the market of insurance services. Therefore, she was rated 3rd level of reliability in group A.

What insures the ‘Northern Treasury”?

The Insurance company “Northern Treasury” provides insurance of both individuals and organizations. Directions of the activity of the 5 is a car insurance, health insurance, real estate, traveling abroad, and business insurance (risks).

In these areas implemented a variety of programs. Total proposed 17 products that can be purchased at the company's offices and insurance stores.

Services “Northern Treasury”

The Insurance

The Policy of compulsory insurance (“insurance”)

The Policy extended insurance (“insurance”)

Health Insurance

Voluntary honey. insurance

An Insurance policy against accidents, illness, death

The Insurance program against tick bites

Property Insurance

Personal property insurance against different risks and structures (houses, baths, etc.)

Holiday Insurance

An Insurance policy leaving Russia

Business insurance

Property insurance

The Compulsory insurance of dangerous industrial buildings

Insurance company “Northern Treasury”. Reviews

Motor Insurance – is the priority for any insurance company, including branch «Northern Treasury" (Nizhniy Novgorod). Customer reviews for 2 insurance products – “insurance” and “insurance” – is highly ambiguous. There are many satisfied are either not faced with payments and do not have an accident or insurance cases everything went smoothly. Statistics - the thing is dry. According to her, ¾ of the clients who have concluded the insurance contract “insurance” or “hull" of the amount received. The question, however, is to what extent and in what time period they were produced?


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insurance North Kazna reviews

The payment Mechanism is the same in all firms. The insurance company “Northern Treasury” customer reviews, reads, listens to them and makes every effort to resolve the issue in each complaint. And it boils down to two issues – delayed payments and underreporting the amount, the size of which many clients don't know until the last moment. Why talking about the mechanism? The fact that after the filing of the list of desired securities, the company shall appoint an independent expertise to assess the damage. And that the payout for the “independent” expertise cause most customer dissatisfaction and confusion.

Feedback on “insurance”

July 1, 2003 - the day of the introduction of mandatory motor insurance in Russia. License insurance June 10, received a “insurance” “Northern Treasury”. Reviews clients since then began to leave in large numbers. And they are not always positive. Many insured receive their required funds only after years of litigation where the defendant is the insurance company “Northern Treasury”. Feedback about the payoffs and the actions of the insurer, it is worth noting that in most cases negative.

There are several major areas of discontent:

  1. Small amounts.
  2. Long waiting time transfer.
  3. Refuse or accept the biased decisions of the expert evaluation, which can change only when going to court.SK Northern Treasury

Branches of the company «Northern Treasury" (insurance). About the work

Today «Northern Treasury” has offices in 93 cities of Russia, the Central office is located in Yekaterinburg. The main objective of the management of the company – increase the presence in the regions and the emergence of new offices, 2010 this is a very striking example (most of the branches open then). In addition, the guide also confronts the staff of the entire branch network of very specific goals:

  1. Customer Needs should be met in full at all stages of cooperation-from transaction to payment of insured events inthe occurrence thereof.
  2. Insurance customers of all incomes – along with the VIP-clients service and by ordinary citizens.

Among the company's employees is a large percentage of sales of insurance services that is associated with the positioning “yourself” as store insurance. The manual is not so numerous. But if you look closely to the rating of “Northern Treasury”, it immediately becomes clear where the adverse feedback.

Northern Treasury Nizhny Novgorod reviews

Here's the Thing, the company is growing, so the cash into her accounts on the insurance settlement may not be enough. Especially when you consider the scale of activities. But money is still paid, because it is the duty of the insurance company. Indeed, customers sometimes delay payments, hence the understandable discontent.

Why is there fear, or What good there is in “Coffers”?

With regard to insurance programs, the company tries to minimize the base rate for different products. Running promotions to attract customers, organizes the production of its own printed publications on insurance and the trends of the market. Also provided the phone is working round-the-clock customer support. When contacting the call center the customer will receive a response to their appeal within a short period.

Northern Treasury insurance reviews

The Insurance company “Northern Treasury” customer reviews takes real time due to internal service quality. Therefore, objective feedback on activities you can use on the Internet and by phone. And by the way, every negative review or the indignation of the client is not left without a response – the employees of the company are working to resolve the issue. Or trying to do, but the main thing-do not ignore the insured.


Monitoring various resources to assess the company's activities by its clients who have an accident, showed all the same problems – long payments, reduction amounts, and court cases against the UK.

On a scale of rating insurance companies is around 2 units. While in a percentage of approximately 25% of our customers recommend “Northern Treasury” and pleased to be working with her, and the remaining 75% in the majority of making payments through the courts. In this case the company loses more money than the voluntary and timely payment. The plaintiffs claim additional costs, which, in the UK the court's decision is not in favor of it also has to pay for.

LLC Northern Treasury

Parting words

The Decision on insurance everyone makes based on their own beliefs and current opinion. Company «Northern Treasury” – not hopeless, as a position in the ranking among 400 companies insurance stable for many years and has never dropped below 40-th line.

In 2013, “Northern Treasury” has occupied 32-e a place. Stability - a sign of skill, as you know. So every year of the existence of the company, no doubt, become better informed, increasing the level of service. And financial problems that exist now, with proper management and focus on improved performance will be solved. No doubt.

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