Bras for dresses with an open back: how to choose


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If nature has not stinted and has made a generous gift in the form of perfect figure, you need  to demonstrate it to others. For these purposes, great open dresses. Open neckline and an intriguing cutout back will not leave you unnoticed. Only one problem: to pick up underwear at such extravagant attire is not easy. What are the bras for dresses with an open back, and other original models we will discuss in the article.

Invisible underwear – a real godsendbras for dresses with an open back

Brassiere invisible recently appeared in the shops, but immediately gained wide popularity among the fair sex. Its versatility and practicality, of course, bribed. This bra is made of silicone and has two cups that are attached to each other by the hook. In most cases it is flesh-colored, so it just blends into the skin. There are also models that are painted in black.

This is a great bra for the open dresses because there are no straps and the back. The risk that your underwear will be noticeable to others, is simply absent. Cups are attached directly to the chest with a special adhesive composition, which is printed on the bra. With this silicone bra can be washed even with soap and water without fear of damage the finish.

Due to its shape, this bra is capable enough to securely hold the chest, to give it some extra volume and to form a seductive cleavage. However Busty beauties, such a model may not be appropriate.


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Bras for dresses with an open back with silicone inserts

If you prefer the classics, and the invisible bra you don't inspire confidence, then try the models of composite materials. For example, there is a bra that exactly duplicates the most common cups from the material, but the straps and back in it is made of transparent silicone. In outdoor dress your linen will be virtually unnoticeable. Besides, this is a great option for owners of large Breasts, as it securely holds even a six.bra for open dressesbra under a backless dressbra with transparent back

For the dress with a small cutout at the back and halter neckline will perfectly fit bra with halter around the neck. But the bras for dresses with an open back and an asymmetrical top line can have a silicone strap that is fixed over one shoulder on the bias.bra with halter around the neck

Lingerie under a deep neckline

We Stop a little on the outfits outright neckline in front, because these certainly are present in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Bra under a backless dress with a deep armhole and belly can only be silicone. Otherwise some part of your clothes still seem under clothes.

If your present outfit neckline, it is better to choose a bra with half cups. They cover the nipple, but a large part of the chest remains open. Otherwise, these bras are referred to as “Balconet” and may not have cups, however, perfectly supports the breast through the frame.balconette bra

Deep V - neckline perfectly combined with underwear irregular shape. Regular cups, straps and back of the fabric complemented by a Frank armhole in front. This bra has the appearance of a cropped corset and creates a stunning neckline.bra with cutout

Bras for dresses strapless

Of Course, if your shoulders are open, and the linen should be as invisible. In this case, would be appropriate bras with removable or missing straps. Will also fit any bras for dresses with an open back.strapless bra

The Main disadvantage of this underwear is that it does not cope with large Breasts. So the lucky owners of magnificent forms not recommended  choose dresses and bras without straps.

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