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“Marco Polo” — brand of clothing in a casual style, which is made exclusively from natural fabrics. In its market segment the company is among the top twenty producers. “Marco Polo” — clothing for connoisseurs of quality and stylish items.

Marco Polo clothing

The story of the birth of the brand

Trademark appeared in 1967 in Stockholm. The creators of the brand — an American Jerry O’Shield and two Swedes: Goethe Huss, Rolf Lind. On the idea of their own brand they gave the Indian who offered to buy on the street simple cotton shirts, made with their own hands. Designers like simple breathable fabric, comfortable to wear. Thus was born the idea of the brand “Marco Polo” — clothes for men, and not man for her.

A Young company in the production of things used only natural fabrics:

  • Len;
  • Cotton.
  • Hair;
  • Silk.

While the market finally took possession of clothes made of synthetics, the brand “Marco Polo" quickly gained popularity. The first collection of the brand consisted of men's shirts. And yet it sold out completely. Soon, the young designers came on the German market.

Marco Polo clothing stores in Moscow

Dynamic development

After that, all of Europe spoke about the company “Marco Polo". Clothing started to be issued with the logo of the brand. At first it was t-shirts on the left shoulder, and later appeared hoodies with a logo. The last kind of clothing became popular thanks to the Scandinavian brand. Before that almost nobody knew. Another trend — homespun shirts of Indian cotton.


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“Marco Polo” — clothes, which is focused on consumers in middle age. In 1972 an event occurred: the company launched a line for young people from 16 to 25 years under the name of Campus.

The casual Style also appeared by the designers. Urban way every day meant for a simple shape, naturalness, emphasize individuality and high quality of things.

A New milestone in the development of the brand was formed in 1979, when the first franchise of the brand in düsseldorf.

1981 marked the first full-fledged advertising campaign. In 1997, the firm is leaving Sweden and moved to Germany. The brand has a new owner, which gradually acquires 80% shares of “Marco Polo". In 1995, the brand expands and begins producing not only clothing but also accessories, shoes, perfume, underwear, hosiery.

In 2006, the brand began producing men's business suits.

Brand “Marco Polo" today

To date, the firm sews clothes for children and adults, as well as accessories. The company annually produces seasonal collections:

  • Spring-summer;
  • Summer.
  • Fall-winter;
  • Winter.

The models of the brand is dominated by blue, brown and white colors. Things are well linked with each other, creating a stylish and neat images without frills. The products can meet the embroidery and appliques. Brand stores opened around the world. In 20 countries factory work of the company.

Trade mark “Marco Polo": addresses of shops in Moscow

Although under the label and releasing a perfume, footwear and accessories, the main direction of the brand “Marco Polo” — clothing. Shopping in Moscow can be found at:

  • B. Primorye, lane 16;
  • 23 km of the Leningrad highway;
  • 5 km from MKAD;
  • Warsaw highway, D. 9;
  • Earthen Shaft, d. 33.

Marco Polo addresses of shops in Moscow

Here you will find women's and men's clothes and shoes premium class for each day. Shoes made of natural materials: high quality leather canvas. Accessories for men — this is the watch elite wallets, purse, belts. In addition to the stunning garments, women like lingerie and swimwear, perfume, glasses and other accessories.

Clothing “Marco Polo” — it is the choice of whole persons that do not fall under the dictates of fashion. They love status quality stuff without the frills and want to look respectable every day.

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