Interesting gifts for the tenth wedding anniversary. What to give for 10 years of wedding the spouses ?


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Day ten-year wedding anniversary-a wonderful occasion to gather good friends, sum up the intermediate results of the last period. But on the holidays is not accepted to come with empty hands. What to give for 10 years of the wedding, tell this article.

what to give for 10 years of wedding

How is the ten year wedding anniversary

Tenth “the birthday of the family” called “tin” or “pink wedding”.

The Relationship is already solid and proven, over these ten years, the pair has experienced many good and not so good moments. The couple learned to understand and anticipate each other. There were periods of sorrow. There were numerous cases of resentment, quarrels and friction. But out of any complicated problems in life have been successfully found. It exists, and there is always a compromise. Despite the fact that it is metal and it is quite durable, pewter products are quite flexible, and it is symbolic.

Pink – the color of romance. After a long time with each other, people forget about the importance of small nice gifts like candle light dinner. The task of “wedding” to revive the “couple” relationship a decade ago.

wedding 10 years of marriage what to give

How to celebrate

Ten years, anyway, is the jubilee. Despite the high cost of our life, once a decade should find the means and opportunities for the organization “wide” celebrations with a large number of guests.

10 years wedding what to give my husband

It doesn't have to be a restaurant. If You “lucky” to get married in a warm time of year, a trip to the camp site to the river only to emphasize the uniqueness of the event.

In the decoration must be the theme of pink. Ask all the guests to add the desired color to the clothes – shoes, tie, dress, tie or shirt.

The Dishes that shade is easy to find even on the market, not to mention specialty stores. There you can choose the tablecloth and napkins. Rosé will be pleased to add to the overall atmosphere and harmoniously to fit into it.


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10 years wedding what to give to the wife

Those who like to eat happy to find happiness, pouring the fish sauce the color of a rose. Sweet tooth will appreciate the jam from roses. So if just before the celebration will be in Bulgaria, be sure to buy a couple of jars of this pleasure.

At this celebration, it is customary to invite guests who were on your main wedding. Even if you with them for a long time do not communicate, this is an excellent opportunity to restore the former friendship. But don't forget about the comrades with whom you became acquainted during the period of marriage.

Gift tin

Gift is not hard to buy. It is only important to pick up. "What to give for 10 years of wedding, made of tin" - a simple question.

Often called "tin" gifts are figurines, stand for the bottle (always with a sparkling drink), forks, spoons (easy to find with congratulatory messages). Often give knives, mirror with frame, charms, decorative items, trays, glasses, coasters.

Pink Souvenirs

If the tin is not attracted to, should pay attention to the "soft colors". What to give for 10 years of wedding pink, too easy to come up with.

The ‘pink" available objects – rose. The vast majority of guests, if not all, will bring a gift of a bouquet of these beautiful flowers. Given this, it would be nice if someone got the vase in which roses can be deliver. And then to place it in a conspicuous place. “Queen of flowers" will successfully fit into any interior and diversifies it.

The day of the wedding. 10. What to give? Ten years of wedding, in addition, often give pink bedding set, blanket, bedspread, scented candles, a Bathrobe (or two), picture, service or ward (house, bell). Any interior can be supplemented with a fish tank with pink fish. This gift it's worth to discuss in advance with heroes of the occasion. If the tank is too bulky object, figurines pink fish or the tree of happiness no one can remain indifferent.

Still tin wedding - 10 years of marriage. What to give from stones such date? On this anniversary a good choice are carnelian and agate.

10-year marriage to present spouse?

Despite the fact that the anniversary theme, normal valuables are always appropriate. Jewelry, appliances, box of chocolates or a cake will never lose its relevance. And believe me, no one will be offended if the gift is not pink or pewter.

Whatever you choose, be sure to prepare a speech in which describe the value and importance of friendship with the newlyweds, as well as the reasons for the choice of this particular gift. Very touching, when the celebrations are the verses. Even if you are a poet, you can always find a suitable option in the vast expanses of the Internet. Warmer will be all.

Gift for wife

10 years of marriage. What to give wife? It would seem, for so many years together she's already got what he wanted.

According to an ancient tradition, the wife is expected to give eleven beautiful roses. Ten red – for every passing year and the eleventh white as a symbol of the future happy life.

In Addition, harmoniously will look pink“stick”, laptop, mobile phone, organizer, diary, tablet, e-book, Cup of a joint photo, photo frame, fridge magnet.

It is Useful tin decoration-earrings, rings, pendants. And just hard to find a woman who would not be glad box of this alloy.

wedding day 10 years what to give

The Certificate in a beauty salon, a ticket to the resort, a gift certificate to a favorite store will be appreciated. A pink car will make your favorite literally “squeak” happiness.

Shower wedding bed petals of roses, and the wife in a good mood for the week ahead will be provided. They are sold in every flower shop.

If romantic emotions began to gradually “decay”, re-ignite the fire of emotion will help re-registration of marriage. The registry office will be happy to meet you and conduct the ceremony with Mendelssohn's March. That's only about another “jubilee” a stamp in the passport is likely to negotiate will fail.

Gift for wife

10 years of marriage. What to give husband? Him like anything and do not...

In the ten years of people is usually a good idea to know the character of each other. On this basis, before going to the store you can make the souvenir even if he did not have.

If your betrothed loves beer, give him a tin Cup. He sure will quickly find a use for it, and she will always be in sight.

An Avid chess player will love a Board with poured pewter figurines.

Fans of military themes will enjoy an exact copy of cold or firearms, which immediately find their permanent place on the wall or on a transparent shelf.

Tin – the metal is quite rare. If you choose to do things in order, it is worth to discuss in advance the wizard. The good news is that the metal is inexpensive and the end product won't hit the wallet.

According to legend, the husband has all day to pass with pewter spoon in his pocket, and before bed put it under your pillow. But since the husband be sure to spoon purchase will be forgotten, will present it to you! And he will not be able to refuse to participate in this ritual.

10 years wedding what to give spouses

But not every man is bound to traditions. Donated for the car Navigator, winter tires, the DVR can make it much stronger.

Now you are not confused when you hear the question «What to give for 10 years of wedding?”.

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