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Biography Natalia Vodianova shows how much can be generous beauty of our country. After all, the way girl to international fashion began at a vegetable market in Nizhny Novgorod, where the future star with eleven years worked as a salesman. That which in 2003 will be among the richest men of England, was born in the Soviet Union, in 1982, when her hometown was still called Bitter. In the early 1990s, when the country was in complete devastation, Natalia went to sell fruit, to help his mother to raise two sisters. 

biography Natalia Vodianova

Biography Natalia Vodianova has developed successfully thanks to its attractive appearance. Rumor has it that under the influence of numerous compliments from buyers market girl addressed in a model Agency, where she was lucky to get on a photo shoot for photographer Vasiliev. The latter was looking for models for the Western Agency and drew attention to Vodianova, who came to the casting in skirt, hand-made from my grandmother's dresses.

Next we can say that biography Natalia Vodianova was the creation of her own hands. She quickly learned the basics of the English language that allowed her to participate in international competitions (in particular in Paris was won victory in the event hosted by the company "Madison"), to get to Fashion week in new York. In 1999 she was noticed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, she began shooting for fashion magazines, invite to the screening of Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, etc.

Natalia Vodianova biography

Biography Natalia Vodianova full joint works with renowned masters of the fashion world. For example, Calvin Klein, who inclined to cooperate with unusual models (just remember Kate moss), appreciated the pronounced eyebrows, eye-catching cheekbones and wide-set gray-pearl eyes Vodianova, making her the “face” their brand ten years ago. Natalia is still the fragrance “Euphoria”, often participating in shows of this famous fashion designer.


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Body decoration - a tattoo on her back

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The more famous Natalia Vodianova? Her biography reports that at the age of 20, she married Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, English aristocrat and millionaire. The press say that the charm of the Russian model was so great that she unconditionally loved uptight parents of her future husband. To this marriage was born the children: son Lucas, daughter Neva (named after the river in the North-West of Russia) and son Victor. Natalia talked about his desire to have more kids and take a family of foster, but in 2011 the couple parted.

children Natalia Vodianova

Children Natalia Vodianova from an early age participate in the professional life of his brilliant mother, a famous model, which almost instantly recovering from the pregnancy and birth of a child. So, the son of Victor in the first weeks of his life he traveled halfway around the world, because Vodianova was forced to take it with you to the shooting. Daughter Neva (accent on the first syllable) can often be seen near her at the charity events. The star of the catwalks is the founder of “Naked heart”, which attracted more than half a million pounds for sick children. I must say that the problem of child disability has touched his own family model, because one of her younger sisters (Oksana) is a severe form of autism.

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