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Suede shoes in men's wardrobe are quite often idle, not finding a use. Men just don't know what they can wear. Sometimes these shoes are just "suffer" from the common belief that they need to go, as they are very delicate. And though the statement that for wearing in rainy weather, they are not the best option, true, moisture is bad for them no more than regular leather shoes. Them quite dry, and the rest of the moisture traces are easily removed or a special suede brush.

As for the ensemble in the clothes, here in mind you should only take the color and surface structure of shoes. Speaking in other words, there is nothing unusual in the rules of wearing suede shoes no, but the style she's no different from leather. To understand all the intricacies of wearing suede shoes, you first need to consider its color. Most suede shoes are produced only in brown color. This is justified by the fact that are basically just brown suede shoes, as these shoes in the black color represents a certain contradiction.

Coming from suede shoes aura of informal style is in sharp contradiction with the official black. And brown suede shoes can be worn along with the same piece worn brown leather shoes. They are not normally worn on formal occasions, they are not suitable for the morning suit, the same rule applies to evening dress, so they can not be combined with tailcoat or tuxedo. Bad look these shoes with a business suit. Really have to admit that the last rules strictly hold only in the United States and England.


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But if the scope of your business the atmosphere is pretty formal, then it is better to refrain from brown suede shoes. In other cases, they approach the costumes of all shades of brown and gray suits, green and blue colors. They look good with a blazer or sports jacket. You only need to check in your specific case, does the shade of brown on the shoes with the main band. Usually blue and brown color combination is quite good and already gone are the days when this combination was considered unaesthetic.

But there are still different attitude in different countries. For example, blue and brown are more like Italians, French and Spaniards than the Americans and the British, and the Austrians and Germans actively avoid this combination. The ensemble of clothing blue hue and dark brown shoes often can be found, for example, in Spain or Italy, but very rarely while in Germany.

Choosing which clothing is better to choose shoes, be aware that the surface texture is more important than the color. Almost smooth and solid suede goes better with soft hair and soft and loose looks good with flannel and tweed. If the surfaces of shoes and clothes similar pattern, it can be tiring for the eyes. It is often the contrast is of interest: for example, to a shimmering brilliant costume can fit shoes with a matte or suede shoes in a cage.

If you decide to experiment with different combinations and think through every detail clothes properly, you will discover a lot of very interesting variants of suede shoes. You should only remember that shoes made of this material attract attention to cleanliness of shoes, so especially look bad in this embodiment, the dust and scratches on the shoes. Even people do not experience affection for wearing suede shoes, can't resist at least  one model of this Shoe. We are talking about shoes “Chuck”, its height barely reaching his ankles. Remember that suede shoes are comfortable and practical.

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