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One of the best materials – sheep wool. He was available to our ancestors. Wool has special qualities, to recreate its synthetic analogue has failed so far. Woolen clothes wear-resistant and very warm, and they keep an attractive appearance, breathing. It is argued that they are even able to fight with high blood pressure, insomnia and disorders of the nervous system.

Virginia fur

In anticipation of cold weather will not be superfluous to remember about woolen things and load them to your wardrobe. But that dress, coat or skirt to last you a long time, should pay attention to what they are made of wool. Looking at the product label, the inscription virginwool (Virginia wool). Someone calls this material is a wool sheep, a virgin, and someone wool the lamb. Look at what she really is is what has properties. Along the way, learn consumer reviews and what is the price of products from Virginia wool.

Wool (Wool)

Virginia wool coat

Any wool is a natural fiber. People began to shear sheep more than five thousand years ago. Sheep wool is most common, rarely can be found in the sale of products made from camel wool, Angora, Alpaca. It is quite durable, hygroscopic. There are several types of wool sheep:

  • Lambswool-the wool obtained from lambs aged 7-8 months. It is characterized by softness, elasticity, firmness and flexibility.
  • Merino wool. She sostikuemsa from sheep of Merino species, soft and light.
  • The Shetland – more coarse wool with high wear resistance, it is cut from sheep grown in the Shetland Islands (Scotland).
  • Cheviot – wool is another Scottish breed of sheep. Expensive material, characterized by durability and high thermal insulation properties.

Wool Processing

The Idea for the industrial processing of wool now alien to society. Walk into any Department store and looking at the entire stacks of sweaters and dresses in rainbow colours of flowers, you are unlikely to find products from Virginia wool whose properties are praising the producers, but at the same time they will not have any recycled fiber. However, it was not always so.


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Virginia wool reviews

The Idea of wool processing occurred during the Second world war. The war years influenced fashion. The government of many countries had restricted the amount of fabric that could be used for the manufacture of new clothes. Wool was needed for uniforms. Instead of buying new clothes, people had to recycle clothes as needed. Sweater adult men disbanded and turned into children's sweaters, gloves, socks, etc. And there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Nowadays, the production of wool, but some people continue to recycle the old products. High quality yarn tends to be expensive.

The Difference between Virgin Wool and Wool

You can Often find two definitions of Virginia wool. Some sources says that this is wool shorn from lamb, 4-6 month old Merino. Her fiber is very thin (20 microns). Wool is harvested by hand, with each animal requires about 140 g. In other sources said that buying the coat from Virginia of wool, you purchase a product from completely new material, not previously used. However, it is not necessary that the wool collected from the lambs, it can be shorn and adult sheep. The second interpretation is the most correct.

Virginia wool coat reviews

Virgin Wool is wool that has not been previously processed or woven. This material is often used for processing. It is not surprising, because there is a limited global supply brand new coat. Products more expensive than products made from regular wool.

Designation of Virgin Wool may be awarded only wool that is shorn from living, healthy sheep.

Properties Virgin Wool

Virginia wool warm or no

Quite often you can encounter the issue of buyers about the warm or not Virginia wool. The manufacturers claim that the products are perfect for everyday wear. They do not roll down, sit down on the figure, practically does not crumple, retain heat well and are resistant to contamination. Such clothing is versatile depending on the thickness of the knit you can find very warm sweater or coat for the colder seasons or thin cardigan for the off-season.

In addition, the products do not absorb moisture, but well absorb water vapor. In order to smooth out a skirt or a sweater is enough to hang them in the room with high humidity. The folds will disappear.

Prices for the clothes from Virgin Wool

Virginia wool properties

Cost of products made of new wool depends on two factors: brand and type. Note that very often a natural fiber Supplement with acrylic, mohair, cashmere. This affects the cost. So the brand “the snow Queen" is widely known in the Russian Federation, coat of Virginia wool with the addition of 20% acrylic and 10% cashmere offers at the price of 10-15 thousand rubles. It is designed for spring and autumn. At the same time luxury firm sells MELDES coat of 100% young and new wool at a price of 25 thousand rubles.

The price of sweaters and skirts in the range of 5000-10000 rubles. Again, much depends on the manufacturer. Thus, the English brand Strenesse implements the usual jumper from new wool at a price of about 300 euros.

Wool rugs

What could be better than a soft and warm wool blanket cold autumn and frosty winter? Wrapped in him, you can escape from even the most severe cold. Do not argue, plaid Virgin Wool – not cheap. However, he is so soft and gentle that to resist buying difficult.coat of Virginia wool of the Russian Federation

For blankets, as clothing often use blended material, adding to new wool cashmere or acrylic. One of the best Italian brands – Giudecca. Blankets Giudecca is made from lambs wool and cashmere in equal proportions. They are very soft, warm and light. The cost of the product size 130х180 cm is about 20-25 thousand rubles.

The Thin blankets from wool of lambs from the Irish company AVOCA will be cheaper. Product size 142х183 cm will cost 7-8 thousand rubles.

Products of Virginia wool customer reviews

Made of new wool products, of course, have advantages over those made of recycled or synthetic fibers. In reviews customers say five primary qualities of things from the wool of Virginia:

  • Durability. Coat or sweater and will last you for years and will look as good as new.
  • Quality. Virgin Wool is not cheap, so negligent manufacturers just does not make sense “contact” with her. Thing created underground by Amateurs, even from the good stuff, unlikely to attract many buyers. Consumers in their reviews underline the high quality of products in General, starting from the right cut, the right size and ending with the selection of threads and accessories.
  • Comfort. The coat is very soft and pleasant to the body. Even the most sensitive people and children do not complain that a sweater or dress is scratchy, or electrified. She hardly wrinkled.
  • Easy cleaning. Customers reviews of Virginia coat of wool suggests that products are easy to clean. In addition, due to the fact that fiber almost no static electricity, the dirt, the stuff does not stick.
  • Heat. Coats, sweaters, pants, gloves, hats, etc. - all these things from the wool of young sheep retain heat well. They allow the body to breathe.

Many people say that a thing from Virgin Wool cannot be cheap by definition. However, such an investment they consider favourable, because the product will last more than one year.

The Opposite opinion

In our time, Virginia wool was a sign of luxury and cost. However, there is an opinion that this is another attempt to impose on the people, certain stereotypes about the well-being and fashion. It may sound exaggerated, but if you sweater or suit a luxurious wool of young lambs, then you are successful and beautiful.

Meanwhile, according to some people the product of new wool can nothing to present in comparison with the thing that is linked from sweaters cost $ 300, which was worn once before it was sent for processing. According to them, each buyer decides for himself that it means “new”.


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