The South pole and his conquest. What latitude is the South pole?


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On the planet, there are two points which are most remote from the equator line. This is the North pole and South pole. And if the first is in the middle of the frozen ocean, the second is in the firmament of the mainland. He is dedicated to this article.

What latitude is the South pole? What astronomical and climatic characteristics is it different? When and who first conquered this harsh part of the world? The answers to these questions you will find in our article.

The South pole: how many?

An Imaginary axis of rotation of our planet, as we know, intersects its surface at two points. First – the North pole, and the second – South. The distance between these two points – 12713,5 km.

However, not everyone knows that scientists are not a single South pole, but five! List a:

  • Magnitny;
  • Geomagnitnye;
  • Geograficheskii;
  • Ceremonially;
  • And the so-called “the pole of inaccessibility".

The First two poles associated with the magnetic field and the magnetic axis of the Earth. Thus the magnetic South pole is entirely outside of Antarctica. But the point on the mainland, which is farthest from the ocean, is called the South pole of inaccessibility.

what latitude is the South pole

On the coldest continent of the planet there is a special place designed for photo and video shooting of tourists and travelers. This so-called ceremonial pole the southern hemisphere. And it does not match the real location (geographic) pole. Moreover, under the influence of the movement of the glacial carapace of the continent he moves at ten meters per year.


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In this article will be interested in the geographical South pole. Where is it located? What is interesting about this point on the Earth's surface? And what latitude is the South pole? All this we learn on.

What latitude is the South pole?

If you look closely at the globe, you can see the beam fine lines-meridians coming out from one point and then again converges to another, but on the opposite side of the globe. One of these points (the one which is located downstairs) and is called the South pole.

South pole

Latitude of the South pole-90 degrees South latitude (in a shortened version often write just In orographic terms, it is located within the Polar plateau at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level.

Since 1956, a hundred meters from the South pole operates the American polar station «Amundsen – Scott”. In the name of the station immortalized the names of the first people who conquered this harsh corner of the world. There are special ceremonial platform set up for tourists and travelers. It comes with a huge hemisphere, surrounded by the flags of the so-called “the Antarctic Treaty”.

Astronomical and climatic features of the South pole

Below are the most curious astronomical and geographical features of this planet:

  • Day and night here, almost identical in duration (187 and 178 days, respectively).
  • South pole – one of the best places on Earth to conduct continuous astronomical observations.
  • Here the celestial equator coincides with the horizon line.
  • At the South pole, by and large, not the usual time because all meridians converge here at one point. For the convenience of the scientific staff at the station «Amundsen – Scott” they use new Zealand time.
  • The South pole and all of Antarctica as a whole, does not belong to any country in the world.

The Climate in this part of the world, of course, very severe. The average annual temperature here is –49 degrees Celsius. “Warmer” only at the South pole was on December 25, 2011 ("only" –12 degrees). By the way, all of the temperature indicators the South pole is much colder than the North.

the South pole has a latitude

Of Course, such harsh climatic conditions for living organisms to adapt is very difficult. Plants in the vicinity of the pole at all, and fauna can be seen except the penguins. And these animals here, for want of enemies, you feel quite at ease.

The conquest of the pole: as it happened

The Process of conquest of the South pole of the Earth was a triumph for a European nation and a tragedy-for the other. The first for the right to hoist their flag competed two expeditions – Norwegian under the leadership of R. Amundsen and the British led by Robert Scott.

Both groups went to the final “race to the pole" in the fall of 1911. But the Norwegians reached the goal for a month and four days early. It happened on 14 December 1911. Age group Scott reached the South pole only on January 17. Seeing waving the Norwegian flag, the British are even more discouraged. On the return journey all five members of Scott's team died.

The Reasons for the victory of Amundsen in this “race” were several. First and foremost, he has relied on sled dogs, and not lost (Robert Scott used horses and motorized sleds, which immediately failed).

the latitude of the South pole

Second, the Norwegians were much better prepared physically. Thirdly, the British took much less food than they needed. Finally, a group of Norwegians were better dressed and better educated. Before the expedition Roald Amundsen have studied in detail the methods of adaptation to cold of Eskimos.


What latitude is the South pole? The answer to this question is obvious. The South pole has a latitude of 90° 00′ 00″. But the longitude does not have at all. Because at this point of the Earth where all meridians of the planet.


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