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The Atmosphere – a dynamic membrane, which is constantly changing – both seasonal and diurnal. Man, long time living in one place usually does not feel these changes, as the body is able in a timely manner for them to adapt. Therefore, weather changes, in addition to extreme, virtually no effect on the health of the healthy population.

But there is a category weather-sensitive people, where the atmospheric pressure is having a very tangible impact. Those who suffer from chronic diseases, especially related to the nervous and cardiovascular system, it is also difficult to tolerate weather changes. Both categories not only feel the pressure, typical for this region, and it is not necessarily normal atmospheric pressure. The latter, incidentally, is not so often found in nature. It is believed that the force with which the atmospheric column pressure per unit area at latitude 45 degrees and a height of 0 meters (sea level). The normal atmospheric pressure take 760 mm Hg.

With the height this value is reduced, and there is a special barometric formula allowing to calculate the pressure for any point knowing its height. For example, with an average altitude of 156 meters value is 746 mm. Is the norm for the area, but not at normal atmospheric pressure – these concepts need to be distinguished.

While in conditions of high pressure, you might not notice any change because it is little different from the usual. Only if excessively high value begin to manifest changes: breathing becomes rare, but a deeper, immaterial blunted the sense of smell, decreased hearing, and muted voice, there is dryness of mucous membranes and a slight numbness of the skin. But all these characteristics are relatively easily transferred.


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The More adverse are the periods of abrupt changes in the pressure-compression (improve) and especially decompression (lowering to normal). When the pressure increases the amount of gases dissolved in the blood, and a quick transition back to the reduced value of excess of these gases (mainly nitrogen) accumulated in the blood. The gas bubbles clog blood vessels, causing many diseases. Therefore, the slower these changes occur, the better it adapts to the human body.

The Influence of atmospheric pressure felt everyone who had made noticeable changes in elevation. In the mountains after the mark of 2500 meters reacclimatizing person feels weak due to oxygen starvation. Quickens and breathing deepens, frequent heartbeat, lower blood pressure. All this is the influence of height, and, as a consequence, the negative pressure causing the painful condition such as hypoxia or mountain sickness. This phenomenon can be overcome through acclimatization and train the body to new conditions. It is noteworthy that the mountain people do not feel the indisposition, living life at altitudes of 2000 meters and more – for them, low blood pressure is normal.

But do not have to go to the mountains or get caught in extreme conditions. Pressure differences can be quite painful and in his hometown, especially for people with impaired health. This should be ready. When you forecast a significant deterioration in the weather, it is desirable to reduce the physical strain, not to panic and to try to ensure peace. If the adaptation usually takes place is difficult, it is better to take the remedy recommended by the doctor.

You should Also not forget that normal atmospheric pressure is not particularly sensitive in any area. For each region, depending on elevation typical pressure will be different. 

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