Innovative activity of a teacher in modern conditions


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The Innovative activity of a teacher is an integral part of the process of his professional development. Those who work in the traditional system, quite mastering the technique of representing complex learning skills. Already this will allow to carry out educational work in full and to achieve this certain success. However, the implementation of innovative activity of the teacher one training is not enough. Important the willingness of the teacher to embarking on a path of improvement.


What do we mean by innovative activity of a teacher? This is something new, if we compare it with the previous one, aimed at improving the quality of education. In General, the term “innovation” in its modern sense means the emergence of new elements or forms. A synonym for this word is “innovation”.

The Innovative activity of the modern teacher is considered more deeply, while having a broader semantic marking. It understands the purposeful work of the teacher based on understanding of their own professional experience by exploring and comparing the educational process to change it and receiving a more quality education.

innovation activity of a teacher

We Can say that innovative activity of a teacher is a phenomenon in which reflected the creativity of the teacher. If we consider this term from the point of view of its application to the educational process, then we can talk about its relative youth. And this explains the existence of different approaches to explaining this concept.


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On the one hand, pedagogical innovations understand the various innovations aimed at changing technologies of education and training to enhance their effectiveness. But at times, this term has another meaning. Innovation refers not only to the creation and distribution of innovations, but also changes and transformations in thinking style and in the way of activities that are associated with these innovations. In any case, it's something progressive, useful, progressive, modern and positive.

Currently in Russia there are processes of standardization, without exception, all levels of education. This led to the creation of the GEF. The aim of this work is a certain unification and accessibility for widespread practical use of provided scientific experimental work in education and training. Innovative activity of the teacher in the implementation of the GEF is designed to implement positive changes in current education system. It is necessary for Russia's entry into the international market offering similar services, and bring the curriculum of schools and kindergartens into line with those that have been accepted worldwide.

Features of innovation activities

The Process of implementation in the educational process of innovations depends largely on the capacity of the teacher. How to determine the readiness of teachers to innovative activity? The potential of the individual in this case is associated with such parameters as:

the willingness of a teacher to innovative activity

- the presence of creativity to generate the production of new views and ideas, as well as design and modelling them in practice;

- willingness to be different from the existing concepts, the new, which becomes panoramist and flexibility of mind and tolerance in nature;

- education and development in cultural and aesthetic terms;

- a desire to improve its performance, and the presence of internal methods and tools that it will provide.

The willingness of the teacher to innovative activity were also aware of the presence of his large health, the ability to contain strong stimuli, high emotional status and willingness to approach their work creatively. But in addition to personal the teacher should have some special qualities. These include knowledge of new technologies, the ability of the development project, mastering the latest methods of teaching, and the ability to analyse and identify the causes of existing shortcomings.

The Specifics of innovation

The Involvement of teachers in innovative activities has its own characteristics. It suggests the presence of the necessary degree of freedom of the relevant entities. Indeed, in the nature of innovative activity of a teacher in preschool and in schools is most often carried out as if by touch. The fact that such decisions are beyond the existing experience. It should be noted also that to date, the innovative activity of the teacher in the implementation of GEF is regulated and controlled only partially. In this regard, we have to trust the innovator, the researcher, assuming that everything that he undertakes in the search of new solutions, and of truth, will not prejudice the interests of the company.

forms of innovative activity of the teacher

This approach leads to the realization that creative freedom should go together with a high personal responsibility of the teacher, engaged in innovation activities.

The Importance ofinnovation

So if necessary the organization of innovative activity of the teacher? The importance of this direction is caused by that in modern conditions the development of education, culture and society is impossible without:

socio - economic change, suggesting the need to update the entire education system, as well as technologies and methods of organization of educational process in OU;

- strengthening of humanization of the curriculum, which is reflected in a continuous change in the volume and composition disciplines, the introduction of new subjects assuming constant search of advanced learning technologies and organizational forms;

- changes the relationship of the teacher to the use and development of innovations;

- entering educational institutions in the system of market relations that will form their actual degree of competitiveness.

What ultimately caused the necessity of development of innovative activity of the teacher? The main reason for this trend is that highly competitive, with each team offering services in the field of education faces almost everywhere.

the involvement of teachers in innovative activities

To date, all educational institutions must improve their level of work, monitor, and be able to predict the situation on the relevant market, and be a little ahead of everyone, using the latest scientific and technological achievements.

Signs of innovation

What to say about the participation of teachers in innovative activities? This question is both complex and simple. On the one hand, you can easily identify the latest approaches and techniques, which are applied by the teacher. Because they are different from those used prior to their introduction. On the other - to describe and justify the innovative activity is very difficult. After all, innovation is not just a fixation of any given fact. Each of the forms of innovative activity of the teacher is a whole system.

innovative activity of the modern teacher

In its description must contain the purpose and content of, timing of implementation, existing problems and their solution. All of which are aimed at innovation. Should also be explained and methods of analysis of the obtained results. You must instruct and shape the innovation activity of a teacher.

Classification of innovation

According to the purpose all the newest introduction to the training system is conventionally divided into:

  1. General. It is a global concept, existing in modern education. They are manifested in the optimization of the DIP, the development of humanistic provisions, practical and information technologies, as well as in the organization and management of pedagogical processes.
  2. Private. They occur in cases when experimental innovative activity of the teachers is in the form of author's innovations, developed in accordance with modern trends in educational process, and implemented in a particular OU.

Belonging to the educational process of innovative activity is associated:

  1. With the introduction of the system of education an integrated approach. After all, the traditional system of acquiring knowledge has long been focused on the attained level of technology and Sciences and is not able to meet the demands of a society which in its dynamic development.
  2. With the organization of the educational process and introduction of innovative pedagogical technologies, which are a major factor in the development of innovative methods and means of obtaining knowledge.
  3. Specialization and specialization of General education. Such areas involves the creation of necessary conditions for innovative activity of the teacher with the transition into the system flexible and open to continuous individualized learning personality throughout her life.
  4. Professionalisation of existing management activities. This is one of the conditions of effectiveness and success of innovative trends in OU.

Based on the concept of renovation and maintenance of educational process innovative activity of the teacher is divided into methodical and focused, and problem-oriented. Take a closer look.

Methodical-oriented activities

In its implementation, it is assumed the implementation of a technology education. It can be:

- using the latest information technologies;

- the application to the educational content of the principle of integration.

In addition, based on the experience of innovative activity of the teacher in the framework of the methodical-oriented work, they can be used training:


- differentiated;



- programmable;

- module.

In the framework of the application of such technologies a prerequisite is the readiness and competence of the teacher, who is able to use approaches such as:

  1. Personality-oriented. He can be reached in the implementation of the strategy of support and respect, understanding, assistance and cooperation of the administration of the DOE in the field of choice of means and methods of work of the teacher.
  2. Entity. It is reflected in the interaction of teachers with students to develop their abilities with the purposethe formation of the intrinsic system knowledge and installation interdisciplinary connections.
  3. Operational-active. This approach is based on the positions of the GEF. The ability to act students during the learning process, acquiring knowledge through their practical application.
  4. Professional. This is a competence-based approach. It allows students to develop a professional installation.
  5. Acmeological. This approach is closely related to the essential. It is used for organization of innovative education with development of new and updating of existing methods and means of education. This approach allows to form students ' creative thinking and contributes to their self-development, self-improvement, self-education and self-control.
  6. Creative-educational. This approach seeks to generate productive thinking. It develops students ' creative approach to their activities, as well as abilities and qualities of a creative personality, and skills of scientific and creative character.
  7. Context. This approach allows you to align the content items of the training program to developed the country the state standard of education.

Problem-oriented activities

Such innovative processes provide the decision of certain types of problems that are associated with the formation of the personality of a high degree of competitiveness.

innovation activity of a teacher in the DOE

Activities of the teacher in this case is directed on formation at students:

- awareness of their personal and social importance;

- the ability of setting a goal of samosoznania problems and challenges and self-actualization, which is essential for the creative development of competitive personality;

- adequate, the sensation of freedom and justifiable risk promoting responsibility in the decisions issued.

- the maximum concentration of their abilities with the aim of implementing them at the right time, which is called “delayed victory”.

One of the most pressing problems that tries to solve the modern system of education, is the education of socially competitive people. In such a concept includes professional sustainability, social mobility personality and her ability to carry out the process of training. The students should be trained receptivity to innovation. This will enable them in the future easier to change a field of activity, professional environment, and always be ready to move into a new area of work, which is more prestigious.

To Create a competitive personality at this stage of development of society is possible only through the introduction and inclusion in the learning process methodical - and problem-oriented innovation.

Additional classifications

Also in the education system there are the following types of innovation:

  1. On the scale - Federal and regional, the national and regional level OU.
  2. Pedagogical orientation - a separate (local, private, and isolated, i.e. not connected to each other), modular (chain of private innovation, interconnected) system.
  3. Origin - improved (modified), combined (joined to previously known component), a fundamentally new.

Problems of innovation

Often, the management of innovation activities is a challenge to teachers. This is what affects the necessary scientific and methodological support of their work. Formal carried out pioneering work that is often seen in OU, due to:

- the low level of basic training for teachers;

with the formation of the business environment in the classical, traditional mode;

- low degree of readiness for innovative activity;

with the lack of motivation because of the congestion.

- the inability to determine for themselves the priority, what causes spraying activities and does not give meaningful results.

innovative activity of the teacher in the implementation of the GEF

However, to imagine the work of modern Oh no innovative techniques impossible. But for the implementation of goals teachers need different types of support. For some important psychological support for others – individual counseling practitioner or teacher practice. One of the prerequisites of innovation is the presence of a sufficient number of specialized educational-methodical literature, as well as the latest material and technical base.

The Innovative activities of teachers in the modern education system should be a personal category, some in the creative process and the result of creative activity. It also suggests the presence of some degree of freedom in the actions of relevant entities.

The Main value held by the teacher of the innovation activities lies in the fact that it allows you to form a personality, able to Express themselves and use their abilities simultaneously with the work. The difficulties that arise in the course of this work, in the opinion of many practitioners can be resolved on their own.

The Main result of this are:

- the creation of an innovative infrastructure that will providethe study, sustainable development and further implementation of best practices;

the lesson of the leadership of OU in the sphere of educational services;

- creating a positive image of the staff of the school.

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