The sinking of the Titanic: the events and mysteries of the night


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Probably there is no person who would not know that in the early twentieth century in the waters of the Atlantic ocean occurred the death of the “Titanic”. Babies cry, scream, hundreds of terrified people… still there are many myths and conjectures, which are associated with those tragic events.

A Little history

10.04.1912 year in the port of Southampton (England) gathered a large number of people, to see how the cast off airliner “Titanic”. On Board were two of the thousands of happy passengers, who went to sea on a romantic trip upon the waters of the Atlantic. There were magnates, and millionaires, and famous people and ordinary passengers who could not afford to buy a first class ticket.Death Trehvaltsovoj “Titanic” was an impressive size: its height was as a ten-storey building and a width as the four quarters. Due to the equipment and steam four-cylinder cars, at full speed the ship could go at a speed of 25 knots. Due to the double bottom and watertight bulkheads, he was billed as unsinkable.

The events of the fatal night

Date of death “Titanic” - night 15.04.1912. It was the fourth day of the trip. It was then that the radio operator of the liner began to receive one by the other radio messages from nearby vessels that nearby icebergs. For 160 minutes before the moment happened the death of the “Titanic”, F. flit noticed at the rate of a dark large item, what was at once notified the captain. Despite the attempts to avoid a collision with an ice block, she ripped open the hull of the ship in deep waters a third of its of deathThe Water began to fill the deck. Interesting, but the liner sailed with such speed that none of the guests realized immediately what had happened. Then signal was given SOS on located near the ships. After a time, the archives of the Navy of great Britain was able to confirm that the lifeboats on the ship was two times less than necessary.


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The Crew was ordered that in the moment when occurred the death of “Titanic”, you first had to rescue the passengers of the first class. One of the first in the boat sat a Director of the company, which owned the ship. Lower deck that housed 1,500 people, was closed. This was done with the intention that the passengers rushed to the lifeboats. The tragedy is still considered the biggest disaster in peacetime. The circumstances involved in the death of 1,500 people, is still shrouded in mystery.

Riddles, which are associated with the death of the “Titanic”Mystery death

If the fact that the meeting with the iceberg was really, no doubt, with everything else taking place aboard and in the water, still can not find the exact explanation. For example, a few weeks before the tragic event was published ‘Atlantis" (Roman G. Gauptmana). Surprisingly, the events in the book, all the details matched with what was happening on Board the ship. Coincidence?

Another mystery of the death “Titanic” was discovered in the spring of 1996, when an English expedition during the month, examined the ship's hull with powerful, unique technology. It was astonishing data: on level, below the waterline is six holes, which occupy an area of not more than 5 meters. If the liner has faced an iceberg, the hull would be a big hole at least 30 meters.

Another mystery associated with the mysterious object. During the tragedy near the liner sailed another ship with extinguished lights. For a long time assumed that it was “Kalifornian”. The captain of the steamer was accused of refusing to help dying. And only 50 years later, scientists were able to prove that it was a different sea object may "Samson" who'd been poaching in Norway.

Interesting facts related to the behavior of individual people, for example, why not sail on the ship by its owner, though always participated in the maiden voyage of their ships. Why was not loaded aboard a unique collection of paintings, which was to be delivered to another location?

Many other circumstances remain unsolved. It is possible that further expeditions will be able to solve the mystery.

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