What is the symbol? What is its importance to the state


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In all periods of the historical development of symbols played a crucial role for any country or community, they can identify the critical processes occurring in society.

what is the symbol

Iconic and color images

What is the symbol in the conventional sense of the word? First of all, the sign declared in a variety of forms of expression. It can be a text, graphic or to combine a text value and fine. On this principle is built the visual identity of any phenomenon of social life or public education. Their history goes back thousands of years, it was modified according to requests of time. Already in antiquity it is possible to detect primitive decals. The most common national-religious and public administration characteristics expressed in the form of special images.

What is the symbol and the symbols for the state? It is historically established traditions that are reflected in them. In particular, for our country it is possible to trace all the contradictions in the development of Russia and the many conflicts she faced.

what is the symbol and symbolism

Religion and its symbols

In ancient time, the Eastern Slavs were formed powerful tribal unions, they were quite divided, conflict was common. It was the fact that they adhered to paganism, like all peoples in ancient times, however, it would seem that external unity of religion was actually far from the truth.

It is understood the first rulers of Kievan Rus, especially in the question the world asked Grand Prince Vladimir I, so he was the person who decided to implement in the country a new monotheistic religion, meet the development needs of Russia and contributing to the consolidation of ancient societies. So there is Orthodoxy in our country. Like any other religion, was formulated concise and clear framework of Orthodoxy, expressed in the twelve postulates. That's what the symbol of faith. And it is crucial for every believer, and faith in one God was transformed by the Kiev rulers to the formula “one God - single Prince”.


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what is the status symbols


Since ancient times So happened that the social structure is a kind of staircase, on stairs which are located various social groups and individuals. This phenomenon is called social differentiation. It was a common fact of social development in any historical period, just at one time these differences were quite noticeable and was hereditary, in other - more vague and expressed personal achievements of the person.

At different periods of time transition of an individual from one social group was either very difficult or even impossible. With social progress, these restrictions are almost gone, but the social stratification of society.

Noble coats of arms, Royal mottos - that's what status symbols. They reflect the position of the group or of the individual in society. Expensive cars, luxurious mansions, private jets - that is the symbols of social status in the modern world.

what are state symbols

Russian heraldry

State disappear and reappear, but they all had and will have its emblematic feature. For example, take the Russian Federation. She underwent numerous transformations in form of administrative-territorial structure and type of government. And all these transformations were reflected in the symbolism. Russia emerged after a long period of feudal fragmentation and of the struggle against the Mongol-Tatar yoke. The victory of the state over these two opponents were to be expressed in the form of iconic features.

Ivan III married the niece of the last Byzantine Emperor, received, among other things, the symbol of the state. So, the emblem of the new Russia becomes a double-headed eagle. Also, it depicted a horseman slaying a snake, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. That's what the state symbols for the nascent Russian state.

what is the creed

Colors of our country

Russian flag appeared thanks to the efforts of Peter the Great. The story is quite known: the king loved to travel, he was especially attracted to marine country. Having been in the Netherlands, the young monarch saw the flag, which was located on ships. He liked the combination of colors. Arriving in Russia, he decided to change the arrangement of colors on the flag and declare the Russian tricolor. It happened, but in fact this combination has already been used in Russian symbolism and early. It is known that it was first used in 1667. Just in the reign of Peter the flag was striped white-blue-red flag. Initially it was considered to be not public, and national.

In the nineteenth century, the state became black-yellow-white flag. However, he was unpopular, so Alexander III returned to the old flag as the state symbol of the Russian Empire.

Modern symbols of Russia

The Last century has brought many changes, including those relating to symbols of the state. Thundered in the 1917 revolution and the collapse of the monarchy led to the emergence of the world's first socialist state - the RSFSR and then the USSR. All these transformations have significantly changed the visual images of the country. What is the symbol for the Bolsheviks? It was supposed to be reflected the ideological foundations of the new state. And it appeared that the emblem was the hammer and sickle (as signs of class of the new government). Then came the globe in rays of the sun, framed by ears. The flag of the Soviet Union becomes a red flag as a symbol of revolutionary power of the masses, and a five-pointed star was made by way of international solidarity of workers.

The Collapse of the Soviet Union led to a change in symbolism. The new emblem of the Russian Federation has already become known double-headed eagle, and flag - white-blue-red. That's what the symbol and its value to society, the state, of the person.


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