Why does water wrinkle your fingers: the body's response to moisture


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When we swim in the bathroom, take a shower, freshen up in the river, lake or sea, we notice that our fingers are getting wrinkled. Many people are frightened by this fact, but nothing to worry about it. There are several hypotheses that explain why the water in wrinkle fingers.

The null hypothesis

For a Long time scientists thought that the fingers are formed of folds just because of the fact that the skin in contact with moisture. The answer to the question of why in the water frown fingers, was the version that the skin is able to absorb the liquid. This feature is due to the fact that blood vessels constrict under hot water.

The Hypothesis failed, because it doesn't explain why our fingers wrinkled from the water if it is cool or cold. It was also found that if the nerves are severed, the skin also remains smooth. Because of this discovery, hypothesis admitted is false.

Why the frown water fingers

Biological causes wrinkling fingers

There is also a biological explanation for why the water in wrinkle fingers. The fact that upon contact with water washed oil, which are designed to protect the dermis from mechanical damage. Consequently, the upper layer of the epithelium deformation, and formation of deep wrinkles.

The Bottom layer of the skin does not absorb moisture, so it does not swell and does not change its structure.

Why the frown water fingers

Why do fingers swell

And that's why the water quickly frown your fingers, and do not swell, because it would be more logical? The fact that our body consists of 70% water. Protective oil present on the skin, ensure the safety of the liquid. Without them the body would have lost moisture, while immersed in water, dehydration would occur much faster.


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When we swim, the oils are washed out. Water begins to seep out. The membranes become empty, so they fold... and form wrinkles.

We notice that the fingers when immersed in water become like dried fruit, but other parts of the body remain in a normal condition. This is due to the fact that at last there are additional sebaceous glands. They produce protective oil with almost the same speed as the water washes it away. Therefore, the fluid does not have time to leave the body, the membrane is still full, therefore, the skin is not wrinkled.

Biological feature of the human body should be supported by scientific explanation. A recent theory explaining why water frown fingers connected with evolution.

Why the water quickly frown fingers

The Evolutionary theory of the formation of wrinkles on fingers

British scientists have studied this phenomenon for a very long time. In the end, sorting through various hypotheses, they concluded that the fingers are in contact with water frown due to evolution.

Learn photo shrivelled fingers of many people, scientists discovered that pictures on them are identical, and the arrangement of the folds is always the same. Later, experimentally it was found that this structure helps much better to hold wet items. That is, when immersed in water, our body adapts to the environment.

After Analyzing the historical aspect, scientists have decided that the primitive people with wrinkled fingers were just necessary for survival. Ancient man was also constantly in contact with water. He fished, had to hunt in rainy weather and to swim to escape from predators. If the fingers remained smooth, this complicates the process of hunting and fishing, since the gun is constantly falling out of my hands.

The answer to the question about why after water frown fingers, now is the most common.

The feet are also covered with wrinkles when in contact with moisture. The explanation for this phenomenon is analogous to the previous one. To better understand the mechanism of this phenomenon, scientists recommend us remember... tires. When it rains, the ground becomes wet. The tread provides good grip. And in nature. If the soles of the feet were perfectly smooth, then primitive man would continually slipped and fell, which in itself dooms him to death during the escape from the enemy.

Why do our fingers shrivel from water

Unresolved issues

Scientists are still puzzled by the question of why the wrinkles on the fingers, which are so necessary for survival, not stay forever, regardless of the influence of water, because that would be logical. Studies that relate to this phenomenon, still continues. But scientists have put forward a hypothesis. They believe that the wrinkles on fingers dull the sensitivity. Determination of properties of objects on the touch would be a problematic action. This theory is really plausible, but in order to prove it, scientists have conducted more research and experiments.

So that when in contact with water wrinkled fingers, there is nothing wrong and amazing. This is a natural reaction of the organism to moisture, so do not be afraid of this phenomenon.

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