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The Twentieth century was a period of human studies. Over the next hundred years has created and developed many scientific disciplines, the goal of which was uncovering the mysteries of human existence. The weakening influence of the Church on the minds of the population, combined with technological progress, has caused great interest in the human mind and methods of self-discovery. This led to the development of psychology and psychotherapy. One of its directions is called Logotherapy. Frankl, the author, has managed to create a unique scientific theory, which can be used to cure a wide range of psychoses of different origin and to conduct effective self-analysis. This technique and its basic principles is dedicated to today.

Logotherapy Frankl

Viktor Emil Frankl, Creator of Logotherapy

Frankl - fairly well-known figure in psychotherapy. He was a gifted neurologist, psychiatrist, and psychologist. All of this man's life was devoted to science, and in recent years his mind is entirely occupied Logotherapy.

Frankl was born in the early twentieth century in Vienna. He very early showed interest in psychiatry and specialized in the field of depression and suicide. Before the Second world war, Frankl was the head of a large medical centre in Vienna on the prevention of suicide. Even then he began to move away from the worldviews of Freud and of Adler, which had a big influence on him early in his career.

In 1942, Frankl's entire family because of the Jewish roots came to the concentration camp. Here he spent three years of my life and lost almost all the family except my sister. But in those years was born and was tested Logotherapy. Frankl was a member of a secret society, which provided prisoners with psychological assistance. He has worked with as first shock, suicidal tendencies, tantrums and people affected by epilepsy. This assistance saved many lives and supported the Frankl, which I felt needed and necessary.


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In the postwar years, the life of psychiatrist has developed more than successfully. He re-married and doing things you love. For several years, psychotherapy has experienced a substantial leap in development, and the reason for that is Frankel. Basic concepts of Logotherapy, he outlined in several scientific books and successfully applied in practice. Died talented doctor twenty years ago at the age of ninety-two years.

Logotherapy Frankl briefly

Logotherapy Frankl: brief

The Methodology of the Austrian psychiatrist is a kind of psychotherapy. The theory of Logotherapy Frankl becomes more clear if to consider that the Greek word "logos" is here used in the sense of "meaning". Other interpretations of the translation will only be confused and will not give the true value of a method.

The fact that Frankl believed human life is an endless search for meaning. He was sure that the lack of meaning leads people to the brink of madness and suicide, because they begin to experience psychological vacuum. Logotherapy tries to give the patient the answers to the questions and impose their vision of the situation. It only directs man and allows him to determine its meaning, for which the cost to live and go forward.

The Foundations of Logotherapy

Even before war was released book about the new method of psychoanalysis, the author of which was Frankl. The foundations of Logotherapy, it was presented for the first time, but produced in the scientific community of Vienna a bombshell. The name of Viktor Frankl became quite famous, and his works demanded.

The Therapist believed that my whole life people looking for their purpose or meaning, designed to move forward. In these long search he often compares himself with other people and their life meaning, in these moments, the subconscious mind is a fairly complex analysis, which may be a result as depression, and spiritual euphoria of the newfound understanding of their individual meaning.

Frankl represented the personality as a three-dimensional value. In the same plane are physical and mental beginning, not intersecting with each other. Located perpendicular to them the spiritual component that is a set of specific processes that fundamentally distinguishes human beings from animals. All these three values, ideally, be a healthy person, you cannot separate them from each other without causing harm to the individual.

Spiritual vertical Frankl was separated from the religious, he clearly isolated the concept, recognizing it in the beginning of all spiritual motives, forces and desires that push a person to achieve the desired. The therapist believed that the spiritual vertical, there is a peculiar tension between what one has reached and what he wants to achieve in the future. This tension - the key to harmonious personality. Once a person reaches a desired and voltage is lost, then there arises a new goal and the process continues. The absence of this stress on the spiritual vertical, leads to psychoses, various disorders and vacuum, out of which many see suicide.

Logotherapy Frankl's basic principles

Goal of Logotherapy

Frankl's Psychoanalysis is based on the immersion technique myself. Some people call it soul-searching, but this approach gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in their lives and to perform all of the situation. Sometimes the answer to the question is almost on the surface, but you can find it here only after passing all the stages of introspection.

Together with the therapist, the patient discusses all the important events in his life, he analyzes the disappointments, the joys and sorrows. Every event and emotion gradually leads to the understanding of his meaning of life. Because life consists of various interrelated issues that make up in the end, the road on which we can come to important decisions.

If we consider human nature as striving for knowledge and discovery of meaning, any neurosis and depression can be cured with the help of Logotherapy. Because it gives the patient the opportunity to find himself and find in any situation the meaning. Frankl argued that in different situations there is a meaning. Besides, he in his writings wrote that there is always common sense, a leading personality in his own way and is its purpose. But the various twists and turns not to mention the many meanings that enable us to survive and move forward. Finding them allows you to overcome any difficulty and return to its main path in life.

the Theory of Logotherapy Frankl

Logotherapy Frankl: basic principles

Frankl argued in his works that man is the creation of the free. It, nothing can limit, he moves along his spiritual vertical, and within it are able to make absolutely any decisions. Working with mental disorders of varying severity, the therapist believed that inside of the person always remains its part or the base, which is impossible to break. She remains free even in the case of severe diseases, when the impression of the complete inadequacy of the patient. It is up to the basics you need to "reach out" to logotherapist, it is always a static value.

In this regard, Frankl identified three basic principles of his scientific theories:

1. Free will.

In any given conditions, we still have the opportunity to choose and make their own decisions. Moreover, the personality uses this freedom in the internal solutions, determined by education, temperament and experience. As well as the external or social, when certain conditions are proposed by the society and the situation.

This freedom allows patients to overcome various diseases, because a person comes to the understanding that health and disease are also of her own free choice. This fact fills the lives of many patients new meaning.

2. The will to meaning.

Freedom in itself has no value, but it is necessary to understand that it is given with a purpose, as everything falls into place. Self-realization, i.e. desire to achieve your goal, is the most important vital sense of personality. Any obstacles in the given path that either explicitly or subconsciously interfere with the execution of the planned tasks lead to psychological problems of varying severity.

Logotherapist gives the patient the opportunity to see and understand these barriers in order to eliminate them and return to its original path. And to do this work needs the patient only with the help of the therapist.

3. The meaning of life.

Logotherapy explains the existence of man are not just looking for the meaning, but also a set of specific transformations as a result of this activity. Each individual needs to do to better yourself and the world around him, but this does not mean some common sense. Every individual has his own, and may vary depending on the circumstances. This is due to the first two principles of Logotherapy.

Methods of Logotherapy Frankl

Semantic system Frankl

In the course of its development humanity has formed several semantic systems, which focuses Logotherapy. Frankl identified three axiological position:

  • The work;
  • Experience;
  • Relationship.

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