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The history of the formation of Israel after world war II, his acceptance of other States and the recognition of the Jewish people as an ethnic group having their rights, is not particularly rich in prominent figures. As a rule, few people sympathized with the Jews, and even fewer of those who tried to help them. The Jews themselves trying to rectify the situation during the Second world war, and at all units. It was during this period and there is such a figure as the Duke, Yitzhak Isaac.

the Duke of Yitzhak

His contribution to the establishment of Israel and the Jewish people as a United and independent whole, the Israelis appreciate to this day. Duke Isaac, not fearing for their lives, crossed the ring, covering the map of Japan, USA, USSR, Ireland and many other States, to rescue and bring out the fascist threats of their countrymen.


The Duke Isaac (1888 - birth year) - son of Rabbi Yoel Duke was born in the Russian Empire in the city called Warsaw, and later ceded to Poland. Ten years later the family moved to England, as his father was appointed Rabbi of Leeds. In his twenty-Itzhak received the Jewish letter-smíchov. Even in his early years discovered his various talents of the young, Yitzhak Isaac Duke. Biography of the future Rabbi's full of numerous trips to England and France where he in parallel with the study of the Torah was done London and Paris universities. After graduating, he mastered such Sciences as mathematics, philosophy, and Semitic language.

Establishment of the post of Rabbi

After researching the thelet, the resolution on which the Duke Isaac received in 1914, the year he was appointed to the post of Rabbi in the Irish city of Belfast. Here began his rise on the career ladder in the religious world. Already in 1919, the year Isaac became Rabbi of Dublin and later, in 1925, he was appointed Rabbi of all of Ireland independent.


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In this role, Yitzhak Isaac gets a great store of knowledge, communicating with their own members. In a short time he won the respect of Jews and non-Jews. His first prominent case is the abolition of the ban on the slaughter of the Jews, who so long held lands in Ireland.

The"White book" of the British people

During the Second world war, the British government introduces a decree, later dubbed the “White paper”, which States (briefly) on the prohibition of being in England controlled Palestine more than 75 thousand Jews within five years. The further entry of Jews possible only with the consent of the local population (Arabs).

Thus, the White book is nothing like failure to help the Jews, perceived by Jewish people as the indifference of the British authorities to him. In other words, the door of salvation was closed, and the Jews were left to Hitler's slaughter.

Of Course, that England was supported by other countries. For example, in the Turkish port were refused the landing of Jewish refugees from the ship "Struma", who managed to escape from the clutches of the Nazi Holocaust. After a long time the ship is in port, the Turkish authorities gave the order to tow it away that promised death for its passengers.

Yitzhak Isaac biography

The Ship was very worn and was not able to move in waters that contributed to his departure to the bottom. Of the eight hundred escaped only two. According to some reports, it is stated that "Struma" was sunk by a Russian submarine, took ship for the Nazi warship.

Protest of Isaac

With ward Churchill for President the question of the abolition of the White paper was delivered at the meeting, but wish to revoke the Ordinance was not found, except for one uninfluential policy.

However, not all the Jews remained to wait for his death. There were units that fought with the English regulation, such as the "Lehi". Their plan was to expel the British from Eretz-Israel, to open a passage for the Jews in Palestine. But their actions did not succeed. Although many historians argue that it was a useless action. After all, with the departure of the British the only thing that shone the land of Israel, – the arrival of the Germans.

the Duke of Yitzhak aizik

The Duke Isaac took an active part in the salvation of the Jewish people in this situation, since numerous conversations with government leaders, including Churchill and ending with the breakup of the White paper in half at the entrance to the synagogue Yeshurun.

Help Jewish people during the Holocaust

There was Not a single European allied States, which would not visit in an attempt to save his people, Yitzhak Isaac. His biography also includes various trips to the USA and southern Africa. He demanded from the American authorities to start bombing "death camps" in the Soviet Union has made the corridor for refugees in Japan and the land of Israel. Isaac visited Palestine, ignoring numerous dissuasion when she's had to enter the Hitler part. At the end of the war he for a long time, traveled around Europe, helping Jews to immigrate to Israel, gathering of Jewish children to monasteries which covered them during the Holocaust.

Yitzhak Isaac Duke biography

To this day in many synagogues to chant prayers composed by Yitzhak Isicom Duke.

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