How and why changed the flag of Libya in different historical periods


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National symbols of Libya after the overthrow of leader Muammar Gaddafi has not changed. Obviously, the rebel groups and leaders of the NTC right now. Have to make do with what was inherited from the authoritarian regime crushed.

flag of Libya

Heraldry of the state originated in 1951, when on the world map appeared the Kingdom of Libya. The coat of arms and flag, serve as symbols of the country today, approved in 1977, eight years after a military coup, also known as the September revolution in which the national leader was Gaddafi. Many events passed between these two dates. For twenty-six years, the flag of Libya has changed four times. The reasons were different.

Colonizers and flags

360 years in most parts of the Arab state was Tripolitania.

flag of Libya photo

In 1911, the Turkish possession of this earth, but rather mostly desert, was completed. Country freedom is not acquired, but the colonizer has been replaced, over Tripoli zareyali Italian tricolor, green-white-red, with the Royal cross on a red background in the center. After the First world war, it seemed, Tripolitania still gained sovereignty. Five years is a former Italian colony attempted to obtain international recognition under the blue flag with a green palm and white star, but in 1923 the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, who dreamed of creating a great Empire, once again sent troops here. Acted invaders brutally, using barbaric methods of war, including poison gas, not to mention the bombs. The Italians, seeking to expand its influence in North Africa, annexed Tripolitania other Emirates, covering almost the entire territory of modern Libya.


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Libya coat of arms and flag

During the Second world war (1942) the Italian flag has replaced the British Union Jack fluttered above the part taken from the Italian colonizers of the land until 1949. At the same time, the province of Fezzan, controlled by France, had another flag on which the red background was a picture of a white star and Crescent.


In 1951, merged with Tripolitania Cyrenaica (which had the flag the same, but black) and Fezzan, this resulted in the Libyan Kingdom. New monarchy needed a state symbol, such that takes into account the attributes of all three of the land included in its composition, and it turned out that way. Three bands, among which the average (black) was wider least twice (top - red, bottom - green), with the star and Crescent in the center symbolized the supremacy of Cyrenaica, the blood shed in the struggle, and the dominant religious denomination. It was the first flag of Libya as an independent state.

symbols of Libya

The Flags when Gaddafi

The Present sovereignty of the country has reached only after it came to power, Muammar Gaddafi. In 1969, the symbol of the country adopted the pan-Arab red, white, and black colors. After joining the Federation of Arab Republics (1972) the bands added the eagle is a Golden yellow color, which compresses the claws a scroll with the name of the interstate Association. This was the flag of Libya since 1972. In addition to her HEADLIGHTS were Syria and Egypt.


The Traditional color of Tripolitania was green. The reason for the change of flag in 1977, was politically motivated, to understand that you can only back in the distant 1951, when the country received at the request of the UN General Assembly independence from great Britain. The polity of the new subject of international law was defined as a Federal constitutional monarchy and its head was Sheikh Idris the First, when it was adopted the first flag of Libya. Pictures of the king surrounded by British officers and leaders of sensitiv testified to his desire to raise the profile of Cyrenaica, although the population of this province was less than a third of all citizens of the country. This policy caused discontent of the population, therefore, after the overthrow of the monarchy as a state was adopted the flag of the Federation of Arab republics. In 1977, she ceased to exist.

flag of Libya

The Flag of Libya is unique, it is one color-green. Other monochrome of the state symbols in the world.

flag of Libya photo

While in the former great Socialist people's Libyan Jamahiriya is a civil war, it is difficult to imagine what this country's political and economic prospects, and especially what will be her next flag. Her history – lesson for other States…

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