Drayman - who is it? What does Kostya-sailor and Odessa?


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Everyone watched a movie called "Two soldiers" probably remember the song about Kostya the sailor. And we all remember the phrase: “And all drayman stood…” And drayman - who is it? And what do these people have to beer, Odessa and the sailors? Let's see.drayman who

Look in the dictionary

For example, the dictionary Dahl can't tell what is the meaning of the word "drayman". But it gives a precise definition of the word “bindah”. It means a big wagon that could carry up to a hundred pounds of cargo. In another it is often called in the old truck or just a wagon. From this word occurred drayman. Who is it? Yes, it's a regular cab, which ruled in the nineteenth century, large carts and engaged in the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.

Why in Odessa?

Why the song mentions the city of Odessa? As the historians say, that this city did the biggest turnover. Sea port of Odessa was the largest in all of Russia. According to experts, the port of Odessa ahead of the Harbor of St. Petersburg cargo-transportation twice.

All the ships that arrived in Odessa, it was necessary to unload and load in record time, because the threshold has already appeared another ship. Precisely in order to cope with such a huge flow of traffic, and needed drayman. Who is it for the port city? As believed, this is the most basic, sometimes even a Savior, for quick unloading and loading the goods onto the vessel.

The Goods from the ships, of course, demolition and skid loaders. But their work was wholly inadequate. Huge piles of goods that were piled up at the port jetty, followed very quickly deliver at the destination. Here in the case and entered drayman.


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Odessa drayman

At that time it was believed that Odessa drayman – the people of one of the most respected and sought-after professions. From early morning to sunset they worked, leading to exhaustion of their horses. For carriages specifically chosen extremely harsh, wiry, and powerful steeds, able to work full day.

Truckers the 19th century

If you ask a question to historians: “Drayman - who is it?” something I'm sure many will answer that it is the truckers of the nineteenth century. Moreover, it should be noted that anybody didn't take on such work. When the set has always made special demands:

  • Increased endurance.
  • Good physical form.
  • There are certain skills of work with horses and “transportation”.
  • High growth (this is needed in order to reduce the percentage applied for the duration of the work effort).

On Demand services

In Odessa at the time it was observed an increased demand for transport services. Especially during the wheat boom, when a harvest was required to carry a lot of cargo. It should be noted that the city allowed (from “truck transporters”) only Odessa drayman. The authorities tried to limit the number of carts and, therefore, horses on city streets. Nobody wanted to Odessa drowned in a pile of horse manure. Since most of the streets were quite narrow, drayman had special means of transport – a long and large trucks. They could carry the load smoothly through the narrow roads and thus can withstand a greater load.meaning of the word drayman

I Must say that the cost of the drayman was quite high. Of course, in a quiet time when the wheat boom came to an end, work was in full swing at the regular price. But at the time of the demand the price of carriage for a quarter of wheat reached seventy-five cents. If you imagine that a truck could fit twenty-five quarters of wheat, the amount for one transfer was pretty impressive.

And when the season was ending, all of the drayman went to rest. Where? Of course, beer. From here and the sailors in the song, and drayman, and beer.

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