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It is natural that not all the words people use often. So do not be surprised, when the man asked: “Pathetic - what is it?”. Of course! This word is not useful to us every day. Yes, and people who can tastefully pretentious to say so, every year we meet less and less, but without any taste – indefinitely.


that's pathetic

And again: pathetic - what is it? It's very simple: this phenomenon, when a person says "high style" uses vivid figurative momentum, however, as a rule, appropriate in the context and situation – too sublime. The pathos is almost always an element of deliberateness. Of course, the word of the book speech.

It is easiest to explain on the example of a loving couple that breaks up. The girl throws the guy and he says something like this: “If you go, then I'll cry all night long, praying for your health God. If you go, I'll love you forever! I never meet a kind, clever, tender, like you!”. Variations of love pathos of a great variety. And imagine that it happens in cafes, and when the girl does not react to such gestures, he also clopaedia in a swoon, and this happens with all private people. And you ask: "Pathetic, what is this?" here it is in all its glory.

Paphos (it's a synonym for the pathetic) speech sometimes appropriate when we are talking about some literary or philosophical work. For the simple reason that they themselves consider the matter subtle and sublime. So there is dissonance. But of course, not the norm, but the deviation from it. Investigate why the pathos and pathos are perceived in everyday language, often in a negative way.


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The Example of the couple not always be viewed as negative. If the lovers are on the same wavelength, that is, their relationship is alive and well, for them the question: "Pathetic - what is it?" does not arise, for they dwell in it constantly. And it's not bad, if the madness is mutual. Tragedy arises where one loves and the other – no. And then the second it begins to seem that the entire height of the speeches – a fraud, that love never was. Even in this case, reality is distorted and bent in the mind, but such a natural process when a loved one is very frustrating and eventually goes into the category of “ex”.

Humor – the best antidote to unnecessary, inappropriate pathos

pathetic meaning of the word

When people are good together, and they feel like the heroes of ancient ballads, then someone from this bad? But others, because they are terribly jealous of the passion between two people. But we'll talk not about that, and about how to cope with excessive pathos. Means only one thing-humor. If a man knows the pathos of what it is, and understands that his cheating – it is best to make a joke.

Imagine the dialogue. A man and a woman.

is Our time apart will break my heart!

- I Hope it won't be too long.

The Reader will think that the example is too cruel, but a lot depends on the situation. Maybe after this sobering blow with “actor” fly off the mask, and he will show his true colors.

We examined the phenomenon of “pathetic”. The meaning of the word more should not hinder the reader. Finally, just one comment: remember about the appropriateness of any slowhabit and expression. It is not necessary to paint your speech unnecessarily.

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