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This article focuses on the sky. Here you can read reflections and reasoning about the sky. The material will be presented in the form of a story. The story about the sky, the experience and observation of mankind associated with it, will not leave you indifferent. Clouds, sun and stars gives it to us. So, let's begin.

the story about the sky

The mood

Every person, regardless of their age, loves to look at the sky. Whether white-haired old man or a toothless baby, each of them finds their charms in it. It's like a mood, “good”, warm, high, piercing blue, then suddenly "frowns" of the white clouds, so fluffy, become suddenly grey and unwelcoming, it starts raining. And mood, changeable, or excellent, Sunny and bright, or cloudy as a rainy autumn in Peter… It was painted, photographed, studied, or simply admired them.


As the weather, it has its own characteristics in different seasons. The story about the sky in the summer and spring will be bright and Sunny, and these times of the year. When the sky is high and piercing, dark blue or pale blue, the sun shines brightly in the sky, endowing all life on earth with its warmth. Happy and warm feeling around. Birds singing, blooming gardens, green fields and meadows. Over all this splendor extends the calm and blessed sky. Only occasionally at this time it is covered with clouds, and if that happens, except in may, when the spring showers and thunderstorms poured over the ground. Sky gives her plenty to drink, in response, the grateful earth harvest bloom gardens and woods come alive. After spring and summer rains in the sky you can often see a rainbow. Such a beautiful sight! Make a wish! It will come true.


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the story about the sky and clouds

The Story of the autumn sky will be completely different. The sky is no longer the same as it was before. Low and sullen, grey and unfriendly, maybe even a little tired after the sweltering summer heat. You can often see in the sky wedge flying away to warmer climes birds. Often it rains, the clouds envelop the sky, who doesn't like to fluffy, white clouds. Now it's grey and heavy clouds that finished sadly “cry” many hours.

The story about the sky in the winter will be short and impersonal, as it is this time of year. We can say that it “sleeping”, waiting for the awakening that will come soon, spring. It seems that the sky "bad mood".

Day and night

Sunny Day sky, pale blue, but the night - mysterious and alluring. The story about the night sky can be like magic. It's covered in stars, especially a lot of them can be seen outside the city, where there is no high-rise buildings. From such beauty dizzy, the stars beckon and call to her. Each star forms a constellation. Just think how many centuries people have studied them, continue to learn and discover something new, unknown. The boundless night sky reminiscent of the blanket I want to turn around, to keep warm, to sleep under the soothing sparkle of stars. When I think what it really is, it somehow just POPs up in my mind as “singing” cricket, how nice it is enveloped in the coolness of the summer night, like rustle of the waves.

the story of the autumn sky

Cloud “celestial horses”

“Hello Hello!”. This greeting is borrowed from the Soviet cartoon 1980, where the sounds of a good children's song that is familiar to all of us. From this cartoon, and most of the songs breathes the child, warmth and endless joy. Not once, not twice, raising his head, looking at the clouds, remember the words of this wonderful song. Youth music group called “Keys” quail song, the effect was incredible! Not one word was changed, but completely replayed music. Video clip “adult”, the pilots and the sky, airplanes and the sky, so that the words of children's songs take on a completely different meaning! The effect of a bombshell. And here again the sky is different, beautiful and dangerous, a native and distant at the same time. How much joy it gives people when looking at them and admiring them, how many lives it can take. And that's its charm.

the story about the night sky

The story about the sky and clouds are so attractive to the boys, many of whom dream about it, want to soar to the celestial horizon, to climb high above native spaces, look at the fields and plains, seen from a bird's eye view your city. Dreams associated with heaven, is to become a pilot and conquer the sky.

Impressions and observations

In a story about the observation of the sky can make one very important conclusion: it is instantly and completely unpredictable, can change. From gentle and playful breezed gentle breeze can become dark and gloomy. But the clouds dissipate and give place to the sun. You can also see the seven-colored wonder of nature-a rainbow. Nice to look at such a sight, I want to reach it and run along this beautiful path. But other than the rainbow after the rain you can observe another natural phenomenon-the storm. Grey gloomy clouds face edges from this collision in the atmosphere neelektrolitov slip zipper. Besides the lightning there is thunder, whose emergence is also associated with the presence of electrical discharges.

the story about watching the sky

Every man's thunder in the sky is perceived differently. For some it's an awkward misunderstanding: you have to wait, cancel or delay the trip. And for someone - a reason to remember my childhood, when we joyfully and happily ran around in the rain. With a gray sky the rain poured down. This combination weather ... Rain pleases, he watered the earth and then rises a rich harvest. But the rain and a lingering palate can cause sadness and loneliness. Yes, of course, it could be sadness, but you can spend a rainy evening in the company of an interesting book. It might be a romantic rain kiss, with wet clothes and hopelessly damaged hair. But this is the best rain.


Whatever the sky will always be dreamers and romantics who will seek to unravel the mysteries that it holds in itself. Never fade away the attraction of the bottomless depths of unexplored space, inviting us to other galaxies. The story about the sky gives so many emotions, feelings. And for children it will be a learning process, developing their powers of observation, allowing to be closer to nature.


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