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Very Rich and complex history of our country contributed to the emergence of the modern individual regions of the Russian Federation. Some people under the protection of Russia in the Middle ages were fleeing from the constant attacks and looting, while others fell into the sphere of expansion and “voluntarily” was part of the Russian state. Few put up a strong resistance and became Russian only after the bloody clashes. But there were some regions that are very difficult was part of Russia. For example, Chechnya – this is the most freedom-loving and, perhaps, the obstinate part of the Caucasus.

climate of Chechnya

General data

Chechnya (Chechen Republic) is currently a relatively small North Caucasian region of the Russian Federation area, according to various estimates, from 15 to 17 sq. km. the City of Grozny (Chechen Republic) - the administrative center. The state languages in the region - Chechen and Russian.

Chechnya bordered the various regions of the Russian Federation:

  • On the West side – Ingushetia;
  • In North-West — with North Ossetia and Stavropol Krai;
  • In the East – a long border with Dagestan;
  • On the South part of the border coincides with the state line, leaving the line of contact with the sometimes hostile Georgia.

Administratively, Chechnya consists of seventeen municipalities and two cities. The head of the Republic after the 2007 election was Ramzan Kadyrov.


The Official Chechen flag is a rectangular cloth of three unequal horizontal stripes: the upper stripe green size (standard) sixty-five inches, the middle band is white with a width of ten centimetres and the lower band— red — thirty-five inches; at the flagpole of the flag is a vertical white stripe with a beautiful Chechen national ornament size of fifteen inches. Flag of the Chechen Republic around the edge is sheathed with a Golden fringe. The ratio of the width of the national flag to its length — 2:3.


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The population of Chechnya is in the range of half a million people. In the largest city Grozny is home to almost three hundred thousand people. The density of living population is currently more than 90 persons per 1 sq. km.

The Age distribution of residents of the following: more than half of the population are of working age, approximately 35 per cent — children and only 8 per cent – elderly.

According to the ethnic composition at the beginning of the nineties Chechnya – a multi-ethnic Republic, dominated by Chechens and Russian. But over the last twenty-five years in the national composition began to dominate the Chechens. In numerous conflicts, many in the region to the Russian and Russian-speaking population had to flee to other regions. Many have died in the ethnic cleansing that was carried by the militants.

Chechen flag


What is the religion in Chechnya is official? Historically, Chechnya is a Muslim region. Main religion-Sunni Islam. Here he received the kind of Sufism that spreads through different religious organizations, which consist of Islamic groups – virtavia brotherhood. The total number of such organizations today, exceeded three dozen. Believe in Sufism in the Chechen Republic – the Sunnis, relying on the main provisions of Islam, but guided by Sufi traditions, believing in their ustaz.

The History and culture of Chechnya is largely based on Islam. A large role in the traditional belief play oral Muslim prayers, sacred rites, ritual visit to Holy places, religious rituals and so on.

Since the beginning of 1992 in Chechnya began to spread to the region a new religious movement (Wahhabism), acting as a religious-political counterweight to Islam. The Wahhabis were openly expressed ideological activity that was aimed against the Russian society and the state.

Now the activity of Muslim extremists and religious terrorists is not allowed. There is a rapid development of traditional Islam, which is evident not only in the creation of mosques, Muslim schools, but also in the religious education of today's youth and even in the appearance of the Chechen flag. Traditionalists in their regular appeals and prayers to the Muslims, calling for a General Union, spiritual growth, oppose drug abuse and other bad actions.

Geographical position

The Geographical position of Chechnya is determined primarily by mountainous terrain. The region is mountainous, several separate structures. This is a significant part of the Terek-Sunzha mountainous terrain, which consists of two ancient folds small ridges lying in the latitudinal flow. The Eastern section of the Terek ridge is another ridge – Braguinsky, to the East lies the Gudermes ridge. The Eastern the territory of the Sunzha in Grozny is a kind of ridge. All mountain structures have no sharp outlines.

The southern part of the region called the mountain Chechnya, is located on the territory of the greater Caucasus. Here are all four of the leading ridge (except for a large number of local mining linear formations), which are located parallel to the North of the mountain vastness of the greater Caucasus range. Here is located the highest mountain of the Eastern Caucasus. Mountain lines are often cut by large ravines with streams of mountain rivers.

the history and culture of Chechnya

But Chechnya – it's not just the mountains. On the territory of the Republic there are a few plains and low-lying areas. Particularly notable in this respect, the Chechen plain with good soil – the area with the highest population density in the region. On the flat part of Chechnya's land is mostly improved, in the valleys there are many relatively small rivers. In the valleys of these rivers are small areas of woodland.

So the question is, where is Chechnya, we can say that this is the Caucasus, the mountains and some flat land.


The Climate of Chechnya in our day is in direct proportion to the mountainous terrain and warm temperature. The relatively small territory of the Republic it provided a significant number of natural regions: from North to South the terrain changes from desolate deserts to steppes, near the mountains already emerging forest-steppe with plant diversity; a little to the South is a zone of mountain forests, which gradually turns into mountain meadow territory, and located above the high-rise mountain ranges, lying above the beginning of the strip of permanent snow. Peaks is occupied by large glaciers and eternal snows. Clear vertical zonation of the mountain, manifested as changes of mountain landscapes on the slopes from the base to the top, is a common feature of these mountain territories.

However, as we have said, Chechnya – it's not just the mountains. The local covers a relatively small semi-desert Terek-Kuma lowland. The climate, as expected for such places, rather dry, the summer season characterized by high temperatures, regular winds winds. But winter is short, with little snow, for a period of not more than four months.

The forest-steppe zone adjoins a significant area of the lowland part of Chechnya. Precipitation there are not very many – about 500-600 mm per year.

In the mountains of the territory is forested and meadow areas that allow you to engage in nomadic cattle breeding. Atop the mountain Side of the ridge is a zone of eternal snow and ice, the weather here is frosty, often carried by a strong wind with snow. Precipitation is mainly in the form of snow.

Economy of Chechnya today

In Soviet times, the economic sphere of the Chechen Republic has passed a great path of development. In our days, although military actions of recent years has brought great devastation, the region has a good economic capabilities and sufficient capacity. Now the economy of Chechnya comes up. The GNP of the Republic today reaches over one hundred and fifty billion rubles.

The Gross domestic product of the Republic of 23% provided by trade, 20 % - social security, governance, and security, 10 % - agriculture, fisheries, forestry, 14 % - construction. The leading branch of agriculture of Chechnya is farming, agriculture falls only to 30 %. From the industry 32 % of total production is provided by the mining sector, 60 % - production and distribution of gas, water, electricity. In the fuel and energy complex of Chechnya is dominated by the oil and gas sector.

the government of the Chechen Republic

The problem is Acute in Chechnya unemployment. In 2010 without a permanent place of work was 235 thousand inhabitants of the region, or 43 %. Thus an annual growth in employment. The average salary in Chechnya is a little more than twenty-two thousand rubles, a pension of ten thousand rubles.

In the course of military campaigns, the region's economy significantly affected. In 2015, Chechnya has asked the government to write off the region's debt more than 16 billion rubles for electricity and gas for 1999-2009.

The Value of the Chechen Republic in the economy of our country is determined by its complex natural resource conditions: nature, diverse areas of the agricultural sector, the available quantities of raw materials, forest and other resources. Geo-economic position, the growth of trudovogo...

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