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For many people learning English, the passive voice (the passive voice) is very difficult to understand structure. Despite the fact that in Russian language there is a similar form, for example, The contest Results will be announced tomorrow or The Report was commissioned yesterday, the use of this grammatical construction in a foreign language often causes difficulties. In native language we are using various forms of unaccountable, using an innate sense of intuition. Fortunately, considering the English passive voice, you can also give specific cases of the use and to describe forms of education. But above all, you should understand what constitutes this structure.

Passive voiceCategory of the Deposit, active or passive, indicates whether the subject does the action or a specific action is performed regardless of the presence of the subject in the sentence, e.g. Alex performed a stunning presentation at the meeting yesterday. In this situation, an important subject - Alex, one who acts. In the sentence A stunning presentation was performed at the meeting yesterday the entity that committed the action, no - matter the action itself.

So, the passive voice - formal use cases:

1. If you don't know who did the action.
They were robbed yesterday. Yesterday they were robbed. It is unknown who did it, we can only speculate: Somebody robbed them yesterday. In General, if in the active voice the subject may be presented with a word Somebody, it is better to use passive voice.


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Passive voice examples2. If it does not matter who committed the act or subject can be represented by an indefinite group of persons.
An earthquake is measured on the Richter scale. the Earthquake measure on the Richter scale. Of course, we can assume that seismologists, experts or scientists change the strength of the earthquake on the Richter scale, but in this situation it doesn't matter - no matter who measures, the important fact of the measurement.

3. If we need to convey official information, for example, in the news.
The criminal was caught yesterday. In this situation form the passive voice equivalent to the active form. Even if we know that the police caught the criminal The police caught the criminal yesterday, the proposal is appropriate to use the passive, because its use makes the offer official.

In Addition to the formal cases of the use of this design, we can mention the more specific situations in which it is appropriate to use passive voice. Examples of such situations include cases when it is known exactly who committed the action, but you don't want to mention names.

English passive voiceFor Example, in the case of distribution of unofficial information, gossip: imagine a situation at work - Anna told me that Mr. Smith is going to fire Jack. Outlining this information in the passive, you can get a better offer in terms of tact and delicacy, without putting at a disadvantage people, to share these data: I was told that Jack is going to be fired soon.

Using this structure, widespread among children, who do not want to admit to the misconduct and prefer to use a form of type Look, the vase has been broken or All sweets have been eaten instead of I have broken the vase and I have eaten all sweets. In addition, the passive voice appropriately in texts business, political, scientific, and technical content. To give formality its use in business letters, reports, instructions, articles etc. Also the use of passive rasprostranena in the news media and popular science journals.

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