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Each autumn gives a passionate mushroom pickers the opportunity to go for a quiet hunt. Yummy booty hidden in the forest litter, on stumps and in the moss. However, not everyone knows what is edible mushrooms. The names may be familiar, but the appearance remains a mystery. As a poisonous mushroom can be deadly, should once and for all figure out what is worth collecting, and which – to avoid. Consider the most common options.Edible mushrooms, the names


It should Start with this species. Perhaps this is the most popular edible mushrooms, whose names are not heard is that a very staunch opponent of the use of representatives of this Kingdom. They belong to the group of the plate, which represents the first nutritional group. Find honey groups, they grow on old stumps and roots of trees. Plates change color from light to brown, stem hollow and long. The cap is round, with small brown scales. Before going for mushrooms should definitely explore photos of edible mushrooms with names, not to make a dangerous mistake. They have a kind of twin. False mushrooms are poisonous and extremely dangerous to humans. How to distinguish them without a photo? Poisonous mushroom stands out on cut white or even colored juice, and the fracture may be blue. If you lick it, you can feel the burning taste. When cooking you can determine the risk with bulbs – lowered into the water with these mushrooms, it will turn black.What are edible mushrooms, the names


This is another edible mushroom, the names of which it is impossible not to know. Every year they appear in large enough quantities that is particularly love the mushroom. You can find them even in the season's first frost. But not all know that russulas are of different types. For example, different fake cherry or light brick hat, fleshy and round, with thick broad plates and whitish stem. Is edible. Amethyst Russula – with a rich purple hue, sometimes supplemented ohranyi spots on the center of the cap. The plates can be slightly reddish, and white leg changes color over time to brown. Such Russula – also edible mushrooms. The name "Barla" I have not heard many pickers, however it is also common form. Hat you'll be orange or red, the edges almost turning into white. Plates whitish with a pinkish tinge may be covered with brown spots. Russula Barla can also be used as food.What are edible mushrooms: name


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White mushrooms

Some species are more successful discovery than others. For example, these include a white, a frequent response to the question about what are the edible mushrooms. Names of this species include different options. For example, some consider these mushrooms a mushrooms. They are distinguished by a cushion-like hat, which can reach up to twenty centimeters in diameter, brown, brown, olive or almost white. Foot thick, and the flesh is dense, turning blue on a break. Poisonous species include pink-Golden, with a reddish cap and Carmine foot. Eating them is absolutely impossible. Another dangerous type is called satanic. They are distinguished by a dirty-gray or pinkish hue of the cap and fleshy stem red-yellow hue. The flesh is slowly turning blue when cut, the smell of sweet in young mushrooms and unpleasant, with a taste of fall, from old.Photos of edible mushrooms called


This edible mushrooms, the names of which can be seen not only in the yellow pages or the encyclopedia, but also on price tags in stores. The fact is that there is a form that is easy to grow in artificial conditions. But in natural environment they are actively growing and can meet almost anywhere. The distinctive color of these mushrooms is white. Hat is 15 inches in diameter, and legs rather short and thick, flesh – with a pleasant odor. Often wild species are found in coniferous and mixed forests from July to the first frost. Even if you have collected mushrooms in the same place can quickly appear new growth.Edible mushrooms: photo & name


This is another edible mushroom, photos and title which is worth exploring in advance, because not all know what exactly their varieties edible and not dangerous. For example, the boletus are found everywhere and are absolutely safe. They are distinguished by the yellowish hat, olive green, pin cylindrical shape, and the flesh is a bright, reddish or bluish on the cut. The boletus are reshetniki. They have concave orange hat, cylindrical leg of the same colour, a dense yellow flesh. Often, these mushrooms grow under pine trees. Reshetniki are also suitable for human consumption. Another view of – the flap mushrooms. They are great for frying or for stuffing the pie. Yellow-brown fleshy flap mushrooms different hats and reddish legs cylindrical shape.


These mushrooms belong to the second group in nutritional value and are tubular. They have fleshy hat which has a spherical or pillow-like form yellowish or brown in color with a red tint, lower it a white or grayish. Straight stem thickened at the base and covered with dark brown scales. The pulp of aspen white and thick; the fracture turns blue and then turns purple-black. To find these mushrooms under different deciduous trees, despite the quite unambiguous title, and they grow from mid-summer until November.


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