Why is the ocean called Pacific, not Great?


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The Pacific ocean – the largest on the planet. The area which it occupies exceeds the area of all continents and Islands put together. It is about 180 million square km 149 million against the occupied land. Therefore, the second of his name – Great.why is the ocean called Pacific

So why is the ocean called Pacific? Who did this? Where did this wrong name for the ocean known for its storms, tropical cyclones-typhoons, giant waves? And coast it is is not calm, there has been a famous “ring of fire” hundreds of active and extinct volcanoes. So the one who named the Pacific ocean the Pacific, made a big mistake. Let's try to understand this.

Why is the ocean called Pacific?

Vasco núñez de Balboa, the first European who saw the Pacific ocean, called it a "Southern sea". Because it is located South of the Panama isthmus, which was crossed by the Spaniards, headed by him. And that is a huge ocean, surpassing the size of all the others, it became known much later.

The Expedition of Magellan first crossed the Pacific ocean. And it is to her we owe the fact that the ocean received this name.

There is some irony in the fact that early travelers through an unknown ocean saw no stormy waves or severe storms. On the contrary, it was lucky. Fresh the wind blew the sails, and the ships were moving rapidly to the West.

But gradually the wind abated, until it finally gave way to almost total calm. The sails hung motionless, the waves were invisible, only a slight ripples sometimes rolled on the surface of the water... That's why Magellan named the Pacific ocean.who named the Pacific ocean Pacific


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Dangerous silence

The Ocean called the Pacific, because Magellan's ships were "stuck" in the middle of it. The food ended long ago, drinking water is spoiled. The sailors suffered not only from hunger and thirst, and scurvy. The main occupation of the sailors was hunting rats, she helped to build up their food reserves. The boiler was even hard pieces of skin from the masts, which for several days were soaked in sea water and then chewed.

Among the sailors there were those who called the Pacific ocean "the silent killer". After all, this is calm the water was more dangerous than the stormy Atlantic.

The long-Awaited salvation or...

By the time the wind blew again, two dozen sailors lay dying from starvation and scurvy. The first way of the island also brought no relief, some were surrounded by sharp reefs, others were just lifeless rocks sticking out of the water... And the Islands called "Thieves", the ships of Magellan were simply robbed by locals, rachatawee everything that was on the deck. And weakened the sailors could not render serious resistance and just thanked God for the fact that the population of the Islands was not bloodthirsty.

And only after three months from the outlet to the Pacific ocean, they were able to replenish water and food. And later went to the Philippine Islands. One of them, Magellan was killed in a skirmish with the locals, getting involved in the war on the side of one of the leaders. Companions were obliged to complete their journey without him.

Results of the journey

We know the Result: of the 260 people who went with Magellan, went back only 18. Was really open ocean seen by Balboa. For the first time it crossed from East to West, and in the middle of nowhere, where very few Islands. It almost led to the death of the entire expedition.

Swimming has made it very difficult, windless weather. In the days of sailing ships it was a very serious problem. This is the reason why the ocean called Pacific.

But the main result - the first time people have seen the spherical shape of the Earth, after Magellan's expedition is the first around the world.

why Magellan named the Pacific ocean

So quiet if the Pacific ocean?

The Ocean is great not only in size. He owns the record depth. All the well-known Marianas trench, with its 11 km of depth, but deeper than 10,000 m and trench, the Tonga, Kermadec, the Philippines.

The ocean was wind waves up to 30 m To appear so huge, the required wind speed over 120 km/h But in some parts of the Pacific ocean was the wind speed up to 49 m/s, which means almost 180 km/h!the ocean named Pacific because

Such strong winds observed in southern ocean, between New Zealand to Antarctica. But little inferior to them in strength typhoons occurring in the North-Eastern part, off the coast of Japan, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka. Here the wind reaches 47-48 m/s.

But the strongest storms and the danger of a giant wave - a tsunami generated by seismic processes (earthquakes and submarine eruptions). Have not forgotten the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan in March 2011 and claimed more than 25 thousand lives. But such waves are not uncommon.

In the Pacific and marked the highest wave-a tsunami that reached a height of 600 m. It happened in 1958 in Alaska.

At the Russian coast of the tsunami was also happened repeatedly. In 1952, the wave destroyed the town of Severo-Kurilsk. And in 1737 on the island of Paramushir was observed tsunami height 30 fathoms (60 m)! Fortunately, in this area had no permanent population.

Here he is, the Great ocean! A tremendous, tumultuous, terrible, dangerous... And an accident was the reason why the ocean called Pacific. Magellan satellites were very lucky with calm weather. Otherwise, the world would know about this Grand natural object, much later.


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